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SMG4 the Movie is a 2022 Australian animated/CGI movie directed by Luke Lerdwichagul and Kevin Lerdwichagul and written by Jeffrey Yang. This is the second movie of the history of Glitch Productions. This is also the second longest video in all of SMG4 history, with a running time of 66 minutes. It was aired on September 26 of 2022.


After defeating SMG3 and returning everything to normal, Mario and his friends decide to take a break. But when a new threat plans to destroy the Mushroom Kingdom, SMG4 and his friends decide to embark on an adventure to save the kingdom.


a year after SMG3's banishment, the gang has been at peace. Inside Peach's castle, they decided to throw a party to celebrate the anniversary of SMG3's banishment. Mario stays behind as always in stark contrast to Meggy and her friends. Meanwhile a space tyrant named Zalganuck meets SMG3 and tells him that he can help him destroy the gang. Minetars so much Meggy hangs out with her friends so Asays she has a bad feeling about the future but nobody cares except Luigi in that Meggy is told that she can spend more time with her parents in that she is thoughtful knowing who has no parents but comes home to reflect on his hard past in that Bob visits her and reveals that he ran away from home because he was not ready to be a Garo king in that Meggy hugs Bob and he returns the hug (knowing they have something in common) On the ship, Zalganuck tells his secretary to put all calls on hold while he goes to a meeting. She meets Rouge Pixie and SMG3 in her ship's relic room, which is filled with items that are from a world beyond her own. Zalganuck for his part has everything ready for his plan; and plans to use the P.E.N.U.S (a high-powered meteor launcher weapon) to destroy the mushroom kingdom and reign over its rubble; and he tests it with a mockup, but SMG3 is against it. Zalganuck, knowing that he cannot destroy his home because of his soft personality, wipes away his good memories without a trace, leaving only his bad side, and he ends up with the model, while declaring that he is only doing his job.

in that the gang comes across an old book that explains the origin of the kingdom but in it they hear something falling and discover an asteroid falling towards them after bowser and the koopalings see an asteroid advancing towards them, the Anti-Cast warn the gang he tells everyone that they are fleeing, just at that moment the asteroid crashes against the surface behind a mountain, causing an explosion, then more asteroids fall causing destruction, and the mushroom kingdom flee through the chaos and enter they go towards a ship to evacuate while a gigantic meteorite destroys the kingdom (this thanks to Zalganuck).

After their home was destroyed the gang decides to go to where the princess is to discuss what happened in that they meet Bowser and tell him that he also experienced what happened, to the concern of the team, in that they arrive at La New Donk town where Bowser's cousin Zavok lives where Pauline greets them and Peach decides not to tell anyone in town about the Dark Kingdom. Later that night, the gang is attacked at a bowling alley and chased by scorpions. robots to later be rescued by the Anti Cast.

in that Bob manages to defeat the killer robots and then discover that something or someone is attacking them. in that Zalganuck manages to collect the data to discover his weaknesses.

Peach visits the gang and convinces them to defeat Zalganuck. In the morning when they leave his house, Waluigi intercepts them and offers A car to take them to Zalganuck, so the gang accept without knowing what the plot is. Thus begins his adventure with the occasional stumble on the road.

in it they meet two gas stations where they make fun of them but then ignore them. SMG4 decides to turn on some music to brighten up the atmosphere. However, no one can agree on what to listen to as they go through various channels, until they finally start fighting over the radio. They finally settle down after the radio lands on Flo Rida's "My house"; But it changes to a song that neither of them care when the car hits a bump. SMG4 then drops the radio as well, and the trio agree to forget that this never happened.



