PAW Patrol The Movie (also known as PAW Patrol The Movie: Marshall Gone Missing and/or PAW Patrol The Movie: Marshall No More in some territories) is a Canadian/American animated/family/comedy/adventure film based on the hit Spin-Master/Nickelodeon Canadian animated series, PAW Patrol reated by Keith Chapman. It is rated PG, and its produced by Nickelodeon Movies and Spin Master(or Allspark Pictures if Hasbro bought the PAW Patrol franchise), and distributed by Paramount Pictures. It's from the director of the first two Stuart Little movies Rob Minkoff, and from producers of The LEGO Movie Dan Lin, The Adventures of Tin Tin Steven Spielberg, Titanic & Avatar Jon Landau, and Forrest Gump Wendy Finerman. It intends to be the first Nick Jr show to have a movie released in theaters. The film will mark the return of the original voices of Marshall, Chase and Rocky: Gage Munroe, Tristan Samuel and Stuart Ralston. The movie is to be adapted from the acclaimed fanficiton, "Marshall Gone Missing" by HavocHound and the idea of PAW Patrol having their own movie was thought up by a then 20 year-old named Otha Bland II while he was reading the fanfic. With Bland II planning to also wanting co-direct while writing the screenplay with HavocHound.

Summary Edit

After being very rude to their Dalmatian friend, Marshall is emotionally wrecked, decides to quit the PAW Patrol and run away, hoping that Everest and Jake can keep him in hiding until the pups regret what they've done to him. After learning about his undetected departure, the five pups must find their runaway friend before he gets into any type of trouble and danger. And while during the mission & search-party, each of the pups look back at a time, even during their early years where Marshall was a hero to them.

Plot Edit

The movie starts 6 months before the action of the film, the PAW Patrol and the Kitty Catastrophe Crew are sky diving for an event. Charity Host, Keith Chapman(creator of PAW Patrol as himself), announces that the best community contributer will be announced shortly. The team's mission-commander Ryder(Joey Nijem), his father Walker Mason (Jeff Goldblum)a police scientist, Kathy(originally named Katie)(Katherine Forrester), Alex Porter(Christian DiStefano)and Marshall's parents & Chase's adoptive-parents Blaze (Mel Gibson) & Misty (Jennifer Aniston) cheers them on. The rescue pups successfully make it to the bullseye target landing spot, but Marshall gets a cut in his parachute from an outta-nowhere flying sharp object and is about to fall from the sky, but the team's leader Chase on his skydiving-board quickly grabs his hand(paw) and throws him on his back as they make a perfect landing with a standing-ovation from the crowd.

The others gather around Marshall & Chase talking about how that was some "outta-nowhere stunt" there. Marshall thanks Chase for quickly saving him, with Chase replying that he couldn't let him break his promise for him. With some asking what promise they're talking about and being told to forget it. Marshall introduces Rubble, Robo-Dog, Everest and Tracker to his parents(since they were the only dogs who haven't meant them yet while Rocky, Skye and Zuma have) as Blaze say how much Marshall has told about them, especially Everest who Misty feels that she has practically become family to them, causing Marshall to blush(but in a happy way) when she gives him a dreamy smile. Wondering where's Humdinger(Michael McKean)and his kittens are, Marshall jokes that they must've landed on the lighthouse yelling like a kid to get down with everyone laughing. He and his kittens however, land in a construction site which was embarrassing. The Pups proclaim that this was their biggest adventure yet. And say goodbye to Everest and Tracker(Jeff Garcia)after a nice roaming around the town while rollerblading.

Later in the afternoon, everyone joins the Pups at the Lookout for an after-party after a successful charity event for raising enough money for the Boys & Girls Club and for The Grover Goodway Children's Memorial Center. Marshall is having a good time to finally have more family time with his parents. He hasn't had any time with his mom & dad since PAW Patrol was form with Skye & Rocky becoming the first recruits, but his parents were dearly proud of their son for what he accomplished with the team aswell as Chase who they adopt as their son after the death of his father, he also wished Everest didn't have to leave so early to miss out on a celebration. Seeing them from a distance, Chase is upset and heads into a room on the lower level floor that happens to be the team's own library and memorabilia. In there, he looks up seeing a portrait of his father looking brave & bold. Not knowing this, Marshall, Blaze & Misty has been watching from behind the whole time. Chase tells Marshall he miss him alot, Marshall tells him he, Blaze, Misty, Ryder, Professor Mason, and everyone else his father knew missed him too. But tells Chase that his soul was there to cheer for his son. Chase can't helping to wonder if his father's death was his fault, saying that he wanted a day-off from work for father & son time but he(Chase)insist he go to his duty and they'll play when he's finish and never came home. Marshall reminds him that he still has family even if they're not a blood-one or the same breed, and he'll always have a brother to look out for him. And saying his father still loves him, and adding he'll never disappoint him. Chase is comforted and joins Marshall along with his adoptive-mother & father to rejoin the rest at the party and saying to Marshall he loves him.

Young firefighter pup, Marshall then narrates about how his parents always told him stories when he was a puppy about them being heroic fire-pups back in their day and how he would make them proud when he got older, and since then became proud for all his do-gooding and success he's done for his team, who he saw as his brothers & sisters. Especially for Chase.

One day, he was willing to help those in need, but it doesn't go out great. He accidentally knocks down a stack of apples of Farmer Yumi & Al's into the pigs' mudpit, which cause them to have wash them all. Then he accidentally pees on a squirrel next to a tree that he was using to go to the restroom, making the squirrel angry and chasing him in the streets. While in the streets he caused the mayor to get in an accident, but thankfully she was okay. No one gets mad at him since he only did these things by accident.

At the Lookout, Marshall has not only ruined a game of volleyball, but also trashed the TV into pieces. The pups call him names that hurts him emotionally, and they go on wondering why he's even on the team if all he does is cause disasters. Skye, Rocky, Zuma and Rubble leave the Lookout while giving him a cold shoulder, saying he should go mess and ruin someone's else's fun. But the one word from Chase that triggered Marshall very cold was "annoyance", causing him to run to his doghouse sobbing. Marshall who is in his house sobbing uncontrollably, never feeling so miserable in all his life. Believing that every word his friends said were true despite everything they've been true together. Making matters worse was thinking of Chase, who he knew since they were puppies and formed the PAW Patrol together, called him an annoyance. He decides to quit the team and leave town to Jake & Everest's mountain, hoping they could keep him hiding in secret until the others feel ashamed of themselves. After throwing his outfit away in the garbage, he says his tearful goodbye and quietly drives away from home undetected.

Still angry at Marshall, the pups try to find ways to keep themselves company as Skye tries to go asking Ryder if she can go flying while ignoring how hurtful she was to him(Marshall). Feeling guilty about how cold he and the others were, and despite Rocky asking him if there was ever a time where he wanted to yell at him for his mishaps, Chase decided to talk with Marshall, only to realize he isn't there. Ryder summons the pups to the control room. Once the boys make it to the elevator(with Skye already at the top), they realize how empty it feels without Marshall just as it was from Pups Save A Friend, starting to feel concern & worry for him, and fearing they might've gone way too far with their cruelty. As they make ir to the top joining Skye, Ryder says that he is very angry with the team as he found out by Marshall that he decided to run away because the pups used such horrible words on him. Feeling upset, they try to contact him, but fail. They set up a search party to look for him. They even go asking Alex and his friends for help.

