The Object Terror Movie (AKA Object Terror Movie: Eva's City Quest) is a Horror-Action Adventure Animated Object Show Movie will released in December 7, 2018.


Eva the Fly Cavalier King Charles Spaniel saw a Host named Printer and she met the Contestants in Object Terror are having a story at night and after the story, in the day when they having a Adventure.


The movie starts when the Fly Cavalier King Charles Spaniel was walking in the town in night and playing music on her Ipod on her leg. Her named was Eva and she was accidentally bump into it as she was arrived in the Object show "Object Terror". She's feel excited when she was going in the show.

Printer the host saw her that she is not allowed because she's a animal, but she can join the show. Eva was telling the Contestants about a camping story in the night while they are in Camping.

In the story when Eva was alone because her family was caught by the animal catcher named Sack when she was a little puppy. Wallet saw Eva who was so sad as he picked her up and back to the land. She plays with the other Contestants and then she is growing up. Eva was so happy to meet them while the Woodland Critters are watching her playing with them in the forest. After the story when the sun rise, Printer tells them that they are going to have a Adventure to the OT Town.

In the Town when Beer saw his sister Wine, but she really doesn't like him and made him worried. Eva will cares him up so he will feel better. Trowel saw her caring Beer, he thankful to her to help him. When Eva was very thirsty because she got sweating, she needs to drink water in the lake.

In the lake when Eva was drinking water, a beaver with a propeller hat on his head came to the river. Eva saw him that she will named him Gnawty Jr. as he talks. She friends with him as they are back to the land.

Sack saw Eva with her friend Gnawty Jr. so he has plan to captured the animals. Back in the Land, Eva met the Contestants to meet Gnawty Jr. from the river. She said that he is my buddy now, but S'more tell her that you can't adopt a beaver. Eva will helps him to stop the animal catcher as their plan. S'more thinks that he could help her to tell Printer as Eva and Gnawty Jr. rush off.

When they are arrived in the Town, Eva grabs Gnawty Jr. as he flies off with her. Eva saw a Murder name Sack that she was worried. Sack saw 2 Animals are flying as he wanted to died them when he use his gun.


Eva the Fly Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Gnawty Jr. the Little Beaver (Main Hero)

Woodland Critters (Lives in the Forest)

Sack the Murder (Main Villain)

Printer (Host)

Computer (Co-Host)




Beep Boop





Coffee Cup

El Nudelo Spider

Flash Drive





Recycling Bin

Road Sign




Whipped Cream



Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Family

Other Object Terror Characters


Billie Jean - Micheal Jackson (On her Ipod) (Walking in the City Scene)

Everything is Awesome - Tween Dream Remix

【CLARA - VOCALOID 3】Pestañas Postizas - つけまつける 【FANDUB】

Bad Reputation - Joan Jett & The Blackhearts

The Best Damn Thing - Avril Lavinge (End Scene)


Eva wants to Play a Ball

Mint's Unibrow

Whipped Cream's Invention

Cactus's Muscles

Trowel's Opinion

Arch's New Friend


Recycling Bin's Creepy Woods Quest

Eva's Doggie Place Adventure

Cactus, Beer, Trowel and Wallet's Robbing Game

YouTube Video

Eva appears in Object Terror by RobloxFTWCreepypastasFTL (Eva need a Hug)

Survive the Area 51 (Object Terror Characters and Eva the Fly Cavalier King Charles Spainel) by Mcdonald's FNAF FTW Creepypasta FTL

Eva vs. Bloody Mary in Object Terror by RobloxFTWCreepypastasFTL

Eva Goes to School by Happi Boi

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  • Eva is a Mighty Bug 5: Animal Patrol Character made by Nickelodeon.
  • Woodland Critters are a based of Woodland Christmas Critters from South Park.
  • Gnawty Jr. is a references to other Gnawties from other Donkey Kong games.


Universal Pictures

illumination Entertainment

Legoboynj Animation

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