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Pete Man Brave by Gil Birmingham, Denis Moschitto, Fatih Akin, Johannes Krisch, Navid Negahban, J.B. Smoove, Akin Gazi, Adam Bousdoukos, and Dominique Deruddere

  • Your Mother and Mine by Ella Purnell
  • The Elegant Captain Hook by Gary Oldman, Kevin McNally, Bruce Spence, Jacob Tomuri Septimus Caton, Dan Wyllie, Frank Whitten, and Frank Gallacher
  • Never Smile at a Crocodile by Chris Rea



  • The film will feature "What Makes the Brave Man Brave?" as a replacement of the controversial song, "What Makes the Red Man Red?" as it was criticized for Native American racism and stereotypes.
  • In the IMAX version, the Neverland scenes are filmed with IMAX cameras, while London is filmed with regular cameras.
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