During the mission, each pup begins to have a flashback that had involved Marshall being a hero to them while remembering their early-years. Rubble (Devan Cohen) remembers his first few days being on the team where he wasn't able to control his bulldozer. Marshall tells him that everyone makes mistakes, even he himself goofed up when he learned to climb his ladder while still landing on his butt despite getting the hang of it, which makes Rubble laugh. Rubble decides to give it another try and it works. Marshall asks if he wants to join him watching Apollo the Super-Pup while asking who he was. Realizing how true to his word Marshall was, he did get better, but reminds himself how he repaid him by getting angry at the one who helped him and introducing him to his favorite show and superhero. Vowing to never see the cartoon again until he found Marshall, knowing that a friend is irreplaceable, as he continued his search.

As it is revealed after Ryder called him earlier, Marshall ripped his collar off and smashed his dog tag so no one can get a hold of him, before putting it back on his neck. Meanwhile, Marshall has made good effort making it far into the woods during his journey to Jake & Everest's. He decides to stop for lunch eating honey-flavored dog biscuits in which he exclaims are Rubble's favorite. He become depress about how he mention his(now former)friend while thinking back on all the fun and happy times they had, especially a time where Ryder took them(including Everest & Tracker) to their first public restaurant and Rubble ate the entire buffet since it was "All You Can Eat", in which makes Marshall laugh before reminding himself thinking the others don't need him anymore. After lunch, he decide to nap under a tree. While losing consciousness, he doesn't notice he was crying in his sleep.

Zuma's past remains unknown like Rubble's, but he does remember how much he loved to swim alot in the ocean & sea. He remembers the time Ryder & the Pups found him and brought him in to give a home. He would sleep in the Lookout for the first 2 weeks while Ryder was building his new hovercraft/pup-house where he would become the new aquatic-rescue pup, his new friends then especially Rocky who he saw as a big brother would sleep with him whenever he had nightmares & was afraid to sleep alone. It wasn't until in his first ever mission, he felt like he was quickly in the big rescue league, everyone else he just met were acting like pros by his surprise. His first mission with the team was to put out a fire at a boat shop and saving anyone that was trapped inside, and Marshall was the mission-select-leader. He was nervous, but things turned out okay, Chase was keeping bystanders calmed, Skye was keeping sight in the air, and he & Rocky were to make sure no boats that were near the building and in the water got burned. Rocky attached the boats to a prototype of Zuma's hovercraft and have him take them away as far away from the flames. Marshall was inside the building searching for a little kid that was trapped on the second floor. He finds the kid, but a huge explosion occurs as Chase panics for Marshall's safety. Marshall lets everyone know that he and the kid are okay but there's no way out. He then notice a window that's above the water and orders Zuma to head there so he and the kid could jump out and into his life-ring. He makes it and the kid is brought back to his mommy. Chase is relief and contacts Marshall fearing he almost broke his promise, with Marshall replying that he never breaks his promises with Zuma being curious and Marshalll explaining it was just something he done with Chase when they were little, as he goes to put the fire out. On that day, after he finished remembering the time of his life, he knew that Marshall was a hero and would become one over & over. Remembering the time he sacrificed his chance to become "World's Fastest Firepup" to put out a real fire, winning the basketball & soccer games for their town, being a close friend to the little gosling Fuzzy, saving all the kittens by himself, saving the Ancient Scroll of Pup-Fu and leading an Ultimate Rescue mission to stop an out of control fire-breathing robot movie monster. His only hope left was to make sure he was okay as he resume back to his search.

As a puppy, Skye(Kallan Holley)grew up in a family of fashion model dogs, her parents being big stars in their day and her older twin-sisters being popular in Europe. She have done it herself, but realizing it wasn't her thing and all she wanted to do is fly. She found an airplane one day getting in it, and accidentally activated the plane but was able to fly it. She spots a family on top of a skyscraper that's about to crumble down and saves them all and is heard on the news, where Marshall, Chase and Ryder offers her a place in the PAW Patrol as the aerial-rescue pup and making her the team's first recruit, in which her parents agree after begging them. One day was a patrol day for the team and Marshall & Skye were out on patrol and Marshall knows about her crush on Chase which makes him laugh after she blushed pink while giggling. They spot a make-up trailer, at that point, Marshall asked didn't Skye use to be a model. After Skye tells her story and everything else, they hear some rich-snotty voices calling out her name. They were bullies from her past and always called her "Skye-cry", and go on about why the PAW Patrol would have a "crybaby like her" on their team. Marshall defends her saying that she has helped a lot of people and has a huge heart & spirit, and that it's way better than any dress or jewelry worn as he calls them ugly's and sprays them with his water-cannon causing them to cry like babies & running away. Skye laughs at this and thanks Marshall by hugging him, as they continue with their patrol. Skye now realizing she repaid him by bullying him with the others after all his do-gooding and vows to make it up to him when they find him.

When he was little, Rocky lost his family in a severe thunderstorm in the ocean causing a tidal-wave killing his parents and any siblings he could've lost resulting him to be afraid of the water, but it remains a mystery to his friends on where his aquaphobia came from. When he was eventually drifted onto the beach, he was found by a caretaker who took him in "The Orphanage for Puppies". Starting from a young-age he was very smart, read alot and would recycle any object to create any invention of his he came up with, but often times the other pups would pick on him and beat him up, resulting them to get grounded by the caretaker that cared for Rocky the most. And everyday he would try his hardest to get adopted by a family only to fail, until Ryder & his father came and met him and saw what he can do only to be impressed and giving him a place in the team as the Eco-pup making him the 2nd recruit. One day, he was returning to the Lookout after getting injured, having black eyes and a broken leg. On the same day the pups were watching Chase try out his new super-spy gear, Marshall spots Rocky and asks if he wanted to join them. Rocky trying to hide his beaten face tells him later and lies to him saying he lost his hat when asked what happened to it. Marshall reaches out for him as he cries out in pain collapsing to the ground as the others gather around him and take him in for medical attention. Rocky confesses that he was bullied by big dogs named Butch, Snapper and Crash who hang at the downtown junkyard bullying dogs or pups smaller than them, as Zuma whispers in Chase & Ryder's ears that they called him "chump" because of his speech impediment. The team sought out to teach the punks a lesson as Marshall decides to stay behind to take care of Rocky.

Rocky just wanted to be alone, but he couldn't do anything with the condition he was in as he feels useless. Marshall asks why he tried to hide his injuries, as Rocky explains his past, with Marshall reminding he's not at the orphanage anymore or the life he went through, that he's at the Lookout with the others declaring them as his family. Rocky asked why Marshall chose to stay behind with Marshall saying he figure he might needed someone to care for him, suggesting he can read a story to him, at first he was taken back but he agree to let him do so. After he read "The Four Musketeers" to him, Rocky applause for his performance of each character in the book and feels better thanks to him. The teams makes it back saying that the bullies have been put in the pound hoping it will straighten their act as Ryder says it's dinner time and he'll bring Rocky's to him as he got his hat back with Ryder placing it back on his head. As Marshall follows the others, Rocky thanks him for being a good friend. As his memory ends, Rocky sobs as Ryder comforts him, then contacts Everest & Jake for help while they warn them about an upcoming snowstorm combine with the one coming to town could make it difficult. Rocky begging & pleading Everest saying it was his and the others fault he ran-away as he looks very upset on the screen, Everest tells him she'll try her best. The team is warned to be careful as a thunderstorm is coming. Rocky realize he and the others were wrong Marshall wasn't a disaster, he was their heart. He prays for Marshall to be okay knowing that even though he was a goof, he knew how to still take things serious and he knew how to be extremely careful even in situations like enormous thunderstorms.

