Patrick is a Character of the Predator Movies. He appeared in Predators 2. He is portrayed by Tim Guinee.


Predators 2

Patrick was found by Royce, Isabelle and Michael. He was saved by them. They turned in a group. They met a lot other people. Patrick was really sexually excited on all the people he met. Especially Zoë .

Later they found an Ancient Temple and they a split up. After an attack with Predators, he kidnapped Zoë and they ran away into the jungle.

Later he wants to rape her. But she fights back. A predator hears it and kidnaps Patrick.

Later he is put in prison where he meets Royce, Rosa, and Arisztidt again. Arisztidt is later killed by a bored Predator. Later they are freed by a classical Predator. He has to plan to kill all the other predators. They go to the king Predator. Patrick is scared and runs away. He walks out the temple where he is later shot by the predators. He falls on the ground. His legs are later pulled off by the predator. After that the predators pull off his head, killing him.




  • Predators - Killer
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