Benjamin Boothroyd, a.k.a Q, is a character from the James Bond franchise. He appears in Blofeld's ReturnBlood From Above and Firesoul. Q is portrayed by Ben Whishaw.


Blofeld's Return

Q appears when Bond goes to him to get his new gadgets. He is angry at Bond, because he destroyed the boat in Stockholm. However, he gives Bond a new Aston Martin and a new Walther PPK model.

At the end of the movie Q is seen with M when Bond and Green have succeeded their mission.

Blood From Above

Q goes with James Bond to Australia. There, Q goes with M, Moneypenny and Bill Tanner in their new helicopter. They save Bond again. Q gives him gadgets that all helped Bond a lot on his mission.

In the end, Bond calls M to say that Blanchard is death. Q is glad to hear that. But after some time, he rarely ends the call, but they know the mission was successful.


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