Robots 3.0 is an upcoming 2025 American computer-action animated fantasy film produced by Blue Sky Studios and distributed by 20th Century fox. It was directed by Chris Wedge.

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This film is a sequel to Robots 2. After successfully finishing the film, they will create Robots: the videogame. linked by many accounts. it goes with Rodney having Piper encouraged with "Manga" edits. Piper Pinwheeler shows up, giving Piper a chest harness. Piper then sneaks out of the back door.


in the world of Robot City, Piper (Tara Strong) has made many others. Piper becomes a Stub. she gets rejected by many users.

Rodney is the son of Lydia and Herb, born with an extra piece (because of his autism) The attemps to fix his behavior when often useless with Piper.

on Piper's first day of "The Robloxcity" she gets pulled over by Alanatheunicorn08FAN And Unicornlover260XD. They try to help Piper, but she always gets pulled. 

As the years pass in the end of Summer, Alana makes an announcement for Piper to leave. Unicornlover encourages her to not do it but she does. 

That evening, a strict germophic CPS slaps Piper, looking odd than she did. Piper tries to pull over the beehive, but she got stung and had to have a spear part. She has to keep it until further notice.

Other scenes is when Piper and Alana talk at night around Thanksgiving and Christmas, Piper making Valentine's day cards, going easter egg hunting, bowling, going to an amusement park, and Piper roughousing with Fender.

Piper has fun with Unicornlover, but she leaves and moves to California. That night Piper dreamed about a new Robloxian in her school.

Piper, leaving her magic, Found her way home and made it back to The Rusties. Fender takes Piper's Sweater off, then she gets cold. Aunt Fanny uses a "Fan" to make her hot. Rodney comes to Piper and takes her necklace, and reads the note. 

Piper dismays and kisses Rodney, they fell in love with each other's favorite night. Rodney runs to the oilroom to drink oil. 

In the end, Piper had a big dream about her adventure to Paris. she hopped out of bed and said "I wanna Go to France!" Then got back in bed.

In a mid-credits scene, Piper takes a selfie with Rodney and The Rusties.


Main Cast

Tara Strong as Piper Pinwheeler (formally Amanda Bynes) a fiesty robot who is Fender's younger brother and is moving to Robloxcity.

Amanda Bynes is the singing voice for Piper.

Brooklynn Prince as Alana/Flora (deleted scenes), a servant at the Mansion Of Fancy.

Cree Summer as Unicornlover260XD/Cappy: two young and beautiful girls with different lifes.

John Cena as Rodney, a blue robot who is Piper's best friend.

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