  • Luke Lerdwichagul is SMG4 one of the two main protagonists (alongside Mario) of the SMG4 series. He served as a major character in Seasons 1 and 2 before becoming a main character. He serves as one of the three main protagonists of the Waluigi Arc (alongside Mario and Wario) and the deuteragonist of the YouTube Arc. He too create the voice of Shoormy a former resident of the Luncheon Kingdom and a brilliant boy scout mushroom. He first appeared in The Mario Channel: MARIO'S CHALLENGE. He appears at the end of the video, where he is the first one to enter the elevator, reach the roof and defeat Mario, being the winner of Mario's challenge. Since then, he has appeared in other videos such as SMG4: Mario The Boy Scout, as the highest achieving member of the boy scouts and JubJub the brothe of Fishy Boopkins.
  • Kevin Lerdwichagul is Fishy Boopkins a Spike-fish who is one of the last Boopkins, the other being his dad and his younger brother. He first appeared in SMG4 N' Pals: Seaside Stupidity Part 1 after SMG4 and co. were stranded in the ocean and Boopkins offered to take them to land. He was captured by Admiral S. Swipe, but ultimately escaped, he also did the voice of Axol He is the world's greatest manga artist, born in Inkopolis where he was bullied for his passion for anime, so he moved into Japan where he rose to fame. He is armed with a magic pen called the Inkweaver, that he used to bring drawings to life for a temporary amount of time. He eventually met SMG4 and his friends, and joined them to convince Peach Toadstool to lift the anime ban and later defeat Francis on Anime Island.
  • Charles Martinet is Mario an Italian plumber originating from Nintendo's Super Mario franchise, the older brother of Luigi, the designated hero (a loose term) of the Mushroom Kingdom, the former archenemy of Bowser, the lover(?) of Princess Peach, and the co-leader of SMG4's Gang. He sometimes refers to himself as Mario the Sexy Plumber. He was also briefly the acting King of the Mushroom Kingdom, before changing the country into the Republic of Mario Land, making himself the Supreme Leader in SMG4: Mario The Supreme Leader, in SMG4's videos, as opposed to his selfless heroic portrayal from the Nintendo canon, Mario is portrayed as an immensely dumb, narcissistic, and troublemaking butt befitting the comedic nature of the series. His annoying and stupid behavior often antagonizes and ruins people's lives. Yet when things are at their absolute worst, he's capable of even an ounce of selflessness and compassion, especially at Desti's funeral at the end of the Anime Arc. He cares very deeply about his friends as he was horrified when they got banished to the Internet Graveyard and was relieved when he realized they were alive,There are many variations of Mario from various different dimensions and locations. he also did the voice of Luigi a green-clad Italian plumber from the Mario franchise, Mario's younger twin brother/sidekick, an innocent citizen of the Mushroom Kingdom, the lover(?) of Daisy (it's unknown if they are still dating), and a loyal member of SMG4's Gang, thus so far as of 2020, the two remaining classic members of the gang, alongside with Bowser. He went on many adventures throughout the years and would often be there to handle Mario's shenanigans. Rather than being a lovable coward sidekick to Mario, this Luigi is often portrayed as a paranoid and easily scared manchild (mainly afraid of Boos), who is often humiliated by his peers. While he does have awesome and courageous moments, they are normally very rare. He was commonly treated as a joke of bully-victim in a couple of bloopers, being called gay and someone who "nobody cares about". In SM64 Bloopers: Luigi Labyrinth, he became a villain who tried to rule the kingdom with Luigi Dolls. Despite the arguably cruel way he is normally treated, he is selfless and willing to commit for his friends. Due to the events of SMG4: Deleted, he was sent to the Internet Graveyard due to the Luigi Doll altering his unknown origin video, having the doll replace Baby Luigi as Mario's brother. However, he and his friends were rescued by his brother Mario.
  • Kenny James is Bowser a fat dragon-like Dragon-Koopa, the king and leader of the Koopa Troop army, and the neglectful father of Bowser Jr. and the Koopalings. He constantly aims to kidnap Princess Peach due to an obsession with her, and sometimes tries to rule over the Mushroom Kingdom in the earlier seasons. However, Peach sometimes prefers to be kidnaped rather than dealing with chaos caused by other characters. As the series went on, he developed a love-hate relationship with Mario and the others, often joining them in their adventures, but still sometimes appears in antagonistic roles. Like Toad, SMG3, Wario, and Waluigi, Bowser has seen a decrease in appearances in Season 9, with his role as one of Mario's close friends usually filled by Fishy Boopkins, Bob Bobowski and Axol, but is more prominent in appearance in the latter half of the season and in Season 10.
