Mickey vs Mario: Dawn of Fiction is an 2026 American-Japanese animated action-comedy film produced and distributed by Walt Disney Pictures in collaboration with Toho and Nintendo, being their first collaboration, the films stars Chris Diamantopoulos as Mickey Mouse and Charles Martinet as Mario, both of whom in this film have started a rivalry as a fact of them being two of the most popular fictional characters. the film was directed by Paul Rudish (creator of the 2013 Mickey Mouse shorts) and produced by Shigeru Miyamoto, creator of the Mario franchise, the film has been rated PG due to it's moderate violence and toilet humor, the film is a spoof of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, with this film being considered to be vastly superior, the film currently holds a 96% Certified Fresh rating in Rotten Tomatoes.

The film is also notorious for featuring a lot of characters of different Disney and Nintendo franchises that aren't from the Mickey and Mario franchises in an attempt to make it one of the biggest crossovers ever.


Mickey Mouse had been enjoying a succesful life until the early 90's when it was becoming clear he was becoming less and less popular in comparision with Mario, Nintendo's then recent mascot, Mickey was soon being annoyed by this until he decided to ignore it, hoping that he would have his popularity back someday, and instead deciding to entertain kids and be the host of Disneyland.

More than 30 years later, the question of who was more popular between Mickey and Mario was now a question that was causing uncivil debates, however, Mickey and Mario were pretty much ignorant to this fact, until Mario decided to pull a prank on Mickey on his birthday, causing them to become rivals and were pretty much prepared for a completely destructive fight, however, after a bunch of different villains of different worlds are being a threat to the fiction world, they will need to learn how to work together and learn that even the worst enemies can turn into great allies.


Chris Diamantopoulos - Mickey Mouse

Charles Martinet - Mario 

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Songs in the soundtrack

Mr. Blue Sky - ELO (Intro song)

The World is New - Save Ferris

Taking Care of Business - BTO (this plays while Mickey and Mario are shown in their companies trying to run them)

Jump Up, Super Star - Kate Higgins

Mickey Mouse Club March

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