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     Namor the Sub-Mariner is a movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It's the first movie where superhero Namor the Sub-Mariner appears in. It takes place in Phase Five.


More than 50 years ago, an American sea captain was sailing above Atlantis. Atlanteans came on the ship. The sea captain, called Leonard McKenzie, fell in love with an Atlantean called Fen. They married on the ship and later Fen was pregnant. Fen went back to Atlantis. Later, Namor was born. He was a pink Atlantean different to all other blue Atlanteans. Namor became the prince of Atlantis. Namor had to protect Atlantis against villains called Attuma, Tiger Shark and Llyra. Namor has to deal with his powers, defeat the villains and also protect Atlantis against the humans.


The movie starts somewhere on an ocean near Antarctica. A ship is sailing. The captain is called Leonard McKenzie. He is alone on the ship. Suddenly out of the water comed an Atlantean called Fen. She goes on the ship. After some time, McKenzie sees her. He asks what she is doing on his ship. She says sorry for coming on his ship. McKenzie also asks how she came on his ship. She ignores it and wants to go off the ship again. But McKenzie says: "No stay her, otherwise you will die." She does that. In the next days, they fall in love with each other. One night, they are having sex. McKenzie wants to go back to home and sails back. One day, the ship is attacked by Atlanteans. They came to save Fen. Fen doesn't wants the Atlanteans to kill McKenzie. But it is already too late. She doesn't wants to ask the other Atlanteans what they have done with McKenzie. They go off the ship back to Atlantis.

Back in Atlantis, Fen finds out she is pregnant. She says it to the others, but not that the father is a human. 9 months later, she gives birth to a son. To all of the Atlanteans surprise, the child is pink. They all find it very special. A party follows. Fen gives her son the name Namor.

The logo of Namor the Sub-Mariner appears.

After it a big text with: 'More than 50 years later' appears on the screen.

In the scene that follows, we see an older Namor. He is now the prince of Atlantis. We see him swimming through Atlantis. He sees his cousin Namora and Dorma. They talk a bit with each other.

In the next scene, we see a sinking submarine near Neptunia. Peter Noble, a navy officer is inside of it. He is shocked to see that he not dies. He goes outside the submarine and sees the underwater city of Neptunia. After it, we see it was a flashback and go back to now. Peter Noble is now ruler of Neptunia with his wife Nia Noble.

After it, we go out of the water and see Todd Arliss. Lots of his fans are near him and they are at a harbour. One man falls into the water. Arliss jumps as fast as he can into the water to save him. A wave pushes him into a ship. He damages his Spinal cord. Desperate to regain his swimming ability, Arliss willingly participates in an experiment by the scientist Doctor Dorcas who cures his injured back by blending his DNA with that of Namor the Sub-Mariner and a tiger shark. Although successful, the process changed Arliss totally. He now calls himself Tiger Shark and becomes a supervillain.

Again at another scene, we see a tribe of barbaric Atlanteans. Attuma is among them. He is the leader of them. He plans to conquer Atlantis.

Back at Atlantis, Namor and Dorma are doing something. They are very good friends. But Dorma wants more than friendship. She knows she loves him. Namor doesn't knows that.

Far away from Atlantis, is Lemuria. It's another underwater city. King Karthon is the king of it. But a supervillain, called Llyra, goes to it. She goes inside the city to King Karthon. She attacks him. They fight against each other. Llyra wins this fight and pushes him of the throne. The Lemurians don't want it, but they can't do anything. Karthon is put into a cage.

Namor doesn't hears anything anymore of his friend Karthon. He goes to Lemuria. When he is there, he sees that Karthon is put into a cage. He attacks the new king of Lemuria. He sees it's a woman. Llyra has the powers to control gigantic see monsters. She sends them to Namor. He defeats all monsters and smashes them away. She also controls an sperm whale and lets it attack Namor. But it went wrong and the sperm whale makes a rockslide and Llyra becomes severely injured of it. Namor frees Karthon and he regrained the throne.

Namor brought Llyra to Rhonda Morris, Llyra's mother. This all for a burial, but she just helped her daughter to be all right again. After some time, she was and made a plan to take revanche on Namor.

