Neighbours From Hell is an upcoming comedy film that is based on the video game from 2003, it will star Tom Holland and Wilfred Brimley. It is distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures under the 20th Century Fox banner, and Regency Enterprises. It is set for a release date on November 8, 2019.


Woody (Tom Holland) is an average happy man, until his cruel and grotesque neighbor Mr. Rottweiler makes his life miserable. Woody decides to get full revenge on. Mr. Rottweiler, so that’s when the madness begins.


  • Tom Holland as Woody, the main protagonist in the movie. He wants to get his revenge on Mr. Rottweiler, but his personality is handsome and kind-hearted.
  • Wilfred Brimley as Mr. Rottweiler, the main antagonist in the movie. He is a fat, dim-witted, and the meanest neighbor that makes Woody’s life miserable.
  • Estelle Harris as Mama Rottweiler, she has a yapping dog, and is also very unfriendly, she is the only person that Mr. Rottweiler cares about.


Coming Soon!


  • In 2009, Wilford Brimley was in talks to play the main antagonist, Mr. Rottweiler.
  • In 2011, Ben Stiller was in talks to play the main protagonist Woody, but, however, in 2014, he dropped out of this project.
  • In 2016, Tom Holland had been cast to play the main protagonist Woody, replacing Ben Stiller’s part for the movie.
  • It toke 10 years for this movie to be created to put on the big screen.
  • Estelle Harris is now in talks to play Mama Rottweiler. And in February 2018, she was finally casted as Mama Rottweiler.
  • The movie was going to be released in June 14, 2019, but, however, on November 22, 2017, it had been pushed back to November 8, 2019.
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