Robert Frank was a United States Marine Major who later gained supernatural abilities through experiments orchestrated by Heinrich Zemo.


Robert Frank is from Louisville, Kentucky and became a war hero within the United States Marines during the Kaiserslaught. He suffered a great trauma when a boy from back home, Stanley Stewart, joined the Army's Expeditionary Force and lost his mind in the Battle of Cantigny. He led a battalion into Belleau Wood, John Walker being among those under his command. After overrunning the German defenses, the Marines were ambushed by Sokovian trench raiders who kidnapped Robert.

Powers and Abilities

  • In early versions of the film, Robert Frank was an Inhuman and in later drafts, a mutant. This was all planned to remove the rather goofy concept of snake bites and mongoose blood, however; the concept was darkened and adapted into the final version of the film, result of experiments by Zemo.
  • Originally, Ben Whishaw played Robert Frank and later, Scott Eastwood and Sam Claflin.
  • In the comics, Robert Frank is one of the first Marvel characters, being known as The Whizzer.
  • In the comics, Whizzer is a WW2 character.
  • In Jessica Jones S2, a character known as Whizzer appears alongside a multitude of references to the original character. The Netflix version of the character is not Robert Frank, but Robert Coleman, who is usually known as Speed Demon in the comics.
  • James Mardsen took up the role after Ben Whishaw, Scott Eastwood, and Sam Claflin all were planned for the role. Mardsen previously portrayed the older version of Cyclops in the Fox X-Men universe.
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