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Peter Benjamin Parker is the greatest hero of Earth-1962 and he is born in 2006 and died in 2036 at the age of 30. He was later ressurected in 2056 during the events of "The Slingers IV : One More Day"and lived happily with his wife Mary Jane Watson-Parker and her daughter May Parker who will become the Amazing Spider-Girl.

He has practiced many trades : high school student (not really a profession), photographer, journalist, writer, CEO, student, researcher and finally professor.


  • Mary Jane Watson-Parker (wife)
  • Betty Brant, Liz Allan and Gwen Stacy (former girlfriends)
  • May Reilly and Benjamin Parker (uncle and aunt-deaceased)
  • Richard Parker and Mary Fitzpatrick (parents-deaceased)
  • Ben Reilly, Kaine, Spidercide, Doppelganger and Carrion (clones)
  • Harry Osborn (former best friend)
  • Miles Morales (successor)
  • May and Benjy Parker (children)


He has faced many super-villains : the Scorpion, Big Man and his Enforcers, Kraven the Hunter, the Chameleon, Electro, Sandman, the Sinister Syndicate, the Rhino, the Vulture, the Beetle, Hydro-Man, the Shocker, the Ultimate Spider-Slayer, Venom, the Sin-Eater, Mysterio, Silver Sable, The Tinkerer, the Hobgoblin, the Sinister Six, Black Cat, Doctor Octopus, the Jackal and his Clone Conspiracy (Carrion, Spidercide, Kaine and Doppelganger), the Prowler, Carnage, the Lizard, Morbius, the Queen, Tarentula, the Sinster Seven (the Demogoblin, Menace, Jack O'Lantern, the Hobgoblin II, the Green Goblin II, the Grey Goblin and the Red Goblin), Morlun, the Gathering, Dex, Black Tarentula, the Hood, the Inheritors (Solus, Morlun, Karn, Verna, Daemos, Brix and Bora), Anansi, the Sinister Spider-Men (Regent, Scorpio-Man, Tarantula, The Spider, Arachnogoblin and Poison), The Other, Ai Apec, the Jackal II, Big Man II and his New Enforcers and the Hobgoblin III.


1) The Web of Spider-Man (2022)

2) The Web of Spider-Man II : The Grim Hunt (2024)

3) The Web of the Astonoshing Spider-Man (2026)

4) Spider-Man IV : The Web of Shadows (2029)

5) The Web of Spider-Man V : Identity Crisis (2032)

6) The Web of Spider-Man : Sinister VI (2034)

7) The Web of the Superior Spider-Man (2035)

8) Silver and Sable (2036)

9) The Web of Spider-Man VIII : Brand New Day (2038)

10)The Slingers : Spider-Island (2039)

11) The Web of Spider-Man IX : The Final Chapter (2040)

12) The Slingers IV : One More Day (2060)

13) The Web of Spider-Man XIII : Renew Your Vows (2062)

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