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Peter Parker is one of the greatest heroes of Earth-1963 and he is born in 2003. During the events of "The Web of the Spider-Men" in 2034 before he died he was transported in 2042 on Earth-1962 and met the Peter Benjamin Parker's successor Miles Morales then he was stuck at that time and lived a year at that time before returning home after the events of "The Slingers III : Spider-Geddon ".

Few things are known about him, for the moment ...


1) The Web of the Spider-Men (2044)

2) The Outlaws III : Silver VS Black (2045)

3) The Slingers II : Spider-Verse (2047)

4) The Slingers III : Spider-Geddon (2048)

I) Peter Parker : Spider-Man (Animated Series)

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