Doctor Dorcas sends Tiger Shark into the water in to attack Neptunia and Atlantis and kill Namor. Attuma is gathering his troops to also attack Atlantis.

In Atlantis, Namor comes back. Dorma is glad to see him. They go inside Namor's underwater castle. Namora is also there. Namor has a feeling they will soon get attacked. Namora and Dorma believe he is right. That night, Namor goes sleep in his castle. Dorma wants to be with him. Namor finds it okay. They talk a bit with each other. At the end, they go sleep with each other and kiss with each other.

The next day, a human called Walter Newell goes into the water. He is an oceanographer and goes into the sea near Atlantis. Suddenly, he watches right of him and sees something. He goes to it and sees it's a big city underwater. He is very shocked to see it. Out of nowhere, he is attacked by some Atlanteans. They bring him to Namor. He and Dorma are still at each other, but it is interrupted by it. The other Atlanteans think he is a spy that will tell all humans about Atlantis. Namor doesn't thinks so and says he wants to speak alone with him. Dorma and the other Atlanteans go away. Walter promises Namor to don't tell anybody about Atlantis. After it, he is discharged by Namor. Walter goes out of the water in his boat. He wants to know more about Atlantis. 

At Neptunia, Fin and Nia Noble are sitting somewhere. A Neptunian comes inside and says: "We are under attack!" They go outside and look what attacks them. They see 1 enemy coming to them. Fin laughs and says: "Only this? We have survived worse." Tiger Shark comes at them. Lots of Neptunians attack them, but they all completely underestimate him...

A huge fight starts. Tiger Shark kills lots of Neptunians. Not much minutes later, he goes inside a house where Fin and Nia Noble are. Some Neptunians try to kill him, but he too strong. Later all Neptunians are killed, Fin and Nia Noble don't know what to do. But Tiger Shark shows no mercy and attacks them. Off screen we hear them screaming and suddenly it ends.

Namor already very fast hears about what happened in Neptunia. He is not very scared of this kind of shark that killed everyone. He knows that they will also attacked. He makes the defense stronger. Meanwhile, he and Dorma only have fell more in love with each other. They want to marry soon. But Namor knows it isn't the right time yet. They first need to destroy all evil that attacks their city. 

Some days later, Walter Newell comes back to Atlantis. He is too curious and goes to Namor. Namor is in the first place angry to see him again, but he knows it's handy to have a human as friend. Namor and him become good friends and Namor asks Walter for help in the fight against Tiger Shark.

Back on his boat, Walter searches for information about this Tiger Shark. He finds out that it is Todd Arliss, who was first known as a very good swimmer. He also finds out that a man called Dr. Dorcas made him Tiger Shark. He immediatly tells it to Namor.

Atlantis totally makes themself prepared for the battle. They totally focus on a shark that is going to attack them. However, it's not a shark that attacks them, but an army of Atlanteans. Namor doesn't understands it. Their leader already shows up. He is called Attuma. "Hello Namor, this is my revanch on what you did!" Lots of barbaric Atlanteans attack. Namor and his allies doesn't expected this to happen and are totally stunned. Namor shows himself and takes part in the fight. He kills lots of the barbaric Atlanteans. He goes to Attuma and attacks him. Attuma is very strong and a big fight starts. But while they are fighting, Tiger Shark shows himself. He fastly comes swimming to them. Attuma laughs and smashes Namor away. Namor looks at Tiger Shark. He fastly attacks. Some Atlanteans want to stop him, but it's all too late. Tiger Shark kills them. He goes inside Atlantis. Dorma and Namora see him. Dorma wants to stop him. Meanwhile, Namor calls Walter and says he needs help. Walter is glad that he finally can help and takes on his new suit. It's called the Stingray suit. He goes in the water to Atlantis. Attuma and Tiger Shark both go inside Atlantis and see each other. Attuma says: "So you are the crewl Shark I have heard of?" Tiger Shark answers: "I am much more than that!" Namor goes to them. He sees Dorma fighting against Tiger Shark. He helps her. Attuma and his barbaric Atlanteans want to destroy Atlantis. Namor and Dorma keep fighting. Namorita stays inside the building with other female Atlanteans. Tiger Shark defeats Dorma and wants to kill her, but luckily Stingray comes and smashes him hardly away. Tiger Shark is very angry. Stingray shoots electric to Tiger Shark. He is electrocuted. Namor still fights against Attuma. In the end, he and other Atlanteans defeat him. Attuma and Tiger Shark are both smashed out of Atlantis. The barbaric Atlanteans surrender. Namor, Stingray and Dorma look of everybody is save. Meanwhile, Llyra comes to Atlantis and sees the defeated Attuma and Tiger Shark. She is interested in them and grabs them. She takes them away. When Namor comes back to get Attuma and Tiger Shark, they are gone. Atlantis is save again.

