Multiverse: Infinity War is an action adventure fantasy comedy drama horror film, a parody of the movie "Avengers: Infinity War", and a massive multiplayer crossover. The idea was made by MinecraftFan11onScratch.


NiGHTS and Rayman, after the former is flickered into the latter's world, decide to call heroes from many universes to try and save the universe of a menacing threat...Lord Zalgo, who plans to gather six, colorful and powerful stones called "Infinity Stones" and corrupt half of the multiverse's population to be his slaves.


The movie starts with a battle between NiGHTS and Reala, two nightmarens that oppose themselves, due to the former being a rebellious and freedom-seeking trickster and the latter a callous and cunning right-hand to "Master Wizeman". Suddenly, the fight is interrupted by Wizeman himself coming, with four new people none of them ever knew: a blonde girl, a green-haired cat girl, a black-haired spider creature with needle arms and legs, and a demon with red eyes, teeth and cape, welding a gauntlet and holding on the other hand a red gem.

Reala demands from Wizeman to know what is happening, and instead of Wizeman speaking, the demon speaks. He introduces himself as "Z'algatoth, also known as Lord Zalgo and simply Zalgo", and explains his objective: gather six stones known as "Infinity Stones", and make half of the multiverse his domain, and his slaves. NiGHTS is clearly horrified, and even Reala has some sense to ask to his Master why he's getting in alliance with "such a dark being". Zalgo, as a answer, orders Wizeman to proof his loyalty to him, and he does it by beating Reala down, allowing Zalgo to absorb him in the "Power Stone".

NiGHTS, devastated by the "death" of her fellow Nightmaren, tries to confront Zalgo by herself, but her attempts prove fruitless when Zalgo uses the "Infinity Gauntlet" to thrown away the jester somewhere else. NiGHTS, after a long fall through mysterious worlds, is revealed to have fallen in a jungle and rescued by a limbless creature who introduces himself as Rayman. As NiGHTS mentions Zalgo's threat and Rayman shows confusion, the title of the movie appears.

After getting a explanation of what happened by NiGHTS, Rayman decides to call out other heroes in possible worlds to aid them. The question that raises in both of their heads is how. That is, until they find out shooting stars falling out of the sky (caused by the disrupture between the two worlds), and they ponder if they can create a multi-universal wide call.

Thanks to them, through a montage sequence, they created a multi-universal call with portals through the worlds of Sonic, Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, Star vs the Forces of Evil, Kirby, Hi HI Puffy AmiYumi, UNDERTALE & deltarune, Coraline, Ib, Pucca, Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure, A Witch's Tale, and Cat Girl Without Salad: ~Amuse-Bouche~ as the instrumental of "Escapism" from Steven Universe plays in the background.

The cameo cuts out to reval Eggman pet wolves discovering about the search while walking the land most nearby to the looks in the characters, Despite it, however, only the bold-marked worlds answered it initially. With that, NiGHTS and Rayman could meet Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Cream, the Crystal Gems' Steven, Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, Bismuth, Lapis and Peridot, Dipper and Mabel, Pacifica, Star Butterfly, Kirby, Meta Knight, King Dedede, Bandana Waddle Dee, the Delta Warriors' Kris, Susie and Ralsei, and finally, Frisk Dreemurr, ambassador of the Monster Race. After a initial arguing, which resulted on Frisk's red SOUL accidentaly getting split in middle by Star, with the other half being used by Chara's spirit for it to materialize, Steven makes a speech about the call, and how they should answer it no matter if they don't understand each other pretty well yet. Finally, the multiuniversal heroes decide to work together, with Meta Knight asking to Rayman "what is the most secret place in this land".

Zalgo, already with the Power Stone in his Infinity Gauntlet, appears in a part of Dreamland to check if he can sense one of the Infinity Stones. A Swords Knight bravely stands up agains't him, but the Hive-Mind of Chaos just laughs as he, with a single punch, vaporizes the Swords Knight. The blonde girl from before, introduced as "Mary", gives off the Space Stone to Zalgo (that she claims to found "in the castle") and after putting it in the infinity gauntlet, Zalgo proudly begins to announce the next step of his plan.