Meanwhile, Marshall also feels guilty for leaving, feeling he should've gone to his parents if he was heartbroken. He loses control of his truck while not paying attention and can't stop after almost not paying attention to a deer in the middle of the trail. Fortunately he ejects, but his truck gets destroyed falling down a cliff. And to make things worst, a thunderstorm starts. Marshall retreats to a cave to where he can just wait there till the thunderstorm stops. In the cave, he encounters a black bear. He successfully hides from the bear, but fails when he sneezes on it. The bear grabs Marshall's collar as he tries to escape. The collar & pup-tag latches off, but the bear is able to scratch his claws on Marshall's back, leaving five gashes. Marshall gets up and quickly runs out of the cave while ignoring the five gashes on his back.

The thunderstorm gets worse and Ryder tells the others to return to the Lookout, but Chase with all respect as leader disobeys his master for the first time. Skye stays with him to continue their search. Chase doesn't care if Ryder raises his voice at him for not obeying because since he was little, Marshall was his first real friend. He then tells Skye about the first time they met. Chase at first didn't want anyone visiting him, his father Trigger(Brian Bloom), Ryder and his father Walker at the Lookout, even if the visitors were one of his father's old-friends. To him it felt weird making friends with other dogs, because how big most of them were and the fact that most of them had two parents while he had only one(with his mother dying from an unknown reason when he was only a few weeks old). Not that his father was bad, he was the greatest police-dog in all of Goodway Bay(formerly called Adventure Bay), and in his old city before he moved and met his mother he was famous. He loved how he acted, talk, and what he believed in. He dreamed to be an amazing police-pup & leader and follow into his father's paw steps. Plus, he had friends, Ryder and his father, even if they were a different species, they were all the family he needed. The only reason he wasn't pushing the issue was because one of them was his father's old teammates from his days as a Rescue Rover, the first multi-dog rescue team that Trigger, Walker and Blaze once lead.

He heads outside as he looks in awe at the huge engine. Just then, two adult Dalmatians approach him who are Blaze & Misty. Trigger, Ryder and Walker joins Chase outside to see Trigger's old friend. Wondering where's Marshall, who Chase figure is their son, hears someone hollering before turning around to see a Dalmatian puppy around his size with grey spots and big ears riding his skateboard before he lands on him in mid-air. The two meet, as little-Marshall is amazed that he live in such a place like the Lookout proclaiming he must be the "coolest pup ever", which makes Chase blush pink. After they meet, the two puppies and Ryder play in the backyard after lunch, then Chase sneezes when he was getting the ball, wondering if there was a cat around. He looks up and see a purple-furred kitten stuck in a tree. Marshall has an idea as he found a ladder saying they can use it to get the kitten down. As Marshall goes up and get close, the kitten jumps on his head covering his eyes. He's afraid he might fall, but Chase comes up and grabs his tail telling to come down carefully as he slowly pulls him down. They successfully save the kitten as they see the her tag saying her name is "Cali". The adults come to see what the ruckus was, Marshall tells them what they did as his parents and Trigger are proud of them both. Blaze then toys with the idea of them having their own Rescue Rovers when they get older. This makes Marshall excited asking Chase if he wants to have their own rescue team with him as he declared Chase as his new best friend, as to which Chase agrees and they laugh & hug.

Skye laughs at the story and wonder whatever happened to the rest of Rescue Rovers. Chase says the rest just lost in touch & never heard from again, but Trigger & Blaze bond easily because they joined when they were teens. When the PAW Patrol was formed Marshall & Chase wanted their bond with the other pups to last longer from a younger age. And Ryder promise to keep the team together as a family. And states that's why he so upset for what he done to Marshall, and he do anything to bring him home. Not just because he wants to be friends forever with him, but he wants all of them to be friends for as long as they all live. Skye gives a smile, realizing that Chase despite acting tough all the time, he has a huge heart & a big soft side for a tough guy. Chase then see what his police-drone picked up and is horrified at what he finds.

Meanwhile, Marshall finally makes it far away from the bear. But he has now grown weak. He finds a cave that is bear free and heads inside. He tries to lick his five gashes to clean it, but without proper first aid, he wasn't going to live. He then collapses to the ground, fearing that he's going to die He huddles himself up to stay warm. He didn't want to die but there's was nothing left for him to do. All he can do was to not think about the negatives and try to make peace with the little time he had left before he meets his death. As he's about to the make his end, he states he's gonna miss his friends & family that he loved for years. He apologizes to those he loved for his mistakes and to his parents for his running away as his biggest one ever, wishing they can hear him and plead them for forgiveness. But mostly apologizes to Chase for breaking a promise of his he made when they were little. As his eyelids start to get heavier, he sees two shadowy figures getting close to him, one was dog shape and the other was human & tall. He believes they're angels are taking him to puppy-heaven. As the tall one picks him up and wraps him around it's arms, Marshall smiles as his suffering finally comes to an end.

Meanwhile, Chase drives like crazy trying to get to the crash-site. Skye argues telling him to slow down, but he ignores. He refuses to believe Marshall was dead, because of a promise he made for him when they were puppies. He flashbacks to the day of his dad's funeral, he was shot by a bank robber while saving an innocent. Many of the cops & police-dogs from out of town he worked with especially the one in Adventure Bay told Chase his father was a hero, but it wasn't enough to comfort him. To him, his father was immortal, he always believed that heroes never die and that they always comeback after a hard day of saving people. But now with his father gone like his mother, he didn't know what to do next. He runs out of the cemetery and into the woods ignoring everyone who's been calling out his name, he didn't want to listen to them, he wanted to be alone. As it gets dark, Marshall finds him lying down. He tries to tell him how sorry he feels and how he understands, but Chase gets angry and pins him to the ground yelling at him saying he doesn't understand because he still has parents while both of his are gone, and asking who does he have left. By his surprise, Marshall pushes him off yelling at him saying he's has him, before calming down and saying they may not be related by blood but Chase is like a brother to him and that he loved him like one. Telling Chase that he may not have been Trigger's son, but he was like an uncle to Marshall. And they are all hurt by his loss, while saying that Chase's pain might be different from the rest, they are still mourned. He asks Chase does he know what puppy-heaven is, he answers no. He tells Chase its a place where all good dogs & pups go when they die, and telling that he had a grandmother that died when he was younger and that he was sad too, but his mother tells him they'll see her again when go up in puppy-heaven as long as they live good lives because that's what they including Chase's parents want them to do. Chase starts asking how can he do it, with Marshall answering by living a good life with him and that he wants to become his brother only if he lets him. Chase then wants Marshall to promise him to not die before him, because he can't go through another loss now that he lost both his parents. Though taken back by this, he promises him. Marshall & Chase declare each other brothers and Marshall convinces his parents to adopt Chase as their own, where they would become his new parents.

As Chase makes it to the crash site, he screams out his Dalmatian brother's name with no responds, but is relief to not smell a decaying corpse. Skye catches up with him and is angered but worried that Chase could've gotten himself killed for the way he was driving. He yells at her defending his actions saying he was trying to find Marshall. Trying to tell him that he doesn't see him anywhere, she gets choked up on her words and Chase screams at her denying that he's dead as lightning flashes behind him making him look frightening & fierce to Skye who was shivering. Chase comes back to his sense and is ashamed at himself for what he just did. As a puppy his father has always told him that the important thing for being a police-dog was to remain calm during a situation, and he admit to himself that he hasn't done a good job at it. He apologizes to her and Skye understands. She finds footprints that leads into a cave, Chase is happy to know this, and is hoping Marshall is in there staying warm from the thunderstorm. They head inside. Chase and Skye search the cave, only to encounter the bear that attacked Marshall. Seeing his collar in his mouth being chewed and then swallowed, Skye screams in horror as Chase angrily screams in war cry as he charges at the bear.