The next weeks, they hear nothing from Tiger Shark and Attuma anymore. The defense is still very strong, but it's all for nothing. Llyra, Attuma and Tiger Shark plan to work together. Tiger Shark calls Dr. Dorcas, who also goes to them.

Everybody in Atlantis is very happy. The following weeks, Stingray and Namor become more and more friends. Also Namor falls totally in love with Dorma and one day they marry with each other. On the wedding day, everybody of Atlantis has come. Namor is very glad. He is with Namora. They drink something with each other. But what they don't know is that Llyra has come to Atlantis. She wants to take revenge on Namor. while Namor and Namora are drinking something, she comes and throws something in Namora's glass. Namora drinks of it. Llyra laughs in herself and goes away. Dorma is in her wedding dress and prepares for the wedding. Llyra comes to her and when she is alone she attacks her. Dorma has no chance against her. Some of Llyra's men pick up Dorma and kidnap her. They take off Dorma's wedding dress. Llyra pulls on the wedding dress. She uses her chameleon powers and totally looks like Dorma now. Not much time later, Llyra goes to the wedding. All Atlanteans are sitting in Namor's castle. Stingray also came to it. Namor's is waiting for Dorma, not knowing what happened. Some minutes later, Llyra disguised as Dorma comes and walks to Namor. The normal wedding things happen and Namor and Llyra kiss with each other. Some minutes later, Namora doesn't feel well and falls unconscious on the ground. All Atlanteans are very shocked. Namor goes to her, but some minutes later she is death. Namor is angry and say that he will find the person who did this. Llyra comes to him and says to Namor: "You don't have to. It was me!!" Llyra reveals herself and smashes Namor away. Llyra continues: "Hahahaha, I am married with Namor now." Namor asks: "What have you done to Dorma, you bitch!" Llyra screams: "You will never see her again!" After that, lots of Atlanteans including Namor attack her, but she is too fast and swims out of Namor's castle. Some Altanteans go after her, but they are all killed or defeated. Namor is very angry and wants to take revenge. He and other Atlanteans also try to find Dorma.

The next days, all Atlanteans try to search for Dorma. Namor is very angry and he wants to find Dorma. According to the Altantean law, it is still Dorma where Namor is married with. Llyra also hears about that and becomes very angry. Meanwhile, the Atlanteans find Dorma's location. She is in the oceanarium owned by Llyra's mother. Namor goes as fast as he can to it. Llyra is inside the oceanarium. Namor attacks her and they fight against each other. After a long fight, Namor defeats Llyra. Namor asks where Dorma is. Llyra leads him to it and shows a television. On it, Llyra breaks the water-filled cylinder where Dorma is in. After it, the television disappears again and a door goes open. Namor goes inside of it and sees a passing away Dorma. He picks her up. She says to him that she loves him. After that, she dies. Namor becomes very angry and wants to attack Llyra one more time, but she is already gone.

Some days later, Dorma's funeral happens. Namor is still very sad and wants revenge. Stingray also came on the funeral. He says to Namor that he wants to help him with defeating Llyra. Namor accepts it. All Atlanteans keep searching for Llyra. Meanwhile, Namor gets a message from his father. He is very suprised about it. Stingray says to Namor that it could be a trap. Namor doesn't thinks so and wants to meet his father. Namor's father was always thought to be death, but he is still alive.

