Nicktoons Movie: Danjhely to the Rescue is a American 3D/2D animated/family/action/adventure Crossover film which released in April 18, 2021.


Danjhely the Firefly Dingo has her own mission to save Jenny because Vexus making her and she starts the Cluster Invasion on Tremorton.


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Sandra Bullock as Danjhely the firefly Dingo

Jesse Eisenberg as Audryck the moth Duckling

Bill Hader as Carlito the cricket Cheetah Cub

Jack Black and Kendryck the wingless dragonfly Cat

Mona Marshall as Eva the fly Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Amandla Stenberg as Carlie Mcgill the cockroach Fennec Fox

Janice Kawaye as Jenny Wakeman/XJ9

Thora Birch as Vega

Candi Milo as Nora Wakeman

Quinton Flynn as Sheldon

Chad Doreck as Brad

Audrey Wasilewski as Tucker

Tom Kenny as SpongeBob Squarepants

Tara Strong as Timmy Turner

Debi DerryBerry as Jimmy Neutron

David Kaurman as Danny Phantom

Eartha Kitt as Vexus

Cole Caplan as Detxus the Cluster Husky

Kath Soucie, Janice Kawaye, Candi Milo and Audrey Wasilewski as Jenny's Sisters

Ray Landry, Ashley Taylor and Diane D'Aquila as Log Flume Raccoon, Porcupine and Polecat Striped Skunk

Dee Bradley Baker as The Monster Rabbit


Calvin Harris - Outside ft. Ellie Goulding

Sad Machine - Porter Robinson (KLOUD Remix)

Glad You Came - The Wanted

Shape of You - Ed Sheeran (Cover by J.Fla)


  • The Log Flume Raccoon and Porcupine appeared in The Wonderful World of Wizzly.
  • A OC Wizzly character name Log Flume Polecat Striped Skunk. Her coat is all Magenta and her Stripes are Blue.
  • The Monster Rabbit is from Mist Opportunities, but not the villain.


Narrator: One day in Tremorton. A Firefly Dingo and Jenny is playing outside.

Danjhely: Hey Jenny, what's up.

Jenny: Alright Dingo friend, let's all play together.

Narrator: But unfortunately, someone has be taken the earth.

Danjhely: Who are you?

Vexus: I am the queen of the Cluster.

Dextus: And i'm a companion of her.

Danjhely: Oh no, Jenny run!!!.

*Paramount Pictures logo showing along with Nickelodeon Movies*

Vexus: HA HA HA I Got Jenny. This little Doggie wanted to save her friend.

Danjhely: Oh Yeah! *Tries to caught Vexus, but Dextus kidnapped her*.

Dextus: Too Bad for you Dingo.

*In Vexus Lair*

Danjhely: Where am I, I'm getting dizzy? Huh * Spotted them are making Jenny as a villain*.

Dextus: She made Vex-J9.

Danjhely: I'm in the Cage, NOO!!! *Release the Cage* Okay, I'm free to go *As she rush off from the lair*.

Vexus: Now it's this Dingo's turn *She gasp because Danjhely got escaped* Where is she go?

Dextus: I Think she got escaped!

Narrator: When she got back & ask the other Nicktoons?

Danjhely: Help help me guys, Jenny got caught by Vexus.

Jimmy: What's wrong little Pup.

Danjhely: Vexus and her Companion made Jenny as she call her, VEX-J9.

Audryck: And.....

Danjhely: Because of that, She will take over Tremorton.

Danny: This is terrible what do we do?

SpongeBob: Don't worry little dingo, your Animal Pack can turn you into a Mission Pilot.

Narrator: Then she asks the Animal Patrol Team.

Eva: Don't be nervous little Austrlian Fox, we're going to turn into a Mighty Pilot to save Jenny, okay.

Danjhely: OK!

Carlito: Stop Vexus, Rescue Jenny and save Tremorton right.

Danjhely: Really, I'm on it for my own mission.

Audryck: You can be a hero like Jenny does.

Carlie Mcgill: Let's modeling her!

(Danjhely turn herself into a Mighty Pilot by the Animal Patrol Team.)

Narrator: When the Invasion starts in Tremorton.

Vexus: Meet Vex-J9!

Danjhely: JENNY!!! My helper! You put her in THE DARK SIDE. But, I will stop her for now!

Dextus: Too Late for you.

Danjhely: There's No way I'm going to join the Cluster.

*Clips on the movie screen*

Carlito: But Danjhely, we can rescue your helper.

Kendryck: You can be strong like Jenny you know like her.

Eva: Go ahead and fight Vexus and Dextus.

Audryck: And you will save Tremorton and get Jenny back to normal.

Danjhely: Great idea guys. Let's save her for now.

Film's logo appears on the screen.

'Narrator: Nicktoons' Movie: Danjhely to the Rescue

Danjhely: That's me, I'm a Firefly Dingo, but I'm look alike Jenny.

Coming in April 2021.

​End of trailer.


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