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Rated G - General Audiences

This article is rated G, meaning it is appropriate for all ages.

Pat and Stan Meet Pig Goat Banana Cricket is a 2019 British-Italian-American Animated Crossover Fantasy Musical Comedy Horror Film.


Voice Cast:


  1. World is Waiting (Prologue) -
  2. Lost in the Darkness - Bagel
  3. Many Reasons Why - Goat
  4. Take Me as I Am - Bagel and Becky
  5. The Main Event - Lisa and Louf, Psychopath Giraffe, and Edward Platypus
  6. Night Will Keep Our Minds Safe - Bagel, Becky, Percy, and Goat
  7. Alive - Psychopath Giraffe
  8. 6 on the 5 - Bagel, Becky, Pig, Goat, Banana, and Cricket
  9. Confrontation - Bagel and Psychopath Giraffe
  10. Nessun Dorma (End Title) - Luciano Pavarotti

Poster Gallery:

Character Gallery:

Pat.jpeg Stan.jpeg Boog.jpeg Elliott.jpeg Nick_Wilde_Pose_Render.png Discord.jpeg Popeye.png Four_from_BFDI.png X_from_BFDI.png Pig-goat-banana-cricket.png Psychopath_Giraffe.png Tom_and_Bobert.png Oggy.jpeg Jack.jpeg Joey.jpeg Marky.jpeg Dee_Dee.jpeg Harold.jpeg Milt.jpeg Larrison.jpeg Wilbert.jpeg Flain.jpg Mordecai_and_Rigby_as_Ratchet_and_Clank.png GumballSeason_3.png Darwinregplisss.png Baymax.png


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