  • Samantha Kelly is Toad a sentient mushroom and servant of Princess Peach. He’s often sarcastic and immature. He resides in Princess Peach's Castle, living there with Peach and SMG4. He was also once the President of the Mushroom Kingdom for only a day on December 17, 2012, seen in Super Mario 64 Bloopers: President Toad Washington. Alongside Luigi, he is often the victim of Mario and SMG4's antics and misadventures; occasionally, he is sometimes subjugated by Princess Peach. This causes him to be antagonistic at times since he despises almost everyone around him, including his overbearing girlfriend, Toadette.
  • Celeste Nortley-Smith is Tari a cyborg girl (Meta Runner) and pro-gamer who befriended Mario when he needed to learn how to improve his gaming skills against SMG4, and as such became friends with them both and the rest of the gang, namely Meggy and Saiko. She was introduced during The Waluigi Arc, and since then has become a major character in the series. She is the only member of SMG4's Gang to not live in the Mushroom Kingdom, but instead Silica City.
  • WillFromAfar is Bob a homeless and idiotic Garo who used to live in the sewers under Ganondorf's castle for over 500 years, until he became a member of SMG4's Gang. He is the best friend of Fishy Boopkins. In his early days, Bob was selfish and secretly aimed to be famous, acted like a showoff, and mentally looked down at his friends. He also acts antagonistic at times, such as in SMG4: Mario's Train Trip. In Season 8, his selfish dreams of fame eventually drove him to become the titular main antagonist of his own arc, orchestrating events that would make him the greatest rapper in the world. However, his old friends managed to steal his popularity and thus abandoned him for some time. Thanks to Waluigi (the previous arc villain), he redeems himself and reconciles with his friends, joining them on many adventures. He is the tritagonist of Season 10 along with Tari. His surname was revealed in a 2020 Hobo Bros video in which Luke Lerdwichagul is asked what his last name is, to which he states that Bob's last name, Bobowski, is canon.
  • Minako Kotobuki is Saiko Bitachiru She was initially a fictional character from a generic dating simulator who was brought to life by Fishy Boopkins in order for him to have a real girlfriend. Since being brought to life, she began to suffer from mental instability and evil intentions. Though introduced as an antagonist, she had more recently been more of an anti-hero, and later became a protagonist. She is one of the three deuteragonists of the Anime Arc (alongside Mario and Axol). Like Axol, Toad, Wario, Waluigi, and Bowser, she had a slight decrease in appearances in Season 10 and has been demoted a bit to a recurring character due to the emergence of characters like Hal Monitor, JubJub Boopkins, and her own counterpart Whimpu as well as returning characters like Dr. Eggman, Sonic the Hedgehog and SMG3. She appeared more often after SMG4: Mario's Inside Story, but saw another massive decrease in appearances following The YouTube Arc. Due to the events of SMG4: Deleted, Saiko was sent to the Internet Graveyard due to Whimpu altering the events of her debut in SMG4: Doki Doki Mario Club, due to her accidentally breaking Fishy's laptop, which contained the game she was born in. However, she and the rest of her friends were rescued by Mario in SMG4: A Totally Normal S̷͍͖͉̙͚͎̑̃̿͑̆̇̚͠M̸͇͇̦̮̌̿Ğ̴̫̗̖͎͔̳4̶̞͇̰̎̀́̚ Episode.
  • Lizzie Freeman is Meggy Spletzer a former Inkling and is currently a human. Originally from Inkopolis, Meggy is a highly competitive girl who was obsessed with winning the Splatfest, the top Inkling sports competition. Although she started out on poor terms with Mario when she escapes from a paint can she was trapped in, they quickly become good friends when he participates in the Splatfest with her. She has moved into the Mushroom Kingdom, now residing in Belmont, Mushroom City, joining SMG4's Gang as one of its most competent and level-headed members. Meggy also plays a central role in the Anime Arc, where she was kidnapped by Francis and reconciled with her rival Desti, who was later killed. The arc ends with her being transformed into a human after she is drained of her ink by The Ink Zuccer 2000, affecting her appearance in all subsequent episodes. During the Anime Arc Post-Arc, Meggy was practicing for the final Splatfest to honor Desti, while finding difficulty in being human. Eventually, in SMG4 Movie: Meggy's Destiny, she and her Splat Squad successfully defeat Team Killer Ink, earning the trophy at long last. She is currently moving on from her old days of training, starting to spend more time with the friends she made. She is currently a police officer in the Mushroom Kingdom and the partner of Hal Monitor. Due to the events of SMG4: Deleted, she was sent to the Internet Graveyard due to Melony altering the events of her debut in SMG4: If Mario Was In... Splatoon, having Mario forgot of what happened during the events. However, she and the rest of her friends were rescued by Mario in SMG4: A Totally Normal S̷͍͖͉̙͚͎̑̃̿͑̆̇̚͠M̸͇͇̦̮̌̿Ğ̴̫̗̖͎͔̳4̶̞͇̰̎̀́̚ Episode. As a result of the events in SMG4: War Of The Fat Italians 2020, her voice was changed by the YouTube Remote, courtesy of SMG3, now being voiced by Lizzie Freeman. In Season 10, while still a major character, her roles and appearances had decreased in favor of new characters like Hal Monitor and JubJub Boopkins and older returning characters like SMG3 and Steve.