At the Lookout, the other Pups are worry sick for Marshall. Rocky actually for the first time in his life didn't care if he was to get wet and wish he could just run outside to look for him again. Even stating he let himself get sprayed again, or drown if it met to get rid of this pain. Zuma, who Rocky always saw as the little-brother asked if Marshall hates them, Rocky says he doesn't know. Rubble doesn't blame him if he did, saying they said such awful things to him over a "dumb TV show" that could be seen anytime, anyday. Rocky hugs Zuma as he cries saying he just wants their family back.

Chase attacks the bear, biting and clawing him in the head and neck. Skye looks in fear not sure which was scarier, Chase or the bear. She never saw Chase so violent and this was the first time he looked like he was willing to kill. As Chase bites and claws the bear's back, the black bear gets mad and slams his back to the cave wall crushing Chase, then claws him with his claws, giving him black eyes. When the black bear claws Chase for the third time, Chase's nose was broken. As his jaws get closer to Chase's head, Skye swiftly activates her wings to distract the bear leading him outside. Chase gets up and sees an opportunity and calls out "This is for my brother you murderer!" alerting the black bear. He headbutts into his stomach causing the bear to fall off the cliff. Skye smells a puddle of blood and is horrified who's blood it is. Chase asked desperately if he's dreaming and Skye in all pain says she is so sorry. Chase screams in pain and starts punching on the walls of the cave, punching and knocking his cruiser over, and ripping apart his hat. Finally, he collapses to the ground sobbing while rocking back and forth, with blood, mud, and tears covered his beaten face, saying sorry over and over again, and telling Marshall he's not an annoyance, he's his brother and he loves him. And to not leave him like his father did. Skye starts comforting Chase before contacting Ryder and the others about the bad news and Marshall's tragedy.

At nighttime, Zuma finally falls asleep after refusing to let go of Rocky who was hugging him in pain after hearing about Marshall's tragedy. Chase & Skye make it back home and say goodnight. Chase muttering Marshall's name in his sleep. As the thunderstorm stops, Rocky stares at the empty spot where Marshall's puphouse/fire-truck use to be. He starts proclaiming that "You took care of me and the others when in duty, and I just threw you away like trash". As he closes his eyes and curses himself for the darkest moment of their lives. The next day, the news of Marshall's faith breaks and causes a public outcry in Goodway Bay including his parents.

Four days later at a funeral that was setup at city hall, Everyone, including adults, teenagers, and kids, all dress up as Marshall in respect to him. They make nice comments about him and talk about how much of an inspiration he became to those who wanted to give up but tried their best because of him. Blaze and Misty makes a an inspirational speech, saying in anyone's way, "we are all Marshall and he's counting on you". Rocky, sobbing loudly, makes a heartfelt speech about Marshall talking about all the people he loved & lend a paw to, and how a part of himself died with the Dalmatian up in puppy-heaven. And to ask him to give his parents and any siblings he lost a big hug for him before collapsing on the floor of the funeral stage set still sobbing loudly and the others comfort him before he whispers "I love you Marshall...and I'm sorry." The pups now fully upset, agree to move on to new lives now Marshall has been declared dead, though Ryder refuses, proclaiming that Marshall would want them to keep on as a team and family. The Pups reveal to everyone at the service that it was their fault he died, causing all their closest ones to also be shocked. They explain everything to Marshall's parents in front of everyone and instead of being punished by them, they forgive them, feeling Marshall would want them to be forgiven for their treachery. But the pups themselves are worried if anyone will trust them ever again.

Marshall is revealed to still be alive and awakes from his coma at Everest & Jake's cabin. He is greeted by his friend Everest(Berkley Silverman). She says she found him in a cave after smelling his scent. Jake(Scott McCord) then comes in and asks why he ran off. After Marshall tells the story, Everest burst into tears and hugs him tight, before giggling and calling him "silly pup" when he thanks her again. They tell him the team was searching for him and how sorry they were, especially Rocky, who was devastated when he contacted them. Everest tells him she'll contact his family, Ryder's father and the Pups after the storm dies down. Marshall wonders if their still looking for him, before it reveals they just had his funeral hours ago and wondering what their reality will be like without him now.

Chase was looking at Marshall's memorial statue for the last time before flashbacking one last time to a day when the PAW Patrol was a official when he & Marshall became the first two members with Chase becoming the team-leader & his dalmatian comrade as second-in-command and when his father Trigger was still alive to be proud of him along with Blaze, as they even mention that Marshall & Chase will have to find more pups to join their team along the way. Marshall exclaims this is the best day of his life as he & Chase begin to play rescue with each other in their new pup-houses/rescue-vehicles. Chase states to Skye that he's leaving the PAW Patrol and quitting as their leader, claiming that everyone he loves dies because of him. His mother giving birth to him, his father getting shot by a bank robber, and now Marshall who has been declared dead believed to have been eaten by the bear, declaring himself a curse. Skye yells at him reminding about all the people he helped and tells him if he leaves, then Marshall will never forgive him. Chase yells at her at how would she know and that she still has a family, while he doesn't anymore. Stating that he should just vanish off the face of the Earth so no one will die because of him. Skye tells him to never say that again and to get an understanding through him. Saying that she's gonna keep doing what she does and if Chase wants to make Marshall & Trigger proud then he would keep being the team's leader. She then goes on saying that he's the one she cares about the most out of the others, and whispers she loves him. Chase hugs Skye saying he loves her back, and their muzzles get closer as they are about to kiss. An incoming call interrupts them and Chase sees its Everest to tell about good news about Marshall. They then see the Dalmatian on the new TV as he nervously waves with a nervous smile.

The pups are way overjoyed discovering that he's alive and get into their vehicles to see him. Marshall is happy to know how much they missed him, but remembers quickly how they betrayed. He was worried if it happens again and to make sure things between him the pups were calm, he had Everest and Jake do something for him when they get there.

After arriving, Chase tries to make his way in, but Jake tells him he can't go in yet and that they need to talk. Chase gets angry & growls at him. Upon seeing her owner threaten, Everest gets in front of Jake and growls back telling him he had to wait before turning her attentions to the other pups in rage, yelling at them to leave Marshall alone and that they should be ashamed of themselves, while also saying he can't help it if he's clumsy and that nobody, not even a pup in the world is perfect and everyone makes mistakes and adding they don't care anything about Marshall, nor do they deserve to be his friends after the way they repaid him for all his do-gooding before turning her attentions back at Chase. She tells him off saying if he actually used his head for a change he wouldn't do something stupid like he did to Marshall. Chase then yells and threatens her. Ryder tells Chase to heel before he went any farther to fighting her and he obeys, telling him that yelling & threatening the ones who saved Marshall's life won't do any good. Chase looks at the others who were looking at him with either disappointment or worry. He apologizes and tells Everest that he made all this happen because of one little accident. Everest says she'll forgive him if Marshall does, saying that is what they had to talk about. Jake adding that Marshall's been through enough and wants to get rid a lot off his chest. Chase is ashamed in himself fearing that his Dalmatian brother may never forgive him and the other Pups after what they put him through, stating to himself that they deserve this type of punishment. And if Marshall can't forgive him, then he'll have to live the burden for the rest of his life.

They decide to let Blaze and Misty go first. At first Misty is upset that Marshall ran away, but Blaze tries to make the mood more happier by mentioning how Everest is part of the family due to her saving his life. Marshall is also surprised by how the pups were willing to take a punishment. Then he says how he'll never ever run away. He then hugs his parents before they leave.

After a nice reunion with Ryder, Marshall feels awful saying he wasn't such a good pup before releasing himself from the hug and facing his back at his owner. And if Ryder doesn't want him anymore, he understands. Ryder tells Marshall that it was his own fault that made him runaway, saying he should've knew sooner and stop him or known what the others done to him. Marshall didn't want him to be blamed and says it was his fault since he also made everyone think he was dead. Walker then says it isn't clear on whose fault it is. Marshall asks if it was true that the pups looked for him and if Skye and Chase attacked the bear. After knowing what happened, Marshall thanks Ryder and Walker for their time.

