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During the founding festival of Tremorton, the residents all were celebrating the anniversary of their City. During the same day, however, Jenny and her Firefly Dingo Sidekick Danjhely was fighting off the Cluster led by Vexus. Collateral damage was inevitable, and the entire town was damaged, but the residents were unharmed. However, they berated Jenny for all the damage done to the Town and were overall ungrateful and berated her after Danjhely wanted to calm down them. With none of her friends there to stand up for her, she felt rather depressed, annoyed and angered. As she sat upon the wreckage as Danjhely was comforting her, she found a Cluster Portal amongst the rubble and was sucked in after Danjhely was shocked. She was warped to the center of the Cluster Palace where she found a disgruntled Vexus who was beaten only a few moments ago. At first Vexus, was rather disappointed that XJ-9 had refused her offer time and time again and was expecting her to engage in combat again. But she was surprised when she hears Jenny wanted to join the Cluster as well as finally giving up on all the humans she once protected. Vexus sat in deep thought over what happened moments ago with Jenny. Jenny then told her everything and realized how ungrateful the human race is after saving them many times in the past. Vexus was skeptical but after seeing how angry Jenny was and the burning hatred in her eyes, accepted her and proceeded to giver her some new upgrades and enhancements to all her entire body and weapons as well as added some new ones such as the new Cluster Mark V Beam Shield attached to her forearms and the new Type-78 "Ravager" Beam Spear/Staff for example. Now branded as Vex-J9, Jenny now leads the Cluster Troops to invade and conquer the one planet she once called home. Back in Tremorton, Danjhely spotted Jenny who leads the Cluster Troops until she saw Danjhely as she ran away. She called the Troops to capture her, but didn't find the Firefly Dingo and they head back to her after Danjhely was safe inside the Bush. Danjhely was very sad when she walk back to Jenny's House and

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