Nigel Hall is a Character of the Scream Series. He appeared in The Scream Returns. He is portrayed by Luke Treadaway.


The Scream Returns

Nigel is first seen in the movie when he is walking with Ralph and Charlie. Ralph grabs a paper out of the hands of Sam. Ralph, Charlie and Nigel say they are not afraid of the killer.

Later in the Physics lesson, Charlie and Nigel ask their teacher Mr. Moore something.

Ralph, Charlie and Nigel later go to Bruce's house. What are you doing here, Sam says to them. We want to see if your Scream story is true. Now here is the body. What?? Dude, this is the coolest thing I have ever seen, Ralph says. What is wrong with you, Isabelle says, She was my best friend. Later they start to think of a plan to stop the Scream.

Monday after the weekend, it is quiet in the class. Their English teacher, Mrs. Mead does if nothing happened, but she also know how bad the situation is. Ralph, Nigel and Charlie are discussing the situation. I really admire him, Ralph says to them. Yes me too, Charlie says. The lesson is later stopped because mr. Mead sees nobody is watching to her lesson.

That night, Ralph, Charlie and Nigel go to Isa's house. They know she is alone home. Ralph first rings the bell. Nobody opens. Charlie says that he will destroy the door. Ralph goes inside. He finds Isa. She is scared. Now I got you, Ralph says. The time to talk is over. He jumps on her and rapes her. Later, Charlie and Nigel also go in and rape her too.

Some days later, Ralph is with Charlie and Nigel. They are in the city centre. They are done and walk back to their homes. On the way back they see an injured little girl. Charlie and Nigel walk to her. Charlie wants to help her but he cuts of his hand. Later he stabs him. Ralph and Nigel are shocked. They run away but Nigel is also picked by the Scream and cutted into pieces. Nigel dies.





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