Ryan Smith is a Character of the Scream Series. He appeared in The Scream Returns. He is portrayed by Graham Philips.


The Scream

Ryan was one of the students that was a witness of the fight between Sam Stone and Jack Waterway. Ryan laughed about the fact they fought about a girl called Noa Knight. He took the fight on camera. William saw it and walked to Ryan. Delete that pictures, William says. Why?? Ryan says. Give that camera to me, William says. William attacks him and steals the camera. He destroys it. You are going to pay for this and he walks angrily away. Ryan angrily walks to the toilet. There is nobody in the toilet. He opens his pants and goes pee. During it he sees somebody is standing behind him. I am almost finished, Ryan says. 1 second later he is stabbed by a very big knife. The guy behind shows himself as Master Scream. Ryan falls death with his head in the toilet. Master Scream walks slow away.

Later, Ryan's body is found. A janitor found it. The teachers try to hide it. But this is exactly what the scream wants.




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