Ivo Shelton is a Character in the Scream series. He Appeared in The Scream: Revenge of the Screams. He is portrayed by Emile Hirsch.


The Scream: Revenge of the Screams

Mr. McLean is first seen when he is introduced to the class of Sam Stone. Mr. McLean is playing soccer like a child. He doesn't even knows the rules. "Ok I am done": Noa says and she goes to the changing room. Mr. McLean sees it and he follows her. "What are you doing??, how can you even walk out my lesson: Mr. McLean says. "Sorry, I don't like you lessons: Noa says. She feels sad now. "You don't have to apologise you" Mr. McLean says. He doesn't cares about, he even likes it, he sees his chance. He attacks her. He wants to pull of her clothes and rape her. Sam hears her screaming and walks in. Mr. McLean stopped when he walked in. Mr. McLean is very indignant about what he did. Sam walks to Noa, and watches if she is alright. "I am really sorry, I don't know what happened to me" Mr. McLean says. "You are a liar" Sam says and he and Noa walk angry outside. The class is still playing soccer. Dylan is one of the ones that likes Mr. McLean's lessons. Mr. McLean later goes to the storage.

Some days later, Mr. McLean is drinking coffe with another teacher, Ivo Shelton. He later goes to the toilet.

Later he is drinking coffee again, but now he is with Rick Moore, Mr. McLean has to give a lesson to the class of Sam. He goes away. He walks to the gym room. The whole class is empty, only one kid went to the lesson. Mr. McLean walks to the kid. "Where are the others?" Mr. McLean asks. But before the question is answered the kid has put a knife in Mr. McLean's belly. The kid is a Scream. The Scream cuts Mr. McLean into pieces.




  • Kid Scream † - Killer
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