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Ren Hoek.png|Ren
Ren Hoek.png|Ren
Oggy Cat.png|Oggy
Jack (OGGY).png|Jack
Jack Cat.png
Bob (OGGY).png|Bob
Bob Bulldog.png
Joey (OGGY).png|Joey
Joey Cockroach.png
Marky (OGGY).png|Marky
Marky Cockroach.png
Dee Dee (OGGY).png|Dee Dee
Dee Dee Cockroach.png
George Liquor.png|George Liquor
George Liquor.png|George Liquor
Jasper (Big House Blues).png|Jasper
Jasper (Big House Blues).png|Jasper

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Ren, Stimpy, & Oggy: The Movie is a 2020 Animated French/American/Canadian Crossover Fantasy Musical Adventure Romance Comedy Film. This Film is a Crossover Between Spümcø's The Ren and Stimpy Show and Xilam's Oggy and The Cockroaches.



The Characters In The Movie:

Voice Cast:


  1. Happy Happy Joy Joy (John K. and Chorus)
  2. It's Such A Happy Day (Billy West and Jason Sudeikis)
  3. This Grill Is Not A Home (Billy West and John Cena)
  4. A Beautiful Day (Jim Cummings and Jackie Chan)
  5. TBA (TBA)


  • TBA.

Release Dates:

  • Argentina: TBA
  • Australia: TBA
  • Brazil: TBA
  • Bulgaria: TBA
  • Canada: April 22th, 2020
  • Chile: TBA
  • Colombia: TBA
  • Croatia: TBA
  • Czech Republic: TBA
  • Denmark: TBA
  • France: April 28th, 2020
  • Germany: TBA
  • Greece: TBA
  • Hong Kong: TBA
  • Hungary: TBA
  • Iceland: TBA
  • Ireland: May 15th, 2020
  • Italy: TBA
  • Jamaica: TBA
  • Japan: TBA
  • Lithuania: TBA
  • Malaysia: TBA
  • Mexico: TBA
  • Netherlands: TBA
  • New Zealand: TBA
  • Norway: TBA
  • Philippines: TBA
  • Poland: TBA
  • Portugal: TBA
  • Romania: TBA
  • Russia: TBA
  • Singapore: TBA
  • Slovakia: TBA
  • South Africa: TBA
  • Spain: TBA
  • Sri Lanka: TBA
  • Sweden: TBA
  • Turkey: TBA
  • Ukraine: TBA
  • United Kingdom: May 15th, 2020
  • United States: April 22th, 2020
  • Vietnam: TBA

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