Orson Rend'ul was the Iron Fist of Kun'Lun during World War One. He left Kun'Lun in 1917 after Kun'Lun was accidentally attacked by Heinrich Zemo's zeppelin. He is noted as being able to focus his Chi through guns and is noted as a alcoholic and drug addict- even falling victim to The Hand's Steel Serpent heroin. He used the drug during WWI.


Orson is Korean and is in his mid 30s. He has short black hair and wore a white gi with gold accents and a gold head wrap while the Iron Fist of K'un Lun. While in France, Orson wore a dark green shirt with Shao Lao's symbol emblazoning it, alongside baggy cargo pants and a pale yellow head wrap.


In the early 18th century, a Korean family known as the Rend'uls emigrated to China and entered K'un Lun. The family continued on through the centuries, eventually leading to the birth of Orson Rend'ul. Orson was trained with The Order of the Crane Mother and became a skilled martial artist. He challenged Shao Lao the Undying and defeated him, the mark of Shao Lao being burned into Orson's back, as well as partly on his chest. After he defeated the Dragon, Orson gained the powers of The Iron Fist. Orson quickly became skilled with focusing his Chi into his fists and feet. He would master the advanced technique of focusing Chi into weapons and other materials. He would later use this to imbue his pistols with Chi. TBA

Trivia Edit

  • In the comics, Orson is named Orson Randell and is another foreign Iron Fist like Danny Rand- his backstory just a period piece swap with Rand's. With Danny being established as the first foreign Iron Fist in the MCU, I thought Orson should be a native of K'un Lun- with immigrant blood as a nod to his comic counterpart- and therefore, Orson in the MCU is Asian, specifically, Korean.
  • In Randell's comic backstory, his father's zeppelin crashes over K'un Lun. I nodded to that cool concept with the Blitzkrieg crashing over K'un Lun, which causes Orson to destroy it and join the Invaders.
  • The Iron Fist in Bakuto's footage is Orson Rend'ul
  • His K'un Lun outfit is based on Danny Rand's modern costume.
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