Ridge Racer was a 2016 Movie by Warner Bros, as a start of a brand new franchise, directed by Harry Potter director David Yates and with Casting by Fiona Weir. The Film focuses on the 2017 Real Racing Roots. Featuring Teams RT Solvalou, Pac Racing Team, Micro Mouse Mappy, Dig Racing Team as well as RT Ryukyu, Druaga Racing, F/A Racing and RT Galaga. The Film grossed $800 Million, which is ten times as much as Ridge Racer Type 4's overall sales.

The cast were.

Michael G as Michael Walker, The Announcer. Michael G was known for his excitement announcing the original Ridge Racer game, and came out of retirement for this role. Michael Walker being a reference to Murray Walker.

Daniel Radcliffe as David Christman, the son of Robert Christman in his first Real Racing Roots, he drives for Dig Racing Team.

David Walliams as Richard Wilson, The Statistical Analyst. David Walliams plays alongside Michael G in the Real Racing Roots Commentary Box for Ridge TV.

Ralph Fiennes as Enki Gilbert, the hard to impress head of RT Solvalou. Who is sad because it has been 30 years since his son died.

Karen Strassman as Reiko Nagase: The new owner of Pac Racing Team after Yamaki left after 22 Years in the seat.

Tony Purnell as Robert Christman: Tony was chosen for the role due to his real life experience as an F1 Team Principal for the Jaguar F1 Team, as well as his resemblance to Robert Christman. Who is also David's dad.

Liam Neeson as Daniel Stevens: A Veteran Driver who won the 1999 Real Racing Roots, this is his Final Season and Liam decided to join for a role, racing for RT Ryukyu.

The Film also featured 14 minor Racing Drivers driving for the other teams.

Guest Appearances in the movie include Lewis Hamilton, Murray Walker, Rupert Everett, Jenson Button, and Dawn French who briefly appears as Sarah Christman, Robert's wife.

The movie was a stunning success and Die Cast Cars that tied in with the movie became the biggest selling toy of the year. While a new demand for Ridge Racer led to Namco creating a new game for 2018. Which Sold Millions of units.

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