It cuts to a bit before NiGHTS finishes explaining her own encounter with Zalgo, and as almost everyone voice their worries, Pearl, Tails and Meta Knight research a computer they built off together, only to collectively gasp in horror after scanning alot of information. When Star asks what this "Zalgo man" is, Meta Knight seriously answer's that he's a being that can't be described with words like "monster", "demon" and "abomination", and that can cause serious damages if the Infinity Gauntlet is actually completed. Dedede, creeped out by a comment of Chara, tries to make her a part of Frisk once more, but Garnet intervines, claiming that she saw with her future vision a good outcome for the first fallen human.

Susie interrupts the talking to ask "where [they] should go first", and it cuts out to the answer: Dreamland, to pick up Meta Knight's ship, the Halberd. Even though Steven suggested for his mother's Pink Legs Ship, Star suggested the Dimensional Scissor Cutters, and NiGHTS a simple Paraloop out of luck, Meta assured the group that the Halberd could also be used for incredible defense. After a while in the ship, Cream points out the glow on Steven's gem, and the two look out in the window to see a scar in the sky dipping black goo. After a good part of the group realizes the possible danger, Meta Knight decides to stop the ship in middle-air and, along with Garnet, Dedede, Amy Rose and NiGHTS, check out what it meant. But Star and Cream managed to quietly sneak in a bit behind to check the hole out.

The quintet gets distracted with noises coming from the area around King Dedede's castle, and immediately check out in time to see the arrival of Wizeman, now one of the "Followers of Zalgo". After a dialogue, which finishes with NiGHTS claiming she'll defeat him like she did many times before, the heroes engage in a battle. In the middle of the battle, Meta Knight decides to call out the heroes who are still in the Halberd, only to leave his guard open up long enough to force Dedede to push him out of the way of one of Wizeman's beams.

The scene cuts out to reveal Star and Cream discovering about the battle while climbing the mount most nearby to the scar in the sky. While Waddle Dee's approach, briefly mistaking them for invasors before understanding their reasons, Star decides to go to the battle and help the others, leaving Cream the only one to check the tar in the sky, with the help of Waddle Dee's carrying parasols.


Back in Zalgo's Dimension, the dimension's titular Lord comes out of the portal, only to realize with some sadness (thanks to Garnet) that Wizeman did indeed fail the mission he gave to him. Garnet questions the motivations of Zalgo, and he answers by revealing with the help of the Reality Stone that his reputation among other beings with godhood-like power is one of jokes, so he decided that having his influence through half of the multiverse would be enough to earn respect. Garnet states that the will of the Hivemind is very different from "theirs", confusing Zalgo greatly until NiGHTS throws a black rock at him, as she and Kebako enter in battle.

Zalgo cracks the rock in pieces, transforming them in a swarm of bats NiGHTS takes care off on her own, before getting subdued by Cream and Cheese and recieving a spin attack from Amethyst. Garnet summons her gauntlets and confronts Zalgo in a fist duel while Amethyst uses her whip, but Zalgo throws Amethyst away and breaks Garnet's gauntlets. Bandanna Waddle Dee flies in and jabs Zalgo's cape to catch his attention, before a Kebako shouting "BOOM!" shoots down the Hivemind of Chaos. Steven, Cream and Cheese join efforts to attack Zalgo in the head before getting pinned down and thrown at Garnet.

After a failed assault from NiGHTS, she, along with Garnet, Bandanna, Amethyst, Steven, Cream and Cheese, Kebako, try to join efforts to remove the gauntlet from Zalgo, right as Frisk arrives in Steven's Leg Ship, wondering about Chara's whereabouts. After learning about her "death", Frisk gets heartbroken-ly furious enough to run towards Zalgo, sending a blast of her Red SOUL towards him, which knocks off NiGHTS. In the moment Steven, Cream and Cheese apparently are going to succeed in removing Zalgo's Infinity Gauntlet, he knocks them off and all the others from him, and uses the Power and Space Stone to hurl shards of a mountain towards them.

