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      Predators 2 is movie of the Predator Series. It is a Science Fiction movie. It is a sequel to Predators. Adrien Brody and Alice Braga will return. It will have same Director as Predators


After the Events of Predators, Royce and Isabelle have to survive the new hunting. With new people from all different countries they have to survive, but the new Predators are even more deadly than ever been. They find a temple and half of the team go in, but this temple has a lot of strange things. It is the home of all the Predators. Not knowing this, there lies a great danger for all of the group.


The movie will start direct after Predators. Royce and Isabelle are walking towards the cages. They discover one, but he is death. They walk further until a man stands behind him. Where are we?? He says. On a strange planet where predators hunt on us Royce says. Oh ok, I thought you was here to kill me. I am Michael I am from Australia. Ok we are Royce and Isabelle. I am, was a CiA Agent Michael says.

They sleep, and the next day they walk further until they see hole. Can somebody get me out of here!!! Please!!! Michael helps him escape. Why came you guys late!! You have to thank us that we saved you says Royce. I am thanking you he says. No you didn't, says Royce. Ok btw. my name is Patrick I am from the United States. Wow who is that girl??, She is hot, he says to Royce. Royce angrily doesn't say anything.

They walk further until they see a small camp with three people. 2 men and 1 woman. Michael says they have to walk to it. No Isabelle says. They wait. During the night Patrick walks to Isabelle and he tries to kiss her and put of her clothes. Royce sees it and attacks him. Royce defeats him.

The next day, Royce is still angry at Patrick. They decide to walk to the camp. They see it and attack them. After a short fight they stop. Who are you??? one of them says. I am Royce. They are Isabelle, Michael and Patrick. Ok we are Arisztidt, Kai-Mook and Rosa. I am Hungarian Arisztidt says. I am thai Kai-Mook says. I am from Brazil, Rosa says. Patrick is again dirty looking at the girl. During the conversation they hear a fight. Michael runs to it. He sees two people fighting with each other. Michael stops the fight. Who are you one of them says? I am Michael, I am from Australia. Ok, I am Gunnar I am from Sweden and this here is Dembe, He is from Kenya.

The group walks further until they found an injured woman. Royce picks her up. I can walk she says. You have to stay with us, otherwise, you will never make it. Give her to me dude, all hot girls are for me Patrick says. I am Royce, he says to her. She stands up. I am Zoë, I am from Italy.

The group walks further, but a man is following them. He attacks them but he is later also defeated. Why you attack us Kai-Mook says. I thought you were the guys that took me here. No, we are the same here as you. Oh sorry, I am Friedrich, I am from Germany.

They wal further until they discover a temple. Arisztidt says they must look inside. Michael says no. Royce says: There's no other choice. We have to look inside. No, we don't have to says Isabelle. Ok let them go inside to look I will stay here and wait says Friedrich. Ok then we will split up. Ok you five will stay here says Royce. The rest follow me. Royce, Arisztidt, Kai-Mook, Gunnar and Rosa walk in. Michael, Isabelle, Zoë, Dembe and Friedrich stay behind.

The group in the temple walks further. Until they a smaller path what leads to a grave. Kai-Mook walks to it. The rest follows him. It is a grave of a Predator. Royce opens the grave. He sees that it is the same predator as he killed!!

The other group is waiting. A predator is watching them. He warns the others. Michael is searching for food. The others are sitting around. Patrick is sexually excited at Zoë. He totally forgets about Isabelle.

Back in the temple, they walk further. Further, they see a big statue of a Predator. After that, there are 2 tunnels. We have to split up again. They two. Left goes Royce, Rosa, and Arisztidt. Right goes Kai-Mook and Gunnar.

Outside, Dembe says they have to do something. Zoë says that they just have to wait. Then Michael returns. He killed a weird alien creature. We will have to eat this he says.

Back in the temple, Royce, Rosa, and Arisztidt walk further. They see a hole. Suddenly a predator attacks them. Royce fights back. Gunnar and Kai-Mook hear it. They want to walk back but the door closes. They just walk further. Their way eventually is a death end. They search of there is a secret door. Royce fights against the predator. Arisztidt helps him. Royce throws him into the hole. Kai-Mook and Gunnar find an opening. They go inside. The way leads into a way with lots of spikes. They have to run very fast, otherwisw the other door closes. Gunnar is fast enough but the door closes too fast for Kai-Mook. They are both in a other room. A predator appears in Kai-Mook-s room. They fight but the predator opens Kai-Mook's throat. He fells death on the ground.

Outside, the predators attack. Michael attacks them. Dembe and Isabelle help him. Patrick sees his way to escape. He kidnaps Zoë. He walks with her in the jungle. A classical predator attack. He helps them. Michael, Dembe and Isabelle and the classical predator fight against the other predator. They are too strong for him, and he runs away. Michael is wondering where Patrick and Zoë are. After the fight, the classical predator ran away.

Patrick wants to rape Zoë, but she stops him. Suddenly a predator attacks. He doesn't see Zoë but he takes Patrick. Patrick is taken by the predator. Two other predators hear something, Zoë tries to hide her. The predators didn't see her. They follow the leading predator.

Inside the temple, Royce, Arisztidt and Rosa walk further. They walk into a door where they see a lot of Predators. The Predators don't see them. Royce wants to explode the temple and kill them all.

Gunnar walks further. The predators follow him. Later he founds a way to leave the temple. He leaves. The predators are too late to stop him.