Tiger Shark, Attuma, Dr. Dorcas and Llyra also hear about it. Tiger Shark finds it a good way to get Namor. Dr. Dorcas is busy with something. Attuma and Llyra still want revenge on Namor and accept it. They already fastly find the location of Leonard McKenzie. Tiger Shark, Attuma, and Llyra go to it.

Namor and Stingray go to Namor's father. He is sitting in a house on the sea. He has his own beach. Namor and Stingray come on the beach and go in the house. Namor is very surprised to see his own father. He always thought he was death. Leonard McKenzie is also glad to see his son. They talk a lot about what happened in the years they didn't saw each other. Suddenly. Attuma, Tiger Shark and Llyra are underwater and see the house of Leonard McKenzie. Meanwhile, Namor and Leonard McKenzie are still talking. Stingray hears something and watches outside. He doesn't sees anything. However, Tiger Shark attacks and goes in the water of the swimming pool of Leonard McKenzie. Attuma and Llyra are still watching the house of McKenzie. They see Namor and Leonard sitting in the house. They go out of the water. On that moment, Stingray goes inside the house again and says that he doesn't saw anything. Namor and Leonard don't care that much. Llyra and Attuma walk on the beach and watch through a window of the house. Namor and Leonard don't see it and Namor is saying that he is now leader of Atlantis. Leonard feels proud of his son, but feels sad that his son is not a human. On that moment, Attuma breaks the window and a wall. Namor and Leonard see it. Namor says to Leonard that he has to go away. Namor and Attuma start fighting against each other. Llyra attacks Stingray. They fight and Llyra is winning, but Stingray uses his electric and electrocutes her. Later, she is defeated. Namor and Attuma are still fighting. On the end of the fight, Namor picks up the television of Leonard and throws it on the head of Attuma. He falls injured on the ground. Namor, Stingray and Leonard go out of the house, but at the swimming pool Namor is attacked by Tiger Shark. They start fighting and later they both fall in the swimming pool. Tiger Shark is stronger and bites Namor the whole time. He loses a lot of blood. Stingray and Leonard are watching and don't know what to do. Tiger Shark grabs Namor and says to him: "Your last minutes have come. You will die." Tiger Shark wants to bite him in the neck, but suddenly Leonard jumps into the swimming pool on Tiger Shark. He smashes him a lot. This gives Namor the chance to escape. Stingray helps him to come out of the water. Tiger Shark bites the legs and arms of Leonard McKenzie. Namor jumps in the water again to save him. Tiger Shark sees it and attacks him. Leonard swims away and says: "You stupid shark, come and get me!" It makes Tiger Shark angry and he smashes Namor away. Namor doesn't understands why he does this and meanwhile Leonard: "Get away Namor! I will get him for you!" Namor knows that this won't end good, but goes out of the water. Tiger Shark attacks Leonard and bites off his hands and legs. After it, he eats him totally until there is nothing left behind. Namor is very shocked. Tiger Shark eats his father. Stingray wants to get away, but suddenly Attuma and Llyra are standing before him. Attuma smashes him knock-out. Tiger Shark also goes out of the water. Namor doesn't knows what to do and surrenders. Attuma also smashes him knock-out. Tiger Shark, Attuma and Llyra kidnap Namor and Stingray and bring them to a secret place.