Before the pups could say how sorry they were, Marshall explodes over how they betrayed him after all they been through and how he trusted & loved them all. Reminded them how much he saw them as family and yet, they stabbed him in the back over a dumb volleyball game and a TV. He admits he is a klutz, but at least he doesn't call the people he love annoyances or worthless. He even screams at Chase reminding him who was there for him all the way from the start even when his father died, saying he was his brother and yet, he yelled at him as if he was some sort of criminal. He is enraged and growls angrily with bloodshot eyes, causing the others to burst into a lot of tears, but he cools down and wails about why he would run away. He even admits that he wanted to hate them for what they done, but every time he tried to, he can't help but think about all the fun times they had growing up together. And all the lives they helped and how much they grown close, and he still wants to believe that feeling is still there. So he wants to know immediately why they would go through such obstacles to find & save him, stating they said he wasn't fit to be in the PAW Patrol.

Rubble speaks first saying he is sorry and it was wrong for insulting him over a TV show by everyone's surprise that he said that line. Rocky then said he prayed for him to be alive and that he would even going through a thunderstorm if it meant seeing him again before licking him on his face, meaning he'll never let him down again. Zuma wants to know if it is real and Marshall says it is. And he doesn't care if he forgives them or not while stating that knowing he's not dead is good enough for him before calling him "big bro" with a sad smile. Marshall lets out water works from his eyes saying how sorry he was for making them all worried. Skye admits she acted just like the bullies from her past, and when it hit her for what she did, she wanted to sink down to the face of the Earth. Saying she doesn't deserve his forgiveness. Marshall asks is it true she & Chase fought the bear for him, with her replying "fought & killed" before he smiles.

The pups(who's just sitting there with a mean expression directly at Marshall while angrily heavy-breathing)group hug and Marshall forgives them all, then feels much better. Chase decides to argue with him for, "running away and nearly getting killed."

It spurs Marshall and Chase to fight and this ultimately escalates to a full out brawl. They then spilled the full out brawl outside in the snowy ground, with Chase smashing onto Marshall and choking him to death, both attempting to kill each other. Marshall kicks Chase off of him in physical strength before they cry and hug, not from the pain from their fight, but from the pain being released from their hearts. Blaze tells them that Marshall & Chase are brothers, stating that brothers would still love each other through the best of times and the worst of times. And the fighting was their way of talking it out, and all the blows they were giving has slowly worn out that they can calm down. With a sad smile, Blaze states that he & Trigger did it a lot when they were younger, and saying that his son & Chase are just like them. Rocky ask does he forgive Chase, and Blaze replies saying Marshall was gonna forgive them all anyways. Stating that's just how Marshall is.

Chase still hugging & crying says sorry over and over before saying he loves Marshall always. Marshall, still sobbing as well, says he loves him back and apologizes for breaking their promise. Chase tells him to forget the promise and makes a new promise that if he calls him anything like an annoyance again, he will beat him up between sobs. Marshall promises and they hug once more with Marshall stating he forgives them all, Chase claims he went easy on him with Marshall calling him a "softy". He then ask why he smells Skye's scent around Chase's mouth, with Chase telling him no reason while blushing pink. Marshall is shocked and asks out loud why they kiss getting everyone else's attention and bursting into laughter when Chase bursts out that he didn't kiss her yet causing him & her blushing pink of embarrassment. The Pups(including Chase & Skye) begin falling to the ground laughing from this before getting back up and group hug with Marshall in the center. He states he's staying with the PAW Patrol and feels completely better & safe around the others again, reclaiming them as his best friends and family.

Blaze, Misty and Walker decides to stay in town to be with the PAW Patrol for bigger adventures. After three months in Kathy's pet salon/clinic, Marshall is fully healed & recovered as he is playing with his pup friends. Chase gives Marshall a locket shaped like his pup-tag logo with a photo of them when they were puppies with their fathers as Chase proclaims it's only the best for his "bestest" brother as the two hug.

Carlos and Tracker then alert an emergency in the jungle about a fire spreading. The pups are taken to the Lookout. All of the pups(including Ryder, his dad, Everest, and Blaze & Misty)suffer getting knocked out by Marshall. They laugh knowing everything is back to normal.

As they make it to the top, Chase & Ryder say that the mission is specially made for just Marshall. As he gets into his new puphouse/firefighter-engine and heads off to the jungle with everyone in Goodway Bay including Blaze & Misty cheering him on and Fuzzy joining his spotted friend, as the other Pups follow him to watch him be a hero as he always been. The movie ends as Marshall narrates saying he's a fire-pup like his parents were and the second-in command of the team, and saying he may be a klutz but he always "Do My Best, And Forget The Rest". While no matter whatever error occurs, he'll still have the greatest friends of all time and the greatest brother in the world. And that's all that matters to him.

Rating Edit

PG rating

Rated PG

Cruel Humor

Emotional Thematic Elements

Some Action

Brief Language

Cast Edit

Gage Munroe as Markus Michael "Marshall" Munroe, Dalmatian, Firefighter/EMT-pup, second-in-command co-leader of the PAW Patrol and Chase's best-friend & adoptive-older-brother. And the oldest pup. He is also the co-founder of The PAW Patrol with Chase.

  • Lukas Engel voices a younger Marshall in flashbacks

Tristan Samuel as Chason "Chase" Samuel, German Shepherd, Police/detective-pup, trusted, devoted, loyal & honorable team-leader of the PAW Patrol, Marshall's best-friend & adoptive-brother and Blaze & Misty's adoptive-son after the death of his father Trigger. And the third oldest pup. He is also the co-founder of The PAW Patrol with Marshall.

  • Justin Kelley as voices a younger Chase in flashbacks

Kallan Holley as Stella "Skye" Holley, Cockapoo, Aerial-rescue-pup, assistant team-leader, Chase's love-interest and Marshall's surrogate-sister. And the mid-older pup.

Stuart Ralston as Rocky Richmond Ralston, Mixed-Breed (possibly an Australian Cattle/Border Collie mix), Eco-pup, the smart-one of the crew, assistant second-in-command of the team, Marshall's second best friend and Zuma's best-friend & surrogate big-brother, and Marshall's surrogate young-brother. And 3rd youngest pup/2nd mid-older pup.

  • TBA as Rocky (flashbacks)

Shayle Simons as Zackary "Zuma" Thorne, Chocolate-Lab, Aquatic-rescue pup and Rocky's best friend & surrogate-baby-brother. And 2nd-youngest pup.

Devan Cohen as Ruben "Rubble" Cohen, English-Bulldog, Construction-pup, Marshall's third best friend, Zuma's second best friend, youngest member of the team and the surrogate little brother to the Pups

  • Keegan Hedley as voices a younger Rubble in flashbacks

Berkley Silverman as Everest "Evie" Silverman, purple Siberian Husky, Jake's pup, Skye's best friend, Ranger-rescue-pup, caring-soul of the team, Marshall's love-interest and the surrogate big-sister to the Pups. And the second oldest pup.

Joey Nijem as Ryder Mason, PAW Patrol's head of command, chief-dispatcher, mentor and the Pups' owner.

  • TBA as Younger Ryder(flashbacks)

Katherine Forrester as Kathy "Katie" Forrester

Christian DiStefano as Alex Porter, one of the Pups & Ryder's close friends and honorary member of the PAW Patrol, and has his own team called "The MINI Patrol".

