Pyrrha Nikos was one of the main characters in RWBY franchise during the first 3 volumes, she was part of the former JNPR Team (Now known as RJNR).


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Memes Infinity War

Pyrrha is first seen protecting Papa Bear and Kanna Kamui from Natsuki's hands along with Captain America and iDubbz, killing her in the progress to then give a gasp after her partners says their Meme quotes.

They later took Natsuki's redead body with them to revive her as the normal Natsuki, but to do that, they had to move to Neo Ugandan Knuckles tribe, as well, remove the Mind Stone from Shrek's stomach without killing him and avoid that Monika would obtain what she is looking for.

Once in there. They're greeted by Principal Skinner, Superintendent Chalmers and Goku Black, the Smart Cat took both Natsuki and Shrek to his laboratory and do their requests while Pyrrha & co. goes to fight against Vegeta and M.Bison once they noticed their presence and their intentions to fulfill Monika's plan, as well, Pyrrha is forced to rescue her dragon loli and trap plush allies from being lewd by them.

Pyrrha join forces with Kanna and Astolfo and together they luckly killed Bison. Once Monika arrived on Neo Ugandan Knuckles Tribe, Shrek ask Pyrrha to destroy the Mind Stone no matter if it means to kill him, Pyrrha reluctantly agrees and successfully shatters the Mind Stone moments before Monika can get it. However, Monika uses the power of the Time Stone she took from Kenshiro to revert time and restores both Shrek and the Mind Stone, which she rips off Shrek's stomach, revealing his bowels once she managed to obtain the last infinity stone, killing him for good.

Pyrrha cries at Shrek's dead body recognizing that altough she destroyed it, Monika was still able to do her commit, once Monika snaps her fingers on the Infinity Gauntlet, Shrek's dead body is erased leaving Pyrrha crying on the floor.

Memes Infinity War Part 2: Just Monika


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