Mickey Mouse is a 2022 live-action/animated comedy film by Walt Disney Pictures. The film was directed by Jon M. Chu, and also stars Owen Laramore as the voice of the title character, alongside Nico Parker, Terrell Ransom Jr., Benjamin Bratt, and Elle Fanning in live-action roles. The music was composed by John Debney.

The film premiered in France on June 30, 2022, and was released initially on July 8, 2022