Minnow Bly The Movie is a 1998 American animated drama fantasy film Directed by Kathi Castillo and Produced by Universal Studios.


The Movie Starts Right After The Chipmunk Adventure, When Minnow Dressed Up into Genie Outfit for Jeanette Miller, ready for her return. While they argue, Constance ran to the hut to killed herself.


  • B.J. Ward as Minnow Bly, Angel, Vivienne
  • June Foray as Constance Bly
  • Frank Welker as Dr. Wilson, The Prophet
  • Jim Cummings as Samuel Bly
  • Grey DeLuise as Sheriff Harjo, Nikki, Nikki's Sisters
  • Michael Jordan as Minnow's Brother
  • Gary Trousdale as Steak
  • Mark Hamill as Oven
  • Tim Allen as Cop
  • Wallace Shawn as Randy



  • Running Time: 77 Minutes
  • G-rated for
  • It was recycled animation for Bambi and The Chipmunk Adventure for the final battle for Constance Bly and The Prophet to die in the fire.
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