Rio 3 is a 2021 American computer-animated comedy musical film produced by Blue Sky Studios and released by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. The first Blue Sky sequel to be released by Disney, the sequel to Rio 2, and the third film in the Rio film series,, it was directed and co-written by Carlos Saldanha. In the film's ensemble voice cast, Jesse Eisenberg, Anne Hathaway, Jemaine Clement, George Lopez,, Jamie Foxx, Andy Garcia, Bruno Mars, Rita Moreno, Pierce Gagnon, Leslie Mann, Rodrigo Santoro, Jake T. Austin, and Kristin Chenoweth reprise their roles from the first two films. Rachel Crow and Amandla Stenberg did not return to voice Carla and Bia, having been grown too old for the roles, passing them to Chloe O'Malley and Mckenna Grace. New characters in this film were voiced by Rowan Atkinson, Jenna Elfman, Justice Smith, Jennifer Lawrence, John Goodman, Will Smith, John DiMaggio, and David Hasselhoff. 

Upon its release in the United States on March 5, 2021, Rio 3 was met with mostly positive reviews from critics, who praised it as an improvement over its predecessor as well as its emotional story and animation. It was also commercially successful, grossing over $601 million on a $100 million budget.

A sequel, Rio 4, was released on April 4, 2027.


  • Blu sets out to find his long-lost family in Argentina and bring them to the Amazon.


  • Jesse Eisenberg as Blu
  • Anne Hathaway as Jewel
  • Rowan Atkinson as Blu's dad
  • Jenna Elfman as Blu's mom
  • Justice Smith as Jake
  • Jennifer Lawrence as Flower
  • John Goodman as Blu's uncle
  • Will Smith as Dave Orangutan
  • John DiMaggio as Ack the African Grey Parrot
  • David Hasselhoff as Ace the Owl
  • Jemaine Clement as Nigel
  • George Lopez as Rafael
  • Tracy Morgan as Luiz
  • as Pedro
  • Jamie Foxx as Nico
  • Rodrigo Santoro as Tulio
  • Leslie Mann as Linda
  • Jake T. Austin as Fernando
  • Mckenna Grace as Bia
  • Chloe O'Malley as Carla
  • Pierce Gagnon as Tiago
  • Andy Garcia as Eduardo
  • Rita Moreno as Mimi
  • Kristin Chenoweth as Gabi
  • Bruno Mars as Roberto

Characters of others franchise

  • Jim Parsons as Oh, a Boov fugitive
  • Rihanna as Tip Tucci
  • Jennifer Lopez as Lucy Tucci, Tip's mother
  • Steve Martin as Captain Smek
  • Matt L. Jones as Officer Kyle
  • John Cena as Ferdinand, Oh's best friend
  • Benjamin Bratt as Eduardo Perez/"El Macho", Oh's best friend
  • Will Smith as Lance Sterling
  • Tom Holland as Walter Beckett
  • Rashida Jones as Marcy Kappel
  • Karen Gillan as Eyes
  • DJ Khaled as Ears


Ir is the first time that Nigel is a minor antagonist, Implyng that Ace is the true antagonist

Is the first time Blu s parents appear since nothing Was sap the Rio 1

Ace nenentions saldanha

Ace says that jewel s monther was Carlos saldanha pet


  • Home - in Cinema know the home poster
  • Ferdinand - Ferdinand the Bull, are Going to be Appearing
  • Spies In Disguise - Lance Sterling, Walter Beckett, Marcy Kappel, Eyes and Ears, are Going to be Appearing
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