Anti cast

  • Inugami Korone as Melony a watermelon with Meggy Spletzer's Inkling headgear. It debuted in SMG4 Christmas 2019: Mario Alone when Mario created it as a replacement to Meggy once SMG4's Gang departs from Peach's Castle for vacation and leaves him behind. It reappears in S̶M̶G̶4̶: I Can't Believe It's Not SMG4! as a member of the Anti-Cast and became one of the seven former secondary antagonists of the YouTube Arc. Despite being somewhat sentient, it is inanimate and is therefore carried (and influenced) by other characters. In SMG4: Mario's Mask Of Madness, it was transformed into a lazy human girl using the Fierce Deity Mask from the Happy Mask Salesman. It is implied that she refused to return the mask to the Salesman and remained as she is, since it's shown in a fantasy sequence in SMG4: Meggy's Part-Time Job that Melony is still human.
  • US male voice as Rob the Scarecrow is Steve's corn-obsessed scarecrow who includes corn in almost everything he says and does. His name was given by Bob after he implied he looks like him. Because of this, he acts as a doppelganger counterpart to Bob. Later, he was recruited as a member of Anti-Cast and became one of the seven former secondary antagonists of the YouTube Arc. After his redemption, he becomes a companion of SMG4's Gang.
  • Takumi male as Whimpu, the doppelganger of Saiko Bichitaru. He is known to be a meek simp who joined Anti-Cast, serving as one of the seven former secondary antagonists of the YouTube Arc.
  • Jessica Fallico as Belle Fontiere a doppelganger counterpart to Tari. She is a cyborg gamer and aspiring stage actress, and a former member of the Anti-Cast, thus a former ally of SMG3's. Belle is one of the seven former secondary antagonists of the YouTube Arc. In the fourth quarter of the tenth season, Belle became allied with SMG4's Gang, along with Whimpu and Rob the Scarecrow. Likewise, she is reprised by her voice actor, Jessica Fallico, who voices her Meta Runner counterpart.
  • Luke Lerdwichagul as JubJub is the younger brother of Fishy Boopkins and the second son of Joe Boopkins. Although Fishy Boopkins and Tari both treated him with love, Mario abused and treated him like a football, frequently kicking him around. Though JubJub himself didn't seem to mind (as opposed to Boopkins himself, who would immediately summon his father if he were ever abused), both Boopkins and Tari criticized Mario for his abuse, and once he was reunited with his father (and getting kicked away yet again), Joe Boopkins wasted no time in punishing Mario for his actions. He has mistaken the back of Ghost Rider's shirt as his father, technically leading him to join Kraken Krew. After his debut, he started to hang around with SMG4's Gang and became friends with the main cast but later joined the Anti-Cast in S̶M̶G̶4̶: I Can't Believe It's Not SMG4!, becoming one of the seven former secondary antagonists of the YouTube Arc. He was assigned to prevent Fishy Boopkins from meeting Mario and SMG4 and succeeded, though he did not seem to know what he was doing. He was upset about Fishy Boopkins being sucked into a black hole and was sent to the Internet Graveyard: he was seen sulkily looking at a picture of him and his brother during SMG4: A Totally Normal S̷͍͖͉̙͚͎̑̃̿͑̆̇̚͠M̸͇͇̦̮̌̿Ğ̴̫̗̖͎͔̳4̶̞͇̰̎̀́̚ Episode. Later, he was possessed by the YouTube Remote and made both gangs do challenges, which he ironically participated in himself. When he spat the YouTube Remote out for the love of his brother, he stood up to SMG3 with the rest of his friends and defeated him.
  • Charles Martinet as Luigi Doll a sentient dolls that resemble Luigi. They first appeared as background characters in Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Super Happy Magical Fun Fun Island, although they have gained a significant role in Ssenmodnar 7 (TOAST Edition) as one of the important skit characters, alongside SM64 Bloopers: Luigi Labyrinth and SMG4: The Weegee Uprising where they attempted to hug other people to turn them into them. In SM64 Bloopers: Luigi Labyrinth, they were revealed to have been faulty clones of Luigi created from a research facility by accident. One of the Weegee dolls was recruited by SMG3 to represent Luigi at his theater show and became a member of the Anti-Cast becoming one of the seven former secondary antagonists of the YouTube Arc. Presumably, he was the second-in-command of the group, as SMG3 entrusted him with the YouTube Remote to ensure Mario was banished to the Internet Graveyard. He was also in charge of erasing Luigi, one of the first characters to appear in SMG4. In SMG4: War Of The Fat Italians 2020, that Weegee Doll turned against SMG3 along with his peers.