Scott McCord as Jake McCord, owner of his own snow-sledding & skiing resort on top of his own snow-mountain and Everest's owner.

Mel Gibson as Blaze Munroe, Marshall's father & Chase's adoptive-father, Trigger's best friend and former second-in-command of Rescue Rovers

Jennifer Aniston as Misty Munroe, Blaze's wife, Marshall's mother & Chase's adoptive-mother, medical-dog and former member of Rescue Rovers

Jeff Goldblum(originally Mark Ruffalo)as Professor Walker Mason, Ryder's father, police scientist and former mission-commander of the Rescue Rovers

Brian Bloom as Trigger Samuel, Chase's father(deceased), famous police-dog and former team-leader of the first & and now disbanded multi-dog rescue team, Rescue Rovers (flashback sequences only)

Deann DeGruijter as Mayor Goodway

Julie Lemieux as Cali

Keith Chapman, PAW Patrol creator makes a cameo as himself, a charity host and reporter. Sam Smith guest-stars as Goodway Bay's Pop singer dog, Bow Wow Pow. Michael McKean voices Humdinger at the beginning of the film. India Arie cameos as a funeral usher in Marshall's funeral scene. Captain Turbot & François Turbot, Marshall's gosling friend Fuzzy, Farmer Yumi & Al, Precious' Owner Julius & Justina Goodway all make small appearances in the film. Skye's big twin-sisters and fashion models named Buffy and Jacqueline Holley make appearances aswell as her parents named Wayne & Janine Holley who are retired fashion models in her flashback. Butch, Snapper and Crash, dogs who bullied Rocky/Rockie appears in his flashback. Chase's deceased Mother makes an appearance in a photograph in his flashbacks. Jennifer Hale voices Tina a Rough Collie while Elizabeth Gillies voices Bebe a Bolognese, two fashion models from Skye's early days who bullied her. Robopup also make small appearances.

Quotes Edit

When Rubble, Robopup, Everest and Tracker finally meets Marshall's parents Edit

Marshall: Oh, you haven't met these four yet. This is Rubble, Robopup, Everest and Tracker, folks. We found Rubble when he was a little puppy, Ryder built Robopup and Everest & Tracker....well, they found their owners after saving them.

Rubble: "Good to finally meet you Mr. and Ms. Marshall's mom and dad."

Robopup: *bark* *bark*

Tracker: "Si senor and senorita, it's a pleasure."

Everest: "It's such an honor, Mr. and Ms. Munroe"

Blaze: "Please, Blaze and Misty. Marshall has told us so much you pups on the phone and about all of your adventures together. He definitely said lot about you, Everest."

Everest: "(raising eyebrow) Really?"

Misty: "Yes, we feel like you're practically family already"

(Everest looks at Marshall with his eyes closed halfway look and a smile while Marshall is blushing pink and whistling at the same time while everyone laughs.)

When a kid is interviewed after the breaking news of Marshall's supposed death Edit

Boy: "Last year for Halloween, I dressed up like Marshall because he became my favorite rescue pup of The PAW Patrol from the first time I saw him. Now I'm gonna dress up like him every year for the rest of my life. Now I know I have a heart because it's breaking.... [Sobs] right here." [Crying]

Opening narration(by Marshall) Edit

"Many years ago well no super long ago, a young boy by the name of Ryder Mason lived in a tower known as The Lookout in the small town of Adventure Bay with his brilliant minded father & police scientist Walker Mason. With the aid of their trusted police-dog Trigger Samuel, the young boy sought out six and then later eight extraordinary pups and gave them the ability to transform them into a super K9 rescue force. In time of great need, the young pups were given colossal rescue vehicles and emergency backpacks with well used tools & gadgets known as puppacks. The pups' tradition to helping people wherever still continues. And while no matter how big a job is, there is never a pup too small. How would I know all this? Well that's because I'm the Dalmatian who may be a klutz, but still saves the day no matter what goes wrong."

First narration(Marshall) Edit

Marshall: "My name is Markus Michael Munroe, but most people including my friends, family and myself calls me "Marshall", with two Ls. When I was little, my parents has always told me stories of how they were the greatest firepups together back in their days, they were my heroes. Everything they said about them, I absorbed like a sponge. When I got older, I was gonna make them very proud of me, while doing my best and forgetting the rest! My name is Markus Michael "Marshall" Munroe, and this is my story about a Dalmatian, his German Shepherd brother, the family he helped build, love, hurt but most importantly, forgiveness."

