Riley Wright is a Character of the Scream series. He appeared in The Scream: The Curse of Death and The Scream: The Bleeding Campsite. He was portrayed by Jonny Weston. He was killed by Sam Stone.


The Scream: The Curse of Death

Riley is first seen after he is called by Violet Cross. He immediately arrives where he meest Bruce Wakefield and Isabelle Fletcher. Violet informs him about that they need to kill Ron Pearson and have to safe Sam Stone. Riley doesn't know them but he helps her, because he wants to do that. Sam comes later home with Owen Mulligan. Riley and Violet are surprised to see him. He escaped. Sam later turns angry and goes away. Owen is angry because the Scream killed his girlfriend. Violet, which was also a Scream before, is attacked by him. Riley wants to help him but Bruce stops him. Owen wins this fight and even wants to kill him. Isabelle is not agreed with it and stops him. Sam later comes back and he is even more angry. Owen is send out. Bruce then tells Riley that they don't trust him. This makes Riley also angry and he leaves too.

The next day, Riley is visited by Sam Stone and Violet Cross, which want to make it good with him. Riley then says he is done with them and closes the door.




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