  • David MacDonald is Zalganuck a heartless intergalactic villain who plans to destroy the mushroom kingdom to make it his kingdom to do whatever he wants. Is a true tyrant and perfectionist. He was portrayed as a stereotypical and evil ruler, a cruel being who needs everything in his own way. he was completely strict, arrogant, treacherous, ruthless, and most of all, evil. Like many tyrants, Zalganuck desired absolute order in his domain; it divided worlds so there would be no confusion, and then mercilessly destroyed the mushroom kingdom. Until now, the only person he showed respect to is his lieutenant Rouge pixie; However, he was still equally ruthless and indifferent towards him and his enemies, having eliminated his good personality and then forced him to kill his loved ones because he wanted revenge on his parents for leaving him on the brink of death. . He later threatened to kill Tari. However he is attacked by a demon and an impostor but a teleporter was causing them to flee, thus creating a monster, however he is defeated by the gang and ends up dying after being thrown into the reactor core of his ship causing him and his ship explodes.
  • Luke Lenderwing is Rouge Pixie He is an elite expert and second in command to Zalganuck he is has a special armor that makes him have superhuman strength which quickly becomes a psychopathic assassin (although he proclaims himself an Anti-Hero). Then he adopts the alter ego of Rouge Pixie, he joins Zalganuck as his second in command, he has a cold and dark personality and attacks his enemies in a brutal way. After Zalganuck died, Rouge Pixie is unknown if he died or is still alive so his whereabouts are unknown.
  • James Bailey as SMG3 is SMG4's evil doppelganger who was first discovered trying to copy SMG4's videos and had attempted to kill him ever since. He (and Wario) were the people responsible for turning Waluigi back to normal at the end of WOTFI 2018. After the T-Pose incidents, he retired from villainy to start a therapy television series called Dr. SMG3, which was first seen during the climax of the Waluigi Arc. It lasted until A Day In The Life Of Everyone where his therapy show was cancelled, and later started his own production company which was later destroyed, forcing him to go back to his dark ways. He eventually formed a plot to seize Susan Wojcicki's YouTube Remote and used its power to erase SMG4 from existence and take his place as a YouTube juggernaut. He lived in a colossal fortress located in an unknown realm, and his best friend was Nintendofan996 (Nintendofan997's doppelganger). He also earned a psychiatric degree before the events of SMG4 VS SMG3. As of Season 10, SMG3 now has original voice lines similar to SMG4's in the previous season. However, his voice actor was unknown as Luke and Kevin have been keeping SMG3's voice actor a secret until SMG4: War Of The Fat Italians 2020 where his voice actor was later revealed to be James Bailey. He was previously voiced by Luke Lerdwichagul in Mario's EXTRAS: MarioTube 2 on TheAwesomeMario. After many challenges and a rap battle, SMG3 was defeated and sent to the Internet Graveyard for his abusive usage of the YouTube Remote and for sending Susan and Mario's friends to this place. He made one last attempt in making his career again by starting a podcast and interviewing a Ugandan Knuckles, but was then attacked by it. He teamed up with Zalganuck to take revenge on SMG4 once and for all, recruiting the old antagonists and defeating SMG4, however this plan failed and he ended up being arrested by Hal Monitor. alongside the former villains and the late Zalganuck's old team.
  • Fhilty Frank as Francis a nerdy chameleon originating from Super Paper Mario. The founder and leader of the Anime Cartel, Francis first starting smuggling all things anime in and out of the Mushroom Kingdom, including anime-based citizens like Saiko Bichitaru, and later roped Mario and Tari into working for him to pay off Mario's accidental loss of their product (which Meggy bailed them out of). After Axol helped lift the Anime Ban, Francis was very disappointed of how he resolved things in a peaceful manner rather than using force. Also, intrigued by the power of Ink-Weaver, Francis reorganized the Anime Cartel into a full-on terrorist cell, capturing Axol and establishing