Rose Purdy is a character from the James Bond franchise. She appears in Blood From Above, where Purdy is one of the bondgirls of the movie. Rose Purdy is portrayed by Jessica Marais.


Blood From Above

Rose Purdy is a normal Australian woman that lives in Sydney. One day she goes in a taxi in Australia, Purdy meets a man called James Bond. They talk a bit, but are attacked by some criminals. Bond kills them all, but is kidnapped by them. Purdy doesn't knows what to do and walks away.

The next day, she goes on a cruise ship to New Zealand. She sees Bond again and asks what happened. They go together on the cruise ship. Rose goes swim in the swimming pool and sees James Bond is attacked again. She is also attacked and defeated.

She wakes up in a cave in Serbia, when Bond saves her. But they are suddenly attacked by The French. They run out of the cave, but they must surrender when they see 30 people waiting for them. Mylene Landrieu shoots with a stun gun on them.

Rose Purdy and James Bond wake up in Blanchard's house in France. She sees Blanchard. That night, Bond and her have sex with each other. The next day, they have breakfast. During this breakfast, killing to her.




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