Royce, Arisztidt, and Rosa are still looking. Until three predators walk in. They have a prisoner, Patrick!!! Royce is thinking what to do next.

Outside the temple, Dembe, Isabelle, and Michael are searching for Patrick and Zoë. But they find someone else. It is Gunnar. Where are the others, Michael says. I don't know, but I think Kai-Mook is death. What about the others?? Isabelle says. We split up. They are still inside. Where are Zoë and Patrick? They left us. We are still searching.

Meanwhile, Zoë is trying to escape. She tries to climb in a tree. In the tree, she is looking if she sees the others. She can't see them, but she sees that they are on another planet.

Inside the temple, Royce and the others are preparing to attack. But suddenly they are discovered and put in a cage by the Predators. They are in the same cell as Patrick. Together they are making a plan to escape.

The group outside is following Patrick and Zoë footsteps. Until the footsteps stop. They see Zoë sittinf in a tree. Hey!! Scream Michael. Not so loud Isabelle says. But it was too late. A Predator close of them hears them and attacks them. Zoë tries to climb out of the tree. The others fight against the predator. The Predator is no chance against and is fells on his knies. But he isn't defeated and puts his knife in Dembe. He fells injured on the ground. Angrily Michael attacks and kills the Predator. They both fall death on the ground. Zoë jumps out of the tree and is shocked of seeing Dembe lying death on the ground.

Inside the temple, one predator opens the cell and takes Arisztidt. He is very scared. The predator picks up a knife and stabs it 5 times in his belly. He looses a lot of blood, but she still lives. He wants to kill the predator, but the predator is faster and puts the knife in his head. His death body fells on the ground. The predator picks up his body and throws it in the fire. Rosa and Patrick are very shocked to see it.

Outside the temple, Zoë joins the team again. They ask her where Patrick is. She says that the predators took him. They see the predator footsteps and follow it. Until it stops back at the temple. Michael says he really doesn't want to go in. The others agree. If he only wants to fuck me, we can better leave him Zoë says. The others agree and they walks to the other side.

Inside the temple, a classical predator opens their cell. He shows a bomb to them and let the place see it has to explode. Patrick says: How do we know we can trust him? Do you have another option??? They follow him until they are at the place. A king Predator is sutting on his throne. The king screams something and 1000 of predators appear to attack. You thought this was a good option?? Patrick says. The Predators attack. Patrick tries to escape. Hey where are you going?? Royce says. Some Predators follow Patrick. The others attack Royce, Rosa and the Predator. The predator uses some power to kill a lot predators. A lot predators attack. Rosa is no change against them and is killed by them. Royce puts of his shirt and attacks. Patrick is still running and he leaves the temple. The predator follows them and shoots with small arrows and falls on the ground. Inside the temple Royce walks towards the king. He throws the bomb in the hands of the king. The Predator fights against a lot predators and is later killed by them. Royce wants to escape. The king predator throws the bomb and wants to escape too. But is all too late and the whole temple explodes and the king predator, all other predators and Royce are all killed. Patrick is still alive but some angry predators attack them. He is already injured. The Predator are pulling on his legs. They do it so hard that he loses his legs. Another predator appears and pulls of his head, killing him. The Predators want to take revenge on the others. They follow their footsteps.

The other team see the explosion. They now know for sure they are all death. Friedrich doesn't care and is searching for a way to escape this god damn planet. He gets a search of a ship. I got something he says. You have what?? Says Michael. I found a ship. They follow him to the ship. The predators are still following them.

They see the ship. They go in it. The predators found them and attack them. Michael wants to be badass and he attacks them. Friedrich and Gunnar helps him. Isabelle and Zoë try to find a way to start the ship. More Predators come. But suddenly a lot classical Predator attacks and help them. A new king predator appears. He is the son of the predator they killed. All Predators attack each other. A lot of them dies. Michael, Gunnar and Friedrich are still in the fight and can't go to the ship. The king predator attacks Friedrich. They fight. Friedrich fights back but tge king predator is faster and stabs his weapon in Friedrich. He pulls it out of it. Friedrich falls death on the ground. The king predator is very glad. Michael and Gunnar are angry but they fight back. Zoë finds how to start the ship. She does it. Gunnar and Michael see it and walks into the ship. Suddenly a predator attacks and pulls at Michael. Gunnar tries to pull Michael in the ship. But they pull so hard and he is broken into two parts. He says that they have to maje Earth and he dies. Zoë tries to move the ship. Isabelle tries to help her. They fly of the ship. The predators are still fighting. One predator wants to touch a button to blow uo the ships but he is killed by a classical predator.

Insid the ship Isabelle, Gunnar and Zoë are arguing how to find Earth. But in the same time a stowaway lets see him and attacks. It is the king Predator. He attacks and stabs his weapon. Zoë picks up another weapon and moves it to his throath. His head fells of his body. The rest of his body falls on the ground. Gunnar sees that Isabelle is stabbed. She says that they have to reach Earth and dies. Zoë and Gunnar are very shocked. After that they see the location of Earth standing in the Locations they click on it. The ship goes on auto pilot. A map appears what says 11 lightyears. Zoë say they will have to go on sleep and wait that 11 lightyears. Gunnar agrees. They are one last night together and then go to sleep.

10,5 lightyears later, the ships flies behind Pluto and Neptune. Seeing their destination: Earth.