Owen Carson Laramore (born August 5 2004) is an American actor, filmmaker, comedian, singer, lyricist, songwriter, and the founder of Owen Laramore Studios. He is known for his role as Mickey Mouse in the live-action film of the same name, and is the current voice of Nemo. He is also known for his role as Mayor Pierce in his self-created show, Disney In The House, and Penny Page's brother Raymond Page in the muppet film Einstein Friends. Laramore also portrayed the title character in the Warner Bros. Pictures film Duck Dodgers, and voices John in the Toys To Life film series.


Owen Carson Laramore was born on August 5, 2004 in Lake Arrowhead, California. In 2028, he was rewarded with a Golden Lion Award for his lifetime achievement.


+ Disney In The House: Introduction = Mayor Lawrence Pierce

+ Disney In The House: 4th Of July = Mayor Lawrence Pierce/Nemo

+ Disney In The House: Christmas = Mayor Lawrence Pierce/Nemo

+ Magic Tree House = Jack

+ Toys To Life = John

+ Disney In The House = Mayor Lawrence Pierce/Nemo/Circus Duck

+ Justice League = Superman

+ Mickey Mouse = Voice of Mickey Mouse

+ Toys To Life 2 = John

+ The Friendly Lion = Leonard Lemur

+ Disney In The House 2 = Mayor Lawrence Pierce/Nemo

+ Disney.Pixar Heroes = Narrator

+ Nemo Saves The Ocean = Nemo

+ Duck Dodgers = Voice of Duck Dodgers

+ Einstein Friends = Raymond Page

+ Toys To Life 3 = John

+ Disney In The House 3 = Mayor Lawrence Pierce/Nemo

+ Toys To Life 4 = John

+ Disney In The House 4 = Mayor Lawrence Pierce/Nemo

+ Winnie The Pooh = Christopher Robin

+ Wii Play Motion = Hal Miister

+ Disney In The House 5 = Mayor Lawrence Pierce/Nemo

+ Disney In The House 6 = Mayor Lawrence Pierce/Nemo

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