Production Edit

Due to many teens and adults liking PAW Patrol,

Trivia Edit

  • It is adapted from the acclaimed fanfiction, "Marshall Gone Missing" written by HavocHound.
  • Bland II states that he sees the fanfic, his movie idea is based off of as a Bromance story, and it is what a possible film adaptation would be.
  • It's to be the PAW Patrol's 1st Movie
  • It intends to be the second Nick Jr show to have a movie in theaters after the live-action Dora The Explorer And The Lost City Of Gold.
  • This would be the first time Marshall unleashed pain & anger towards the way his friends treated him.
  • The movie will give more on the PAW Patrol's origin by flashback from each Pup.
  • The movie would be about, hurt, regret, brotherhood and forgiveness.
  • The movie will feature tons of scenes of the pups crying.
  • The movie will show more of Chase's emotional side like from "Pups Save A Hoot".
  • The film will take inspiration from the 2003's Brother Bear, 1994's Forrest Gump and 1998's Simon Birch.
  • Marshall & Chase's brotherhood will be similar to those of Michael Jackson & Jermaine, Tod & Copper from The Fox & The Hound, John Lennon & Paul McCartney's best-friendship, Simon Birch & Joe Wenteworth from 1998's Simon Birch and the bromance between Kenai & Koda from 2003's Brother Bear.
  • This film will be adapted from the acclaimed fanfiction story, Marshall Gone Missing, by HavocHound [[1]]
  • Unlike the fanfiction, the movie will feature a prologue that would build up to the events in the film.
  • The film will hint more on the ship between Marshall X Everest.
  • This would be the first time there would be death and almost-near death in PAW Patrol. As in Chase's father getting shot by a bank robber while saving an innocent(offscreen), Chase pushing the bear off a cliff of the mountain, and Marshall almost dying after being attacked by the bear before being saved by Everest. Without it being dark and scary.
  • Despite PAW Patrol being a TV-Y rated show, some think a possible movie should be PG rated in order for older fans to also enjoy.
  • This would be the first time we see one of the pups' parents and Ryder's father.
  • This story is going to be more sadder & emotional than Disney/Pixar's Toy Story 3, Inside Out, The Good Dinosaur and Warner Bros' The Iron-Giant and MAX.
    • Though there would still be some happy moments during each pup's flashback sequence. Revolving around Marshall being a hero to them.
  • The beginning of the movie will be a homage and reference to Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie. Where the 8 Pups along with Danny and Humdinger with his neurotic kittens perform skydiving for a charity event.
    • The opening titles to the movie will bear a small resemblance to the opening titles of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie.
  • This would be the first time God, Heaven & Christianity is ever mentioned in PAW Patrol and in any animated show in Nick Jr. History.
  • This will be the first time seeing Chase in so much pain, depression, anger & aggression; due to what he done to Marshall, scaring Skye when he screamed at her denying that Marshall's dead and threatening Everest despite her saving Marshall's life.
  • This will be the first time Everest show signs of anger; due to the fact of the way the Pups treated Marshall.
  • The Pups and Ryder including Kathy(Katie) and Jake will have the last names of their voice actors & actresses, and original voice actors.
    • The idea of the characters having the last names of their voice actors came from a parody fanfic of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.
    • It was the producer/writer/co-director's idea to give the Pups and Ryder including Kahy and Jake the last names of their voice-actors & actresses.
  • Gage Munroe, Tristan Samuel and Stuart Ralston could reprise their roles as Marshall, Chase and Rocky for the film.
    • Unless the producers agree to bring back the original voices one last time(or two in case there's a sequel) for fans who miss them.
  • The flashback sequences will be in hand-drawn 2D animation.
  • Rocky would be the most hurt for what he done to Marshall.
  • Based on a tweet from a fan on Twitter asking about the idea of a PAW Patrol Movie, then Zuma voice-actor Alex Thorne said it would be great and has been rumored from a fan on Google+ to be discussing a possible movie with the producers from Spin Master.
  • Marshall's parents will become Chase's adoptive-parents upon the death of his father.
    • This would be a reference to another fanfic called The Broken Pup, by Broken-Mustang. Except Marshall's parents weren't named Blaze & Misty, and Chase's father wasn't named Trigger in that story.
  • Aside from Rubble's backstory from "Pups Get a Rubble", the other Pups' backstories will be included in the movie.
    • Rubble's flashback will be depicted as taking place after the events of the season 1 episode "Pups Get a Rubble".
  • Because Chase tells about how he and Marshall met when they were younger, his first flashback is more likely depicting them meeting when they were a lot younger and really little.
    • Meaning that both of them were still toddlers and puppies at their time when they met, with Marshall's spots appearing to be a little grey and not black yet, and Chase looking a little chubby and having droopy ears like some baby German Shepherds would.
  • Humdinger in the beginning of the film(only)will be voiced by Michael McKean, who is known for playing Fred Ritter from Short Circuit 2, King Raymond from the Jungle Boy segments of the Cartoon Network/Hanna-Barbera animated series, Johnny Bravo and Mr. Green from the movie Clue.
  • Ryder's father Professor Walker Mason will be voiced by Jeff Goldblum, who is best known for playing Dr. Ian Malcolm in the Jurassic Park movies and David Levinson in the Independence Day movies.
    • The producer originally thought of Mark Ruffalo to voice Ryder's dad but decided on Goldblum feeling he would be a better fit for the character.
  • Chase's father Trigger will be voiced by Brian Bloom, who is best known for voicing Captain America from The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes: The Animated Series
  • Marshall's mother & Chase's adoptive-mother Misty will be voiced by Jennifer Aniston, who Bland better knows as the voice of Hogarth Hughes mother from Warner Bros' The Iron-Giant.
  • Marshall's father & Chase's adoptive-father Blaze will be voiced by Mel Gibson, who's best known for the Mad Max movies and voicing Rocky Rhodes from Chicken Run.
  • Ryder's father's name was unknown in the original fanfic, so the producer decided on the name Walker for him.
  • The names "Marcus", "Stella" and "Ruben" for Marshall, Skye and Rubble came from toy packages that toys of the pups came in that included the names on the back of the packages. Except "Marcus" is respelled as "Markus" with a "k".
    • These would be depicted as being their real names.
  • The name "Chason" for Chase was created by a fan who combined the names "Chase" & "Jason" altogether. It is also a homage to Austin St John's character Jason Lee Scott, the original Red Ranger and leader from Power Rangers.
  • It was Otha Bland's idea to have the name Zachary(spelled Zackary with a C & K by him) to be Zuma's real name and that everyone just calls him "Zuma" as a reference to the beach of the same name in California according to IMDb's PAW Patrol trivia.
  • In the film, Rocky's full name will be Rocky Richmond Ralston as the surname referencing his original voice actor Stuart Ralston. This would also be a reference to the 3 R's, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle since all three names start with the letter R. His first name is sometimes spelled "Rockie" because Bland II claims it looks cooler spelled that way, and because the name "Rocky" has never been spelled like that before.
  • Chase's second flashback where he & Marshall had a bonding moment after his father's funeral were they become brothers will be alittle similar to a deleted scene from The Amazing Spiderman 2, where Peter Parker meets his suppose-to-be deceased father months after Gwen Stacy's death & funeral.
  • This will be the first time one of the Pups is mention to have or had siblings and parents.
  • Chase will not be a super-spy in the movie, as the producer/writer/co-director states that there's nothing secret about him being a spy since according to him and a friend of his on Google+ mention that he always blows his cover anyways and that cops are not spies, they're detectives, despite doing spy related activities. And the movie will imply that he will no longer be a super-spy-pup.
  • The film will show more of Rocky & Zuma in brotherly-bond; when Rocky comforts Zuma who is crying and worried for Marshall, and when he hugs him even more when Marshall is consider dead until Zuma falls asleep while still bursting in tears.
  • Although Everest won't appear in alot of scenes just like she doesn't in the fanfic, she still plays a very important role in saving Marshall's life and be in defense of him when she finds out their friends betrayed him.
  • Tracker will only appear in the beginning & ending of the film, and he will not have a big role. The reason for this is because since the movie is being adapted from the fanfic "Marshall Gone Missing", the fanfic was written before he was even created. But if the movie proves to be a hit for there to be sequels, then Tracker will have a big role with the others.
  • Bland explains the reason Adventure Bay changed it's name is because he felt the name of the town sound stupid and lazy. Feeling it would've made more sense if they rename it Goodway Bay, after the first mayor, Grover Goodway.
  • This could possibly be the first time the PAW Patrol took a dark and edgy direction, but still remaining lighthearted for younger viewers & fans.
    • According to a fan on Facebook, animator Don Bluth has stated that it's OK for kids stuff like movies or shows to be a-little dark as long as they have a happy ending and remaining lighthearted.
    • This has also been done before with the fifth season of Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends, Power Rangers In Space, and the 2003 & 2012 incarnations of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in their animated shows.
  • Although it was never in the fanfic, it was Bland II's idea to have Marshall's parents adopt Chase as their own after the murder of his father Trigger and his mother's death. Having Marshall & Chase become adoptive siblings & brothers.
  • While Marshall & Chase have been considered to been closer to eachother since they were puppies, according to a flashback scene in the "Marshall Gone Missing" sequel "Everest Gone Missing", it is truly Rocky who takes Marshall's supposed death the hardest. As he was also close to him and was the reason why Marshall became an EMT pup.
  • Bland feels bringing back the original voices to reprise their roles for a PAW Patrol movie would be a perfect treat for fans who prefer the originals over their replacements(despite Munroe & Samuel only voicing Marshall & Chase from season 1). And because it would be nice to hear them one last time or more if they agree to return.
  • The part where Marshall throws his outfit in the garbage is a reference to the 1967 comic The Amazing Spiderman #50 "Spiderman No More", by Stan Lee & John Romita, Sr. It was Bland's idea to include that in the movie as a brief tribute to Stan. Who Bland wished could've guest-starred in the PAW Patrol show when the studio had the chance.

Sequel Ideas Edit

If the movie is successful, the producer/co-writer/co-director has ideas for sequels down below:

1. After saving his life a year ago and ever since she's been on the team & been a close friend to the PAW Patrol, Marshall & Everest have always had a crush on eachother, but have never revealed their feelings. But after Everest gets separated from Jake during a hike in the mountains and trapped in a cave when a snow storm hits, Marshall takes a risk goes on a journey to find and save Everest after he refuse to wait until the storm die down fearing she wouldn't make it if they did.(adapted from the fanfic "Frozen Fear" by Demberway

2. Despite going on many sea missions, Rocky/Rockie is still hates the water and sometimes finds it disgusting, which makes the pups and mostly Marshall being annoyed & sick of it. But when a tsunami-flood occurs, Rocky/Rockie struggles to make a decision to finally overcome his aquaphobia in order to save his friends while experiencing anger problems.

