Norman Osborn is the founder and CEO of Oscorp- the company that replaced Stark Industries after Tony Stark's death. He is then father of Harry Osborn. He is a background antagonist in Spider-Man Homecoming 2, and the main antagonist in Spider-Man Homecoming 3.


Norman has a fair complexion and short black hair. He usually wears expensive suits, often in green.


Spider-Man Homecoming:

Operations with Mac Gargan


Spider-Man Homecoming 2:

Taking over Stark Industries-


Framing Peter Parker-


Spider-Man Homecoming 3:

The Green Goblin-



"When one monarch falls, another must take its place."

- Norman Osborn to Peter Parker.

Powers and Abilities

  • Norman can inject himself with his own super-serum that drives him mad and changes his appearance to goblin-like, but gives him incredible strength and dexterity.
  • Norman uses an armored battle suit equipped with arm blades, various high-tech grenades, and flame repulsars.
  • Norman also uses a flying glider with built in flares.
  • Norman is extremely smart
  • Norman has an entire corporate empire at his disposal along with connections to New York's crime lords.
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