In Green Hill, Dedede and Susie combine their efforts to take down a bunch of the shadow demon creatures, and in the middle of the battle, Sonic and Kris have a little reunion where the former points out the new weapon of the latter. Amy, who's just preparing to enter into battle, along with the humans, look upon the situation in the battlefield and the leadership of Rayman. Peridot tries to take care of Uramiko by using her ferrokinesis to mess with her arm cannon, and Star runs off to take care of her, as Coraline, Dipper, Mabel and Pacifica decide to find a way to quickly take the Beldam down. Amy tries to fight off said Beldam, who states she'll meet her doom alone, only for Pearl and Bismuth to run in and help, stating "she won't be alone".

Before Uramiko can blast Peridot, Star comes in and battles her, taking her down with her Mewberty form. Meanwhile, Sonic takes the green gem to a place in the battlefield he could judge safe, taking down shadow demons along the way. As Amy, Pearl and Bismuth battle the Beldam, the kids use a rock to crush her with black, tar-like blood oozing from below it, as the seven look with some disgust.

Back in Zalgo's Dimension, Cream jumps through the debrees and rescues Bandanna Waddle Dee, Kebako, Steven and Amethyst from them. Garnet recovers consciousness in time to slide through rocks and continue to battle Zalgo on her own. She holds down well, until Zalgo holds her two hands between his fingers as he states "[her] weakness is that [Garnet's] halves can't fight without each other", before forcibly separating Garnet's component gems, Ruby and Sapphire, and throwing them away, as both of them pass out. NiGHTS dashes in, stating she won't take another mountain at her, and refusing Zalgo's claim that she "is plagued with bravery".

NiGHTS uses the best of her skills to try and beat Zalgo, but all that it results is a accidental cut of blood from his lips. The fight completely turns to Zalgo side as he beats the renegade Nightmaren down, breaking down most of her body in porcelain-like cracks. However, the Hivemind of Chaos, in a attempt of comforting his opponent, shows he got genuine respect for NiGHTS before trying to use his four Infinity Stones agains't her. Before it can actually happen, Ruby and Sapphire yell for him to stop, before fusing back into Garnet, who promises him the Time Stone, with no tricks. NiGHTS is mildly dissapointed over her ally willingly giving a Infinity Stone to the heroes' enemy, but Garnet's mysterious reply is just "We are in the final level now".

Thanks to Kris and Amy Rose's help, the battle of Green Hill is turned to in favor of the heroes agains't the shadowy demon creatures. However, Amy stops fighting to help a pain-flinched Peridot, who announces "he" is coming. Zalgo indeed teleports in the arena with the goal to get the Mind Stone. Bismuth, Sonic, Rayman and Lapis try to stop him, but respectively, Zalgo digs and traps Bismuth and her own armory on the ground, sweeps Sonic away before his spin attack can hit him, briefly disconnects one of Rayman's fists, and blast Lapis' water wings, forcing her to fall on the ground. Peridot pleads for Amy to destroy the Mind Stone on her cheek, not really caring if her gem will somehow get cracked in the process, and as Amy express her hesitation, finally yells she's sorry about the infortune, and that she should later say to Steven she loved him. Finally, Amy decides to go along and use the Green Chaos Emerald to blast the Mind Stone.

Zalgo stops Knuckles (who tried to give him a uppercut), Tails (who was charging a blast on his arm cannon), Pearl (who tried to throw one of her spears at his chest), Kirby (who tried to use the Star Rod's stars as projectiles), and Sonic (when he, again, tries to stop Zalgo by harming the Infinity Gauntlet with his spin attack) from stopping him as he slowly approaches Amy and Peridot. Amy herself tries to stop Zalgo by throwing her Piko Piko Hammer at him, but it fails as it bounces back to her knees due to Zalgo's shield. Peridot thanks Amy before the Mind Stone finally is destroyed, sending a little impulse that indeed does cause small cracks on Peridot's gemstone. Zalgo, for a moment, looks like he'll comfort Amy, but actually he reverses time to stop Amy from poofing Peridot, and he himself yanks the Mind Stone out of Peridot, poofing her but not causing serious damages to her gemstone.