3.Chase having trouble being the team's leader while they experience an electrical storm that puts the world in danger while trying to save his best friend Marshall who's been poisoned during a mission and find an antidote to cure him(idea based on Rescue Heroes The Movie).

4. The Pups explores Zuma's past and what his fear is while Rockie attempts to protect him from a past enemy that practically ruined his life before he joined the PAW Patrol(loosely-adapted from the fanfic "Zuma's Fear" by HavocHound, minus any R-rated language, and dark & gritty violence)

5.The team struggle to work together like they use to while Sweetie attempts to take over Adventure Bay and the world with an army of sentinel robots and turning Humdinger's kittens into monster mutant cats. And it's up to the PAW Patrol to go on a quest to possess a great-power, only if they are worthy & learn to act like a team & family like they always have.(idea based on Marvel's The Avengers(2012), Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy(2014), Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie(1995)and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: Out of the Shadows(2016) )

6. Chase meets his long-lost big(but bad)brother named Swift who he never met and ranaway from his father when he was just a baby after his father tried to make his stop bullying and hurting people. Now he returns and hold the ones Chase love hostage. In order to prove himself to being the noble and trusted leader he is to his team & family, Chase must face numerous challenges, and overcome the loss of his father and the fears & demons that haunt him if he is to put his devious brother in his place.

7.Six-years after the events of the first movie; the Pups are now teenagers but still the same & closer as they ever were, and Everest has been a close companion to Marshall after she saved his life and when he saved hers. Now wolves create havoc & terror in Adventure Bay while they search for a half-breed and sought out to kill her. And at the same time, Everest runs-away. With Chase making connection to the disappearance of Everest and the wolves searching for the half-breed, the Pups discover something about Everest & her past that will change their lives forever.(loosely-adapted from the fanfic "Everest Gone Missing" by HavocHound, minus any PG-13 violence & language)

Trailer(s) Edit

Teaser Trailer Edit

The teaser begins with the Paramount Pictures logo along with the Nickelodeon Movies and Spin-Master logos.

Official Trailer Edit

Trailer begins with the Paramount Pictures logo showing along with Nickelodeon Movies and Spin-Master logos.

Gage Munroe as Marshall narrates to begin the trailer

Marshall: My name is Markus Michael Munroe but most people including my friends, parents and myself call me Marshall, with two Ls. My parents always told me stories when I was little about how they were the greatest fire-pups in their old days together. When I got older, I was gonna make them really proud while doing my best and forget the rest.

A narrator narrates during a highlight of all of Marshall's accomplishments over the years

Narrator: Marshall as always been the best at what he did, for his friends, team and mostly his family.

Marshall does something accidental that causes his loved ones to get angry at him and insult him

Narrator: But when his friends go to far because of his mishaps.........


Rocky: Why can't you be like everyone else and not mess up all the time?

Marshall: But I did not mean to.

Zuma: Seriously dude, not cool!


Chase: Sometimes you are an annoyance!

Marshall runs away crying and sets off to run away from home

Ryder: I am very angry with all of you!!!! Because of you, Marshall chose to run away!!!!
The pups are shocked from hearing this as Chase bawls over what he done to Marshall

Chase(crying): I called him an "annoyance"!!!!!!!!!! WHAT KIND OF TEAM-LEADER AM I?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! WHAT KIND OF FRIEND AM I?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
Ryder calms down as he approaches and comforts Chase

Skye(praying)(in her thoughts): Oh Marshall, I'm so sorry. How could we have said those harmful things???

Rubble: We have to find & bring Marshall back home, and tell him that we care about him!

Ryder: And we will.

Pups: LET'S DO IT!

The team gear-up to look for Marshall as they quickly head to their vehicles with dramatic film-score music playing.

Chase: Alright team, we will not stop or rest until we find him and bring him home!

All Pups: Right!!!!

Cuts to Marshall facing a bear in a cave. Almost escapes but the bear attacks.

Marshall's feet are shown as he runs really fast, but he slows down as the camera pulls back to show him weak and beaten. He falls to the ground in another cave as the scene goes black.

The scene slowly blacks in as we see Marshall on the ground crying & near death

Marshall: I'm sorry for everything guys, I will miss you all. Especially you, Chase. I'm sorry I couldn't keep my promise.

Narrator: Paramount Pictures And Nickelodeon Movies presents...

Cuts to Rocky & Zuma, and Rubble inside the Lookout during a thunderstorm with Rocky comforting Zuma who is in his arms crying and Rubble with a guilty look on his face.

Zuma(crying): Do you think Marshall hates us?

Rocky: I don't know.

Rubble: I don't blame you. we said such horrible things to him and it's all our fault.

Zuma(crying): I don't care how angry he is at us, I'll make it up to him I promise! I just want our family back!

Rocky: Everything will be okay.

Narrator: From Rob Minkoff, Co-director of The Lion King And Director of Stuart Little, Stuart Little 2 and Mr Peabody & Sherman.....

Chase have flashbacks of him & Marshall together when they were puppies.

Chase: I have to find him. I'll chase him around the world if I have to.

Narrator: And the producers of The LEGO Movie, The Adventures of Tin Tin, Titanic & Avatar, and Forrest Gump..........

Skye: He means that much to you, huh?

Narrator: A film, produced, co-written and co-directed by a newcomer......Based on the all-ages worldwide phenomenon from the creator of Bob The Builder...........

Chase:(sigh)Skye, there's somethings about us that you don't know....

Narrator: Comes the story of a pup who was treated like nothing, but became a hero by touching the hearts of the ones he loved..........

Skye: What is it?

Chase: Marshall's more than just my best-friend........he's also my brother.

Skye gasps

Film's logo appears on the screen

Narrator:PAW Patrol.....The Movie

Final shot of Marshall lying inside the other cave with five gashes on his back and freezing before it cuts to the year of release.

Visit & for more information.

End of trailer.

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"Fly" by Lucas Edwards and sung by Sam Smith Edit

This is a song made for this idea by a frenemy of mines on Google+. Some of the lyrics have been changed over time but thanks to me, I was able to find the original lyrics. I hope you like it ;)

Lyrics: Verse 1
(song starts with guitars)

Everyday, feels the same. (Oh oh oh oh oh!)

Like a diamond, hiding in the clouds (Oh oh oh oh oh.)

I know, I can grow better. (Oh oh oh oh oh)

I just want to show you!

Cause families all we want

All that we need!

Cause without you

I would be without hope!

Oh, I want to show you my world,

How to be in my world,

You can be anything in my world,

You can just fly-y-y-y!

Oh, You can be my best friend,

You can be my brother,

You can be my bandmate,

You can just fly-y-y-y!

Verse 2
I remember, these good old laughs! (Oh oh oh oh oh!)

I was, your comedian friend! (Oh oh oh oh oh!)

I'm not afraid, I would stay close to you more then ever! (Oh oh oh oh oh!)

I'm your Bestest friend of friends!

Cause families all we want

All that we need!

Cause without you

I would be without hope!

Oh, I want to show you my world,

How to be in my world,

You can be anything in my world,

You can just fly-y-y-y!

Oh, You can be my best friend,

You can be my brother,

You can be my bandmate,

You can just fly-y-y-y!

Remember when the sun came down?

You holded my hand!

We were not just brothers!

We are also friends! (2x)

Cause families all we want

All that we need!

Cause without you

I would be without hope!

Oh, I want to show you my world,

How to be in my world,

You can be anything in my world,

You can just fly-y-y-y!

Oh, You can be my best friend,

You can be my brother,

You can be my bandmate,

You can just fly-y-y-y!

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  • Spin-Master(or Allspark Entertainment, if Hasbro bought the franchise)
  • Guru Studios
  • Nickelodeon Movies
  • Paramount Pictures
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