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Rated G - General Audiences

This article is rated G, meaning it is appropriate for all ages.

Valentine's Day 2020.



Voice Cast:

  • Jim Carrey as Popeye/Discord/Four/Washington The Fox


  1. Done with Rescues - The Wonder Pets
  2. The Foggy Fog - Captain Gilturtle and Characters
  3. Irene, Turn the Boat - Irene and Characters
  4. I’ve Got a Good Feeling - The Wonder Pets, Wubbzy, Daizy, Milli, Snagglepuss, Ren and Stimpy, The Soace Goofs Aliens, and The Breadwinners
  5. Go Way, Fog - The Wonder Pets
  6. The Ruiner of the Vacation is Me - Irene
  7. Done with Rescues (Reprise 1) - Buhdeuce
  8. Done with Rescues (Reprise 2) - Everyone
  9. Ocean Man (End Credits) - Male Characters


Character Gallery:

Popeye.png Discord.jpeg Flain.jpg Four_from_BFDI.png X_from_BFDI.png Pat.jpeg Stan.jpeg Boog.jpeg Elliott.jpeg Nick_Wilde_Pose_Render.png Manny_ice_age_4.png Elmer_Fudd.jpg Blaze_Monster_Truck_picture.png Donkey_Kong.png Armodrillo.png Sonic_the_Hedgehog.png TailsEpisode2Duck%27d.png Knuckles_3D.png Big_the_Cat.png Oggy.jpeg Jack.jpeg Joey.jpeg Marky.jpeg Dee_Dee.jpeg Sharko.jpeg Pink_Panther.png Homer_Simpson.png Legendary_Godzilla.png Washington%2BSam.png Ren_H%C3%B6ek_and_Stimpy.png Scoutmasterlumpus.png Slinkman_img.png Squidward.png Mordecai_and_Rigby_as_Ratchet_and_Clank.png GumballSeason_3.png Darwinregplisss.png Baymax.png Rocko.jpeg Heffer_Wolfe.jpeg Filburt.jpeg Mr._Blik.jpeg Waffle.jpeg Gordon_Quid.jpeg Norbert_Foster.jpeg Daggett_Doofus.jpeg Etno.jpeg Candy.jpeg Bud.jpeg Gorgious.jpeg Stereo.jpeg CatDog.jpeg Harold.jpeg Milt.jpeg Larrison.jpeg Wilbert.jpeg Tom_and_Bobert.png


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