Namor and Stingray wake up in a cage. Namor asks to Stingray: "What is this for place?" Stingray answers: "It doesn't feels like we are somewhere on land." Later, their talk is interrupted by Attuma who stands before their cage. He says: "Hello idiots, there is someone that wants to meet you." Attuma opens the cage. Tiger Shark also comes. He grabs Stingray. Attuma grabs Namor. They take them to another room. Dr. Dorcas and Llyra are sitting in that room. Dr. Dorcas says: "Welcome Namor. I'm glad to see you and welcome you on my own island." Namor answers: "Wait, I know this place. This belongs to Dr. Hydro." Dr. Dorcas answers: "It's good that you have found that out." Namor asks: "What have you done to Dr. Hydro?" Dr. Dorcas answers: "Nothing, he is just like you. Also a prisoner." They walk to the cage where Dr. Hydro is sitting. Dorcas laughs and later he throws Namor and Stingray in another cage next to Dr. Hydro. Tiger Shark and Attuma laugh and walk away. Llyra doesn't says anything. Namor and Stingray immediatly want to escape, but the cage is too strong. Dr. Hydro says to them: "There is no way you will open that. I have tried everything." Stingray says: "We should try something, there is no way we will sit here till we die. Dr. Hydro you know what to do, right?" Namor says after that: "I won't work with him. He was an enemy of me some time ago." Stingray disagrees and says: "Now we have Dorcas, Tiger Shark, Attuma and Llyra as enemies, not him." Namor says: "That's true. I can make communication with other Atlanteans but they won't find me." Doctor Hydro says: "You can make communication with other people? Give that to me, I can use it to let us escape." Namor doesn't wants it, but know it is their only hope. He throws it into Doctor Hydro's cage. Doctor Hydro says: "Thanks McKenzie, it will only be a matter of time till I will be out of here." Namor says: "What? I thought we had a deal that we both would come out of here by using my communication machine." Doctor Hydro says: "No McKenzie, you will be my prisoner." It makes Namor very angry, but he knows that he can't do anything.

Meanwhile, Dr. Dorcas, Tiger Shark, Attuma and Llyra are standing on the edge of the Hydro Base. Dr. Dorcas activates a button and the Hydro Base transforms into an island. He says: "Nobody will find us and we will destroy Atlantis once and for all." Attuma walks to Dr. Dorcas and says: "No, we won't destroy Atlantis. I will rule it!" Dr. Dorcas answers: "Fine, when we took over Atlantis, you will go off my island." After that, Dr. Dorcas feels like he is unstoppable. However, Llyra sees something in the water and she says: "You are not as unstoppable as you think" and she points to the creatures that coming to the island. Dr. Dorcas becomes very angry and says: "How is that possible? This is island is impossible to be found. Tiger Shark kill them all! Attuma and Llyra, make sure that our prisoners not escape." Llyra asks: "And what will you do?" Dr. Dorcas says: "That's not important." And he runs away inside the hidden bunker on the island. Tiger Shark jumps into the water and Llyra and Attuma also go inside the bunker. Tiger Shark attacks green, scaly skinned humanoids, but they are very strong. Lots of them come on the island. Tiger Shark is angry because of that. Dr. Dorcas goes inside his bunker and watches what is attacking his island. He says: "Stupid Dr. Hydro, I should have known that he would call his Hydro-Men!" Dr. Dorcas is so angry that he destroys lots of his electronic. Meanwhile, Attuma and Llyra run to the cages with Dr. Hydro, Namor and Stingray sitting in it. Attuma grabs Dr. Hydro out of the cage and smashes him on the ground. He says: "I will kill you right now." Attuma smashes him very hard and picks up his iron sword. He stabs Dr. Hydro with it. Later he cuts of Dr. Hydro's head and takes it as thropy to Dr. Dorcas. Llyra watches of Namor and Stingray not escape. Namor says softly to Stingray: "I think I have a plan to escape from this cage." Stingray answers: "And how we will do that?" Namor says: "You will electrocute Llyra and I will destroy this cage with my powers. I found out that this cage has a kind of weakness." After Namor said that, it is interrupted by Llyra that says: "Don't talk to each other. That's forbidden." Stingray says: "Oh yes, it is? You didn't told us that!" After that, Stingray starts sending electric to Llyra. Namor uses all his powers and later the cage breaks. Llyra is very angry and Namor smashes her away. He and Stingray start fighting against her. Meanwhile, Attuma shows Dr. Dorcas the head of Dr. Hydro. Dr. Dorcas is angry on him, but Attuma explains why he had to kill him: "The Hydro-Men will take over this island. I killed their leader." Dr. Dorcas answers: "No they won't take over this island!" You will kill them all!" Attuma agrees with it and starts attacking the Hydro-Men that attack the bunker. He sees Tiger Shark who is killing some of them on the beach of the island. But they are with too much. Namor and Stingray are still fighting with Llyra. Namor is still very angry that she killed Dorma and wants revenge for that. Llyra uses all her powers and smashes Stingray away. Namor and her keep fighting further. Suddenly. Llyra grabs Namor at this neck and wants to strangle him. Luckily, Stingray uses his electric on her and Namor grabs his sword and stabs Llyra with it. "This is for Dorma!" says Namor when Llyra falls death on the ground. Namor and Stingray walk further to the room of Dr. Dorcas. They see Attuma and Tiger Shark while going to Dr. Dorcas's room. Tiger Shark attacks Namor and they start fighting. Attuma and Stingray also start fighting against each other. Stingray uses his electric, but Attuma doesn't feels anything of it and grabs his iron sword. He wants to stab Stingray with it, but he smashes his out of his hands and it falls on the ground. Stingray pushes Attuma away. Attuma says: "Your electric doesn't works, so how are you going to kill me?" Stingray picks up the iron sword and throws it to Attuma. He gets it in his hands and he ends in a wall. Attuma can't move as the iron sword hold him to the wall. Stingray runs away and wants to help Namor with fighting against Tiger Shark. Attuma is very angry and screams something. Meanwhile, Namor and Tiger Shark are on one of Namor's machines. Tiger Shark smashes Namor on the ground. He wants to eat Namor, but Namor grabs Tiger Shark and pushes him in Attuma's machine. Tiger Shark gets lots of radio-active radiation on him and the machine starts exploding. Dr. Dorcas hears it. Namor and Stingray go to his room, lots of Hydro-Men follow them. Dr. Dorcas hears that the machine is exploding. When Namor, Stingray and the Hydro-Men reach the room, Dr. Dorcas is screaming something. Later he says: "No no no, what have you done!" The Hydro-Men get away, Stringray says to Namor that they also have to go away. Namor agrees with that. Dr. Dorcas runs to the machine and tries to restore it. But it is all too late and the complete machine explodes. Dr. Dorcas dies in this explosion. Namor and Stingray hear the explosion. Namor calls the other Atlanteans.

