The Myles Bots are a superhero team. They were formed in 2017 by Zachary Delightful and Carrie Courageous. They will appear in Myles Bots: The Movie.


Black Ranger and Will Turner were the first people to join the team after they fought against Monty Cross and successfully killed him. Zachary Delightful and Carrie Courageous caught wind of this and took the duo under their wing to help fight against the late war criminal's bosses. Pearl then joined the team after disguising herself as a vigilante known as Whiplash and killed Raska Davenport by slicing his head off. Afterwards Carrie revealed her true nature as a confident and brave woman to Airborne and confessed Langer's involvement in the murder of his mother to him giving the shocked villain second-thoughts. Eventually, Langer hired Lila Vickers and Potty Mouth to capture Zachary Delightful knowing that Airborne is capable of empathy and real emotions. However, Zachary escaped using a tamed iguana and a newly-redeemed Airborne eventually joined the team. After they successfully killed the villain trio, they were declared heroes and the defenders of San Francisco therefore they are taken under custody of Carrie and currently fight villains and save the city and the entire world from complete destruction.


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