Miles Cole is a character from Spaceship 537. He is portrayed by Joe Alwyn.


Spaceship 537

Miles Cole was one of the students that were chosen to go to an unknown planet where was possibly life on. He chose the side of John Shaw when the crew members choose sides. He During the fight on the Spaceship 537, he joined the fight and was later defeated. When Shaw and the others went into an escape pod, Cole followed them. The escape pod crashed on the planet because George Smith had been shooting it. Cole survived the crash. He and his allies went to a town. He was disappointed of the planet. Later, Markus Wood, Alexander Burns, and the others also came to the town. A fight started that was won by Shaw, Cole and the others. The others were taken as hostagers, except Markus Wood and Caroline Livingstone. When Conley came, he started a fight with the Quetirians. Shaw, Cole and the others got some cars out of the Spaceship 484. Cole was in the car with Eric Wright. Wood, Burns, Livingstone, Marshall, Johnson and Smith followed them in a Tyquervehicle. It has a cannon. Smith is sitting in it. He shoots on the car of Cole and Wright. He hits it totally and it completely explodes. Wright jumps out of the car. Cole can't and he dies in the explosion.




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