Phase Four is an upcoming phase in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Upcoming Movies

Spider-Man: Symbiote (July 2019) (TheCrimson King208)

coming soon!

Iron Man 4 (May 2020) (SwitzerlandDormammu)

The Movie will start 2 years after the Infinity War. Tony Stark started to make suits again. Now James Rhodes (War Machine) helps him with this. Tony Stark creates the ultimate suit but The Mandarin is against this. He tries to stop Tony Stark with his new ally. Tony also wants his relationship back with Pepper. Also a new thread is coming.

The Incredible Hulk 2 (July 2020) (FranceSwitzerland)

A few years after Infinity War, Bruce Banner is still traveling all over the world and controlling the Hulk. He is become better and better in controlling it. However, Samuel Sterns escapes from the prison. His skin is totally green and his head becomes higher and higher. He wants to kill the Hulk. Also, he set free the Abomination who was in a cage on the bottom of the Indian Ocean to help him to kill the Hulk.

Doctor Strange 2 (November 2020) (FranceSwitzerland)

After Thanos was defeated, Doctor Strange went back to Kamar-Taj. He went to the Dark Dimension to kill Dormammu and other villains, but he finds a woman called Clea. He falls in love with her and Christine Palmer becomes jealous. Also, Strange is confronted by a new villain called Nightmare, in his sleep. And Baron Mordo wants to take revenge on Doctor Strange.

Scarlet Witch and Vision (March 2021) (FranceSwitzerland)

After the Avengers defeated Thanos, Vision and Scarlet Witch left the Avengers to live together. They married in this time and got a twin: Thomas and William. Wanda learned of the witch Agatha Harkness how to transform Vision into a human. However, Harkness worked with Immortus to kill Scarlet Witch and destroy Vision. Immortus has called Mephisto who has control over the children of Vision and Scarlet Witch. Meanwhile, Immortus plans to destroy Vision.

Fantastic Four (May 2021) (FranceSwitzerland)

Reed Richards is a smart scientist who is working on project that will let him teleport anywhere. When his project is finally finished,he and his friend Ben Grimm get invited to work on big machine that will be made,and will be used with his project to be teleport in a new discovered dimension. He meets Sue Storm,her brother Johnny and Victor Von Doom. They will also help on making the machine. After the machine is finished, the company gets in the new dimension,but there is big storm in the dimension that will change their bodies,and when they return,they will not be like before.

Moon Knight (July 2021) (SwitzerlandDormammu)

Marc Spector an America explorer, goes with his friend Frenchie and crew to an Egyptian Ancient Temple. After beated by one of the crew, he is taken into the pyramid. He dies, but the Egyptian god gives him a second life if he becomes the god's avatar on earth. He takes this chance. But his new power, Marc Spector starts a new life.

Avengers: Wrack of Dormammu (November 2021) (SwitzerlandDormammu)

Dormammu will attack the Avengers with his team. The Avengers have to reassemble after they lost a lot team members. With their new team they have to stop this new threat, before it is too late. Also a new ally comes and help The Avengers.

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