Anime Island, stealing Ink-Weaver from him and using its anime characters to perform mass abductions of inklings including Meggy to supercharge the Weaver to create a waifu paradise for himself. During the Battle of Anime Island, Francis trapped Meggy in the Ink-Zuccer 2000, which eventually drained her entirely of ink and transformed her into a human, in addition to making a False Sephiroth that ended up killing Desti. Francis was finally defeated, and was coldly murdered by Saiko, throwing him into the Zuccer to have his lifeforce sucked out as Anime Island was destroyed by a battle with Goku and Shaggy. in this movie he was survived of the Zuccer.
  • Speakonia Adult Male #1 as Grand Dad a bootleg villain from his species' namesake dimension who has appeared as a minor character in SMG4's bloopers. He is based on the main character of the infamous bootleg game, 7 Grand Dad. he was returned for revenge but just because Zalganuck said he'd give her free pizza.
  • William Afton as The purple guy the main antagonist of the game, and makes several cameo appearances in the rest of the series. He has also appeared as a major character in some of SMG4's videos. He was returned for revenge.
  • Gary Schwartz as Dr Pootis a villain who proclaims himself as the most dangerous man in the history of the world. He was returned only for borred
  • Bad Star as Ztar an evil star imbued with dark power created by SMG3 and Bowser. It is the main antagonist of Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Bad Stars and SM64: Bad Star's Back! 300k Special. It is one of the darkest antagonists of the series, due to its sheer destructive malice and immense dark power. he's back for revenge.
  • Yuki Tsujii as Team killer ink leader a ruthless, competitive Inkling who is willing to do anything to win the Splatfest. She was very angry when she and her team lost as she kicked one of her teammates on the ribs in frustration. She came back because she wanted to get revenge on Meggy so that she "suffers the same fate as Desti", that is, she wants to kill her since according to her those who beat her did not survive.
  • Charles Martinet as Waluigi, the Luigi's evil doppelganger and Wario's adopted brother. He and his brother are homeless crooked criminals running around the Mushroom Kingdom, trying to gain money by any means, such as: scamming people, robbing banks, joining alongside other villains (namely SMG3), or simply a Taco stand. Waluigi can also be shaped into a rocket launcher, which others would call the Waluigi Launcher. He has a love-hate relationship with Wario, but the two always get along. While Waluigi is cool and attractive, he sometimes appears to other people as annoying and stupid (exemplified by how he doesn't even know how to write an 'L'). For being rejected in Smash for far too long in SMG4: Waluigi's Time, he brings out his rejection and anger on everyone else until he gets into Smash. He became the main antagonist of the Waluigi Arc, where in his rejection-powered form called the WaluRambo, he gained amazing powers such as shapeshifting, mind-control and the ability to T-Pose anyone (with the exception of Master Hand) with his Staff of Rejection. This power is the cause of SMG4: Mario And The T-Pose Virus when Waluigi conjured a T-Pose Shroom to turn anyone into a T-Pose Zombie. During the Waluigi Arc, he tried to get all the other characters to hate him to reach his final form, to the point of torturing Mario and Luigi as seen in "Mario SAW". During this time, Waluigi became a megalomaniac and went insane with his rejection powers, and his disappearance caused Wario to be lonely, which in term caused him to disappear as well. Thankfully, in SMG4: War Of The Fat Italians 2018, Waluigi reunited with his brother, thanks to SMG3, who is a therapist, and redeemed himself and reconciles with his brother. Despite this, Waluigi is still insecure over being rejected. He hasn't had too many appearances in Season 9 and Season 10, and like Toad and Wario he mostly gets minor and cameo appearences since SMG4: Super Challenge 64 with only a few major roles. thanks to Zalganuckle he remembered what the world really is, causing him to unleash his dark power and reminding him of what it is to be a failure that makes him imposing and seeks to see the world burn.


