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OT6 Bars and Beer is an Adult-Animated Action Object Show Film who based on The Object Show made by Legoboynj, Object Terror. It will be Released on 2020. It is the first ever PG-13 Rated Animated Universal Pictures and Illumination Film made.


Wallet and Cactus seem to be on the scene for the movie, which may mean they might be coming back to the show. It also features a different art style. It is confirmed that it will be the only film in this animation style. So far, there is only one teaser.




Mona Marshal as Eva - A Fly Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who is The Main Protagonist of the Movie, and the Hero.

Kenan Thompson as The Shadow Werewolf - The Main Antagonist of the Movie.

Ashley Taylor as Willow - A Liitle Robotic Purple Striped Skunk who is friends with Eva.

Jake Goldsbie as Todd Fox - A Animatronic Fox who is a Leader of his Band. He is a Lead Singer and plays the Banjo.

Marieve Herington as Violette Skunk - A Animatronic Skunk who plays the Violin.

Jonathan Malen as Silas - A Animatronic Flying Squirrel who plays the Triangle and the Youngest member of the Band.

Amos Crawley as Ira Otter - A Animatronic Otter who plays the Keyboard.

Kyle Fairlie as Buck Beaver - A Animatronic Beaver who plays the Drums.

Carolyn Scott as Beatrix Rabbit - A Animatronic Rabbit who is the Magician of the Band.


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Parents Guide

  • Sex/Nudity: Lots of it start to finish like Beatrix is very pretty. Lots of sex usage (done 7 times) with all nudity. Very strong sex references. A couple a friend friends are gay; they can be later seen naked at one point implying sex. Very strong use of buttocks and breast flashes.
  • Violence/Gore: Mostly comical with a Bit of Blood.
  • Profanity/Swearing: Fuck, Bitch, Damn, Hell, Ass, Piss, Shit, Dick, Whore, Faggot, Hoe, and Cunt are all used about +300 times.
  • Alcohol/Drugs: the film is pretty much a stoners film; alcohol is used a lot of times.


Rated PG-13 for Nudity, Language throughout, Blood and Gore, Sex, Drug References


  • Being becoming the Main Guest Star Cartoon Character, Eva is originated from the 2018 Nickelodeon Animated TV Series, Mighty Bug 5: Animal Patrol.


Illumination Entertainment

Legoboynj Productions

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