Some hours later, the other Atlanteans come on the island. Attuma is brought in a cage. The Atlanteans also find Tiger Shark who is very injured but survived the explosion. They also put him in a cage. There is nothing left of Dr. Dorcas's body. The Hydro-Men take over the Hydro base again and Namor and Stingray go back to Atlantis. Attuma and Tiger Shark are throwen in the strongest guarded prison of Atlantis. Namor is back on his place and makes a plan how it has to go further with Atlantis. Stingray decides to come life in Atlantis and doesn't want to go back on land. Namor is still sad that Dorma and his father died, but he knows that life goes further.

Mid-Credit Scene

Attuma is still sitting in his prison and is bored. He is smashing on a wall. Tiger Shark is also waked up. He is biting on the wall of the cage. An Atlantean guard is walking through the prison and looks at them. He sees that Tiger Shark wants to escape and wants to electrocute him. But instead of electrocuting, Tiger Shark grabs the guard and totally eats him.

After-Credit Scene

Namor is still sitting in his palace. Suddenly, he gets a message. It is from the Avengers. They ask him of they want to join them. Namor laughable says: "The Avengers? What is that supposed to be? He clicks the message away. On that moment, Stingray walks inside the room and sees that they got a message from the Avengers. Stingray asks to Namor: "Who are the Avengers?" Namor says: "I don't know.........." and he walks away. Stingray watches at the message and sees that a man called Tony Stark send the message. Stingray says to himself: "Wow, Tony Stark that billionair from New York. I have to tell Namor about this." After that, Stingray goes after Namor and tells him about it.


  • Keanu Reeves as Namor McKenzie/Namor the Sub-Mariner
  • Unknown actor as Walter Newell/Stingray
  • Imogen Poots as Laura Morris/Dorma
  • Owan Yeomain as Attuma
  • Ryback as Todd Arliss/Tiger Shark
  • Unknown actress as Llyra Morris
  • Unknown actress as Namora
  • Liam Neeson as Dr. Lemuel Dorcas
  • Unknown actor as Herman Frayne/Dr. Hydro
  • Unknown actor as Peter Noble/Fin
  • Unknown actress as Nia Noble
  • Milla Jovovich as Fen
  • Ken Watanabe as Leonard McKenzie
  • Unknown actor as King Karthon
  • Unknown actress as Rhonda Morris