after the success from Wotfi 2020 Luke and Kevin announced on February 13, 2021 with the video SMG4 the movie TEASER TRAILER. Before the release of the film, the banner on SMG4's channel and Twitter was changed to promote the film. It was released on YouTube on September 26, 2022 so they said `` we will make another smg4 movie one that shows comedy and adventure thanks me for all the support I have and I do not care if the pandemic lasts a decade I will not give up until I launch air this movie, apart we are strong but together we are invincible ''.


The official song of the film is '' world of memes '' which its base song is '' Dont bring me down '' by '' Electrical Light Orchestra (ELO) '' but besides that there are:

  • Mr blue sky. (ELO)
  • When the nigth is long. (Shelby Merry)
  • It get worse (Mindless Self Indulgence)
  • Satan Arrival (pieces of Eden)
  • Spy's Suprise Buttsecks
  • It's Tricky (Run D.M.C)
  • Just Like Fire (P!nk)
  • Unvarel (Toru Kitajima)
  • Corn
  • You re mine (League of Shadows)
  • My House (Flo Rida)
  • You're Mine (DAgames)
  • GAS GAS GAS (Manuel)
  • Take a Slice (Glass animals)
  • Rap God (Eminem)
  • Damnation (Mick Gordon)
  • The final Fold
  • Chasing The Sun (The wanted)
  • When can i see you again (Owl City)


the movie had highly positive reviews rotten tomatoes gave it 79% based on 165,600 reviews saying `` despite you have some drama on the tape SMG4 the movie has clever humor and quite funny a highly recommended and outlandish story ''. On metacritic him They gave an 8.5 they said it was "a movie made with love" and in cinemascore they gave it an "A" from an A + to an F saying it was "incredible".


SMG4 the movie/transcript


  • this movie marks the return of the villains for example: SMG3 from The SMG4 movie 10th Year Anniversary.
  • In this movie we see Bob's past where he fled his home for what the other Garos called him a coward.
  • Axol's laptop scene is a clear reference to Ted 2 where Ted discovers that Johnny's computer is full of adult content
  • if you pause a scene you can see Charlie, Blitzo and their undercover companions.
  • On the inside of the vehicle you can see the IMP logo