After getting his sword powered up by the Chaos Emeralds and the blasts from Star Rod and Star Butterfly's wand, Kris hops in the air with a yell and throws it at Zalgo. Even with a blast of the completed Infinity Gauntlet, everything that happens is a colorful bowshock that stops when Zalgo yells in pain, Kris' Sword digged in his chest's top mouth. When Kris approaches, saying Zalgo would indeed "die for that" and digging his sword deeper into his chest's top mouth, the Hive-Mind of Chaos suddenly smirks, mocking that Kris should have gone for his seventh mouth, before snapping his fingers agains't Kris' protest. He briefly appears in a black void along with a Chara from before UNDERTALE events, who asks him what did it cost, to recieve as a reply a solemn "Everything".

As Zalgo comes back to reality, with a Infinity Gauntlet completely distorted and a furious Kris, he simply teleports away with a smile, leaving Kris' de-powered and a bit tar filled Sword behind. As Susie comes in to ask where Zalgo went too, Amy informs that there's something wrong with her leg, only for her to state a horrible pain and scream. It's shown she's actually becoming a slave of Zalgo, followed right afterwards by Yumi, Kirby, Star, Rayman, Pucca, Kururu and Ami.

In Zalgo's dimension, as the survivors are helping each other recover, Garnet herself realizes what's going on, and tells Steven what happened is the only way for them all to truly save the day. As Amethyst tries to fetch Garnet off, Cream slowly starts to get corrupted, desperatedly hugging Steven and pleading for him to make the pain stop, before apologizing. As the corrupted Garnet and Cream suddenly laugh evily before teleporting away in portals made on the ground, Frisk states with horror and regret that "he did it". Back in Green Hill Zone, the heroes are left no choice but escape from their corrupted allies, with Dedede mornfully claiming he and the others promise to "come back for them all".

Still in Zalgo's dimension, the Hive-Mind of Chaos himself is sitting at his castle's balcony, watching the closest that could be of a sunrise in his own world.

Post-Credits Scene

Ib and Meta Knight, on the Multi-Universal Saviors Base, end up discovering the recent news of Zalgo's sucess and, devastated, they check some of their allies Homeworlds seeing lots of damages and corrupted people/places. Ib turns out to be one of the affected by Zalgo's fingersnap and solemly pleads for Meta to say to Garry she's sorry.

Meta Knights flees and hids from the recently corrupted Ib, sending a message and distress signal through a pager to Connie Maheswaran, the Stan Twins, the Great Diamond Authority and the Mt. Ebott monsters to help the remaining heroes. As Ib finds him out, and he looks at his own hand, he drops the pager in shock after discovering he himself is being corrupted by Zalgo's fingersnap.

The last proper shot is the beeping pager, who show's five symbols: Connie's new sword forged by Bismuth, the Diamond Authority's first and third era's sigil, the Stan twins' symbol (Pac-man esque symbol and the Six Fingered Hand), and the Delta Rune. Then, it cuts to a title screen stating that Zalgo will come back.



