After Quicksilver is brought back to life by mantis and is freaked out. He moves to idaho with his wife and children. His wife gives him a new costume that she has made so he can be known as a crimefighter. Everything is well. quicksilver protects his City from robbers and crooks. he's a normal hero. But when a man, who goes by the name dominick lance, is crushed by a rock landslide toppling over him while he was exposed to gamma radiation, He arises from his death and starts causing trouble in the city of boise, media starts calling him Avalanche. and creates mass amounts of destruction and devastation throughout the city. enraged by this, quicksilver tries to put a stop to it once and for all. but puts his family into more danger as so.


Opens as Steve Rogers is digging quicksilver up from his grave. Steve brings quicksilver to Mantis so she can bring him back to life. She gently puts her fingser on his temples and whispers the word, wake. Quicksilver Freaks out and wakes from his death. he is in pain from all the bullets in his body from when he died from age of ultron. quicksilver gives an angry look to Steve and mantis then speeds away. We get a shot of quicksilver running in slow motion.


It is months later from the previous scene and quicksilver has a wife and a daughter and even moved to capital of idaho, boise. one day, they are cleaning their basement when Peter's, Quicksilver, Wife comes across his old costume when he was killed. then peter is forced to tell his dark past. his wife nudges and says that he should start back up his hero ego. quicksilver denies and says he doesnt want to go near that stuff again. but the next day, his wife suprises him with a new costume. he puts it on and tells about how nice and comfortable it is. then a bank robbery is on the news a few miles from where he lived. he speeds down to the bank and defeats the robbers, then speeds thrm to the jail. By then the cops just swarmed the bank to find nothing. because quicksilver was there first, at the police station, the officer is cuffing the robbers when he asks peter who he is, he says that hes quicksilver


Aaron Taylor-Johnson - Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver

Jennifer Connolly - Emily Maximoff

August Maturo - Daniel Maximoff

Dominic Purcell - Dominick Lance/Avalanche

Chris Evans - Steve Rogers/Captain America

Pom Klemintiff - Mantis

Chris Tallman - Officer Mitchell

Elizabeth Olsen - Scarlet Witch

Samuel L. Jackson - Nick Fury



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