Raoul Bushman is a character of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He appeared in Moon Knight. He is portrayed by Tony Todd.


Moon Knight

Bushman was with his team searching in Egypt. They found an Ancient Temple. After that a man called Marc Spector joined them. Together with Spector and Dr. Peter Alraune, they went in the pyramid. In the Pyramid were a lot of skeletons. One of the skeletons shot a small arrow in Bushman. He did nothing happened. They later went out and Raoul changed and killed Peter Alraune. Spector was angry and challenged Bushman. Bushman defeated Spector and killed him. After that, he went back to the USA to his home city Houston. He became madder.

Bushman saw in a vision that Spector survived and was out to kill him. He had a costume and a new friend, a Werewolf. He just waited for them to come. He wanted a rematch. 1 month later, he was visited by Marc Spector and his friend the Werewolf. He let them in and slam down the Werewolf. With his new powers, Marc attacked Bushman again. They fought in his house. But later Marc threw Bushman into a window, that later broke. Bushman fell out of the house on the street. He ran away to his car. He started the car and drove away. Marc jumped in the car and they fought in the car. The car drove into a lamppost. Bushman was still alive and they fought further. Later Bushman was hit by a car. He used his power to stay alive and attacked Marc again. They fought again and Marc killed him again. Now he doesn't use his power and waits. Marc walks away because he thinks Bushman is death. They walk away.

Later Bushman stands up and flies to Chicago. He knows to find them. He sees Marc with Russel, Marlene, Frenchie and an unknown young blonde girl celebrating their victory. Bushman attacks and gets Marlene. Spector is very anxious that he will kill her. But the blonde girl shoots him in his leg and Marc attacks him. Bushman used his power again but Marc is faster and uses it against them. They go to an unknown realm, Marc shoots all his power to Bushman. Bushman explodes and turns into a skeleton. Marc turns back to normal. Bushman's skeleton falls on the ground, killing him.




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