Rick Moore is a Character of the Scream Series. He appeared in The Scream Returns and The Scream: Revenge of the Screams. He is portrayed by Nick Nolte.


The Scream Returns

Rick Moore is first seen in the movie when he is the new teacher of Sam Stone and his friends. He talks to them and gives them some information. Mr. Moore sees that Ralph is flirting with another classmate Isa Aylward, but he doesn't do anything. Kevin Bradley is lying with his feet on the table. The lesson is very boring. Rick Moore sends all the students later away.

The class has the next day another Physics lesson, Mr. Moore is saying something boring from physics. Kevin has again his feet on the table. Charlie and Nigel asks Mr. Moore something.

A new killer kills a lot people again. One week later on school, Nobody knows where they are. Mr. Moore knows about Ryan's dead but don't tell the children about it. He gives his normal and boring lesson. Ralph is quiet but also excited. He wants to poison Mr. Moore. Mr. Moore finds it out and Ralph is send to the director.

Mr. Mead, a colleague of Mr. Moore is later also killed. Mr. Moore is just telling his boring story again. He doesn't even care about deaths anymore, even not Mrs. Mead's death

The Scream: Revenge of the Screams

Mr. Moore meets his new students, after a lot of them were killed. Later Mr. Moore is walking outside. He hears screams. He goes into the toilet, but doesn't find anything. Kevin and Evan are both gone.

Some days later, Rick Moore is drinking coffee with his new colleagues Peter McLean and Ivo Shelton. Later, Shelton goes to the toilet. Mr. Moore orders some coffee. Mr. McLean has to give a lesson to the class of Sam. He goes away. Moore wants to buy more coffee. But then the coffee-machine has an interruption. All the coffee comes out of it. It burns on Mr. Moore. Then he watches behind him. A Scream is standing. He puts the knife in his troath. A lot blood fells on the ground. Mr. Moore falls dead on the ground. The Scream makes the floor clean. Then he walks away.




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