Primeval: New World Aftermath (2021)



Creatures That Appear In Primeval New World Aftermath

• Utahraptor (Jurassic Fight Club Variant)

• Lycaenops (Primeval Variant)

• Grizzly Bear (Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Variant)

• Ornitholestes (Model Based On Walking With Dinosaurs Variant But With The Colors Of The Ornitholestes From Walking With Dinosaurs)

• Terror Bird (Primeval Variant)

• Titanoboa (Titanoboa Monster Snake Variant)

• Brontoscorpio (Walking With... Variant)

• Daemonosaurus (Primeval Variant)

• Pteranodon (Jurassic Park III Variant)

• Jurassic Beetle (Primeval Variant)

• Jurassic Beetle Queen (Primeval Variant)

• Megalosaurus (Model Based On Real Megalosaurus With A Blue Color And Red And Green Spots The Roar Will Be Godzilla 2014/19 Mixed With Real T-Rex Roaring)

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