Natalie Green (005) is a secret agent from the James Bond franchise. She appears in Blofeld's Return, where Green is the Bondgirl of the movie. Natalie Green is portrayed by Jennifer Lawrence.


Blofeld's Return

Natalie Green is a secret agent with the rank 005. Her parents left her and she was left alone. The MI6 found her and brought her to their base. They trained her and she became a secret agent.

One day, Green is chosen to kill Blofeld. She must do this with James Bond (007) and Mark Bailly (008). M tells them that Blofeld is seen in the Netherlands, Germany, and Luxembourg. Green goes to Luxembourg.

In Luxembourg, she finds a base with some of Blofeld's man. She kills them and finds a map with a location in London.

Back in London, Bond and Bailly haven't found anything. The 3 secret agents go to the location on the map. It's another base of Blofeld and a trap. The 3 secret agents are arrested and brought to a jungle in Brazil.

She wakes up and Bond finds her. They see Bailly on a rope to a tree. Mr. Wakar stabs him with a sword, killing him. Green and Bond escape and find a bed in a house. They spend a romantic night with each other. The next day they attack Blofeld and Mr. Wakar. Blofeld escapes in his plane. Green and Bond kill the other men. Bond makes an end of Mr. Wakar, by stabbing his in his belly with a sword.

In London again, Bond and Green must stop Blofeld who wants to destroy London. With help of the British army, they shoot all the planes out of the sky and go to Blofeld's plane. Blofeld is almost killed, but they blow up the plane.

M congratulates them that they have killed Blofeld. After this, Green and Bond leave in their plane. The plane is on automatic pilot so Bond and Green can have sex with each other.




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