facts of Poképark the Movie (my idea):

  • is a japanese cgi 3d animated movie.
  • is based on pokepark 2: wonders beyond.
  • this movie shares same animation as the yokais' of yokai watch movie 3,F.R.I.E.N.D's of jellyfish eyes and the characters' of the openings of mirai stars 1 and 2.
  • this movie is similiar to coraline,magia record and ni no kuni: the witch's wrath.
  • the locations and landscapes from pokepark 2: wonders beyond are in live action.
  • this movie have osts from pokepark 2: wonders beyond,black and white 2,magia record,ni no kuni: witch's wrath.
  • poipole,marshadow and my fakemon of black and white introduced.
  • new magical objects are introduced.
  • the characters from pokepark 2: wonders beyond return.

Main Characters

  • Pikachu: is the main protagonist of the movie. he is an orphan. At beginning, he is depressed about his parents's death and leaves his house of cove town to go in cove area to make new friends because he starts his first adventure. His mates are oshawott,snivy,tepig and poipole. He shares similarities to oliver.
  • Oshawott: he is one of pikachu's Mates. TBD

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Reshiram & Zekrom's Realm

Opening Credits

Pikachu's Depression

Pikachu Leaves Cove Town


Pikachu's First Chase 

Pikachu's Another Chase 


About Wish Park

Behold The Adventure!


Let the Battle Begins

Cove Area


Where We Go on The Wish Park?

Welcome to the Wish Portal

Come'on, Piplup and Oshawott! 

Open this Portal!

Welcome to the Wish Park, Freak.

About the Attraction

Cake Contraption Trial

There you are, Mischievous Kids

Escape from Darkrai's Hands

Pikachu's Another Depression


A Story of Poipole and Piplup's First Meeting

Wish Park it's My Homeland.

Come'on, Tomorrow we can Regoing to your Homeland


VS Samurott About Cove Town  Cove Town Let's Play Hide and Seek! A Quiz With You About Cofagrigus and his Minions Yamask Oh No! Musharna


Audino Get The Fast Job  We're Here, Krokorok! We are Here to Help to Go in The  Wish Park.


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