  • NiGHTS: A trickery and playful jester creature from Nightopia, and self-proclaimed Guardian of the Night Dimension. She always fought against her creator Wizeman with the help of Visitors (humans who, in their dreams, end up winding in Nightopia), fooling his plans of taking over the Night Dimension, despite the most concrete reason for her battle agains't him is simply her disliking agains't his ideals. She is the de-facto protagonist of the movie, gathering the heroes through the Multiverse and being fueled by the "death" of her "twin brother" Reala.
  • Rayman: A arms-and-legs lacking creature from the Glade of Dreams that helps NiGHTS send a multiversal-scale signal of help to some worlds. Despite being aloof, impatient and cocky sometimes, he's really a pretty friendly fellow.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog: A hedgehog from the planet Mobius that can run as fast as sound, and frequently foils the plans of whoever is threatening his homeworld and/or friends (most of the time this someone being the evil Robotnik/Eggman). He is a wild and adventurous spirit that is always looking up to a challenge.
  • Steven Universe: A hybrid of Gem and Human and a member of the Crystal Gems, a group of gems that defected from their Homeworld. He is the son of their former leader, Rose Quartz (whom he learned that was actually a alias of Pink Diamond, the fourth member of the Diamond Authority), and spent most of his life raised by his mother's remaining comrades to learn how to control his powers. He is a kind and forgiving spirit that prefers understanding his opponents over fighting them.
  • Kirby: A young, puffball-like creature that lives on Dreamland, a country located in the star-shaped planet of Popstar, that put himself in many adventures through his homeland, with reasons hanging from food to stopping a large menace. Despite being young, childish and naive, he is also very brave, willing to stand up to anyone.
  • Frisk: A human demigirl that feel into the legendary Mount Ebott, and ended up freeing the monster-kind from it with the help of a fallen prince. She heirs the Red SOUL from the first fallen human, which she can use to either SAVE, LOAD or RESET. However, those "powers" became weaker as her SOUL got split in half so Chara, the first fallen human who laid dormant in her, could co-exist with her. Like Steven, she tries to find a pacific solution, but she's not that hesitant to fight if fully necessary.
  • Chara: A human demigirl and the first fallen human that, thanks to a chain of events, changed for a long while the mindset of the monster race sealed inside Mount Ebott. At first, she's not trusted by the others because of her murderous-esque mindset, and Dedede even suggests Frisk and Chara should "be whole (or something)" again. However, she proofs pretty loyal, partially due to the regret of her previous life hanging on her neck.
  • Dipper Pines: A 13-years old boy that, along with his twin sister Mabel, spend a summer on a weird town in the middle of Oregon known as Gravity Falls, having what both of them consider "the weirdest adventure of their lives". He is smart and adventurous yet awkward, and prefers the safety of his friends and/or his sister over his own gain. Inspired by one of his great uncles, he has a blue journal with a pine tree labeled "D" where he writes his current adventures, and it shows up in some scenes of this movie.
  • Mabel Pines: A 13-years old girl that, along with her twin brother Dipper, spend a summer on a weird town in the middle of Oregon known as Gravity Falls, having what both of them consider "the weirdest adventure of their lives". She is a lot more loud, weird and cheerful than her twin brother, and can be a bit selfish and attention-seeking, but since her adventure in Gravity Falls proved how it could lead to disaster, she tamed a bit her flaws. Like in her origin show, her main weapon is a grappling hook.
  • Pacifica Northwest: A girl around Dipper and Mabel's ages and a member of the supposed family that founded Gravity Falls. Initially, she was a queen bee style bully towards the Pines, but after learning the rotten truth behind her family and fighting some anomalies with Mabel and Dipper, she became their friend. She prefers to negotiate with the enemy and/or indirectly deal with them rather than fighting (its never explained why, but fear and cowardice are possible answers), but she kept the axe of a certain lumberjack ghost as one of the fight scenes shows.
  • Kris: A age-ambigous teenager demiboy from a alternate timeline of Frisk and Chara's world that, although has similarities, has MANY differences. He is quiet and most of the time seems detached, but its shown in his lines he actually can show how much he cares about his friends. Most of the time, he's seen in the form he has on the Dark World (armored, with a peach-colored sword as a weapon), due to frequently dweeling in magic worlds. He also has a SOUL like Frisk, but with much less power.
  • Ralsei: A self-described prince from the Dark World, and a white mage with healing abilities, sleeping spells, and a lethally-sharp scarf. He's very nice, fluffy and awkward, and tries to find a non-lethal way to deal with problems. However, defeating the Spades King a bit before the events of the movie showed him that the world is not "a place where mercy always wins".
  • Coraline: A 11-years old girl that after moving to the Pink Palace Apartments, ends up exploring the Other World, a apparently ideal copy of her world, only to discover it's not what it looks like. She became alot more better after facing the "Other Mother" (also knows as the Beldam), but still has her snarker, witty side. Unlike most of her allies (and like Mabel, Dipper and Pacifica), she doesn't have any powers or weapons, but compensates with intelligence and wits.
  • Pucca: A 9-years old asian girl, that has a vow of silence and is always running after her love to try and kiss him. Despite being nice, if annoyed enough, she can use many abilities and skills that between them are a surprising strenght, wits, a superhero alter-ego, and undo her hair buns to unleash a large strenght.
  • Ib: A girl around 9-years old (or a bit higher) that, a time ago, explored a creepy gallery with the company of a lavender-haired teenager named Garry, and fought agains't a painting that gained life, Mary. She carries a rose on her chest that represents how much she can still live on (it slowly has less petals as she is hurt or unhealthy), and becomes corrupted along with her. Ib decides to help fight agains't Zalgo because she suspects he has kidnaped Garry, whom she didn't see in a long while.


  • Zalgo: The main antagonist, a demon that is known by the titles of "He Who Waits Behind the Wall", "The Hivemind of Chaos", and the call of "HE COMES". In search for power, he ends up learning the existence of the Infinity Stones, and decides to craft himself a Infinity Gauntlet and go after them so half of the multiverse's population could be his slaves. Although he has some honor with his opponents, and a warped regret, Meta Knight describes him as a being "whose words "monster", "abomination" and "demon" aren't enough to describe him".


  • Reala: Wizeman's right-hand man, and complete opposite of his "sister" NiGHTS. Due to their opposing personalities and ideals, they end up in one way or another fighting each other, although NiGHTS still deeply holds affect towards him and Reala refuses to believe NiGHTS will never come back to Nightmare. The opening scene shows them in one of their many fights, before Wizeman himself show with his new allies (Zalgo among them), and seals Reala in the Power Gem to show newfound loyalty to the Hivemind of Chaos, devasting NiGHTS.



NiGHTS: When I first saw him...he explained his goal. To have half of the multiverse to be his. If he catches all those "Infinity Stones", he can do it with a snap of his fingers. (snaps her fingers) Just like that.

Pearl: Tell us his name again.

NiGHTS: ...Zalgo.

~ The starter scene from the second trailer.

Steven: You're back! You're okay!

Cream: What happened?

Garnet: I saw the many possibilities of the conflict that is bound to happen.

Frisk: How many of those did you see?

Garnet: 14,000 and a few.

Dedede: (nervous chuckle) And in how much of these did we win?

Garnet: ...One.

~ Garnet uses the Time Stone to enhance her future sight ability to detect how many futures the heroes will win agains't Zalgo.
We're in the final level now.
~ Garnet after she is questioned by NiGHTS about why she willingly gave the Time Stone to Zalgo.

Frisk: (comes in to join the others, and stands in front of Zalgo) Zalgo, maybe Steven said something like that before but...I think you might have a chance to stop. And- ...where is Chara?

Zalgo: Darling...Chara...?

Frisk: (nervously) Y-yeah! Where she is?

Kebako: he sad?

Frisk: (gasp)

Kebako: (comic disbelief) He's...CRYING?!

Amethyst: This dude is MOURNING about Chara?!

Cream: (sadly realizes what happened) O-oh no...she is gone for the sake of the Soul Stone...

NiGHTS: (realizes Frisk is shaking with a mix of anger and sadness) Frisk, don't do it! We are almost pulling this off, we don't need you to h-

Frisk: Cream lied...RIGHT?! Please, tell me you didn't do it!

Zalgo: I...had...too.

Frisk: didn't...(opens her eyes, revealing they have intensely glowing red pupils) YOU DIDN'T DO IT!

~ Frisk's reaction to Chara's death.

Running Gags

  • Zalgo never calling some heroes directly by name, but instead nicknames.
    • NiGHTS: Jester Girl (not as frequently as the other nicknames, and there's times he call her by the actual name)
    • Rayman: No-Limbs
    • Kirby: Puffball
    • Steven Universe: Shield Boy
    • Frisk and Chara: The Shards (however, he does call them individually by their own names)
    • The Crystal Gems: The Runaways
    • The Delta Warriors (Kris, Susie and Ralsei): Angel Workshippers
    • Dipper and Mabel: Tree Children
  • Dedede and Kebako managing to snatch at least one correct argument (the former in his frequent, snarky arrogance, the latter on her stupidness).




Text version (most accurate):

Video version (least accurate):


See: Multiverse: Final Level.


  • This movie's idea is based on a cast meme the creator did and posted on her deviantART account.
  • Although it still has it's dramatic moments just like Infinity War, it's taken in a much lighter and softer tone, with more comic moments and the lack of actual deaths (possibly excluding the Swords Knight in one part).
  • Zalgo's possible voice is the interpretation made by David Near. The speech in the video is even done at one of the scenes in the middle of the movie, but a bit censored.
  • It's heavily implied, through imagery in the half of the credits that "Love Like You" plays, that in-universe, Chara is singing this song as she is trapped in the Menu Screen of her origin world, thinking she's horrible compared to her new allies and Frisk, and she wants to learn how to love in their way.


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