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Nova Orbis is a 1978 Vlokuzuian science-fiction action tokusatsu superhero film directed by Pasi Peure. It is the third Technic Heroes installment and the first Nova Orbis installment. It was a first Vlokozuian film to nominate a Oscar at the Academy Awards. Based on the arcade game of the same name, that released in 1977.


”Yes, I'm the alien on your world! Call me any species as you think of, trying my best to take down Robotman and Dronemen and hosting public prosecutions. All of you will burn, If not by my hand, Then by others of my kind. You stand for everything we hate in this world. Your officials said to me in 1958, when I woke up from the frozen canister, I see dead people on our burnt spaceship, Thanks to you! One day, we will punish you all by recreating the impact of our races by burning your highrises on your town so it can teach you not to keep killing our men, women, and children, Therefore there can never be peace between our races! This has to happen!" - Ultio


Pasi Peure as TBA

Takima Susima as TBA

Takumi Rimushena as TBA

Ryu Hamasaki as TBA

Deven Elliott as TBA

Tyler Harper as TBA



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