Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer is an upcoming American 3D computer-animated Christmas musical fantasy comedy film produced by Illumination Entertainment.

It is based on the homonymous story by Robert L. May, as well as the 1964 homonymous TV special.

It stars Jaxon Mercey, Jack McBrayer, Idina Menzel, David Rintoul, Dan Castellaneta & Mandy Patinkin.



Main Cast

  • Jaxon Mercey as Rudolph, the main protagonist
    • Issac Ryan Brown Does Rudolph's singing voice
  • Jack McBrayer as Hermey
    • Fred Savage does Hermey’s singing voice
  • Idina Menzel as Clarice, Rudolph's love interest
  • David Rintoul as Yukon Cornelius
  • Dan Castellaneta as Santa Claus
  • Mandy Patinkin as Sam The Snowman
  • Albert Brooks as Donner, Rudolph's father
  • Catherine O’Hara as Mrs. Donner, Rudolph's mother
  • Patrick Warburton as The Head Elf
  • Paul Reubens as St. Nicholas II, The Head Elf's Assistant
  • Ben Schwartz as Fireball
  • Jeff Bennett as Coach Comet
  • Tom Kenny as Charlie In The Box
  • Tara Strong as Dolly
    • Tara Strong also voices Lovey, Clarice’s friend
  • Bill Fagerbakke as Spotted Elephant
  • Tex Hammond as Windup Mouse
  • James Earl Jones as King Moonracer
  • Tom Holland, Ben Stiller, Will Ferrell, Martin Clunes, David L. Lander, Dave Foley, Hugh Jackman, Steve Carell, Sean Hayes and Bill Hader as Elves Male
  • Colleen Villard, Joan Cusack, Kath Soucie, E.G. Daily, Alyson Stoner, Russi Taylor, Hayden Panettiere, Anne Hathaway, Fran Brill and Lori Alan as Elves Female
  • Julie Walters as Mrs. Claus
  • Frank Welker as Bumble the Abominable Snowmonster of the North, the former tertiary antagonist
  • Michael Beattie as Clarice's father
    • Michael Beattie also voices Scooter
  • Andre Robinson as Train with Square Wheels
  • Roger Craig Smith as Boat with Sinks
  • Kiely Renaud as Abby, Clarice's friend
  • Kyle Balda as Bird Fish
    • Kyle Balda also voices Plane that Can’t Fly & Edward, Fireball’s friend
  • Hank Azaria as Misfit Cowboy

Additional Voices

  • Nancy Cartwright as Newborn Rudolph Baby
  • Bill Farmer as The Dogs Sleighs
  • Bob Bergen as Jelly Gun
  • Debi Derryberry as Bunny Rabbits and Squirrels
  • Jess Harnell as Raccoons
  • Jim Hanks as Hank the Elf
  • Laraine Newman as Clarice's mother
  • Jim Cummings as Owls
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