Patrick "Paddy" Mulligan is a major character in Carnage. He is the host of the symbiote Toxin and is portrayed by Tom Felton.


Toxin is a red-colored symbiote with purple accents. Like Venom in the comics, Toxin has the exaggerated winged legs of a spider on his abdomen. The completed spider emblem is absent but the basic shape is hinted at in his design. At first glance, Toxin has no mouth- just large bloodshot white eyes. However, when Toxin opens his mouth- his flesh opens up, revealing an unhinged jaw with a large tongue.


Paddy Mulligan is an Irish-American police officer in Doverton, California. He is married to Gina Mulligan- who is pregnant with their baby, Edward. Paddy is eccentric and stressed about the arrival of his son who he cares so deeply about. When serial killer Cletus Kassidy- infected by Carnage- brings hell into the small town, Paddy takes a stand to stop the alien monster. The pregnant Carnage takes this opportunity to infect Paddy with Carnage's son- Toxin. The red and purple symbiote takes Paddy as its host, sending him on a killing spree. Paddy even takes the lives of his wife and unborn son. When Paddy realizes what he's done, he goes to the steeple of the town's church to attempt to use the bells to separate from Toxin. He succeeds and rips the symbiote in two, but a mangled chunk of Toxin falls down into the church- landing on prison warden Donna Diego- spawning the blood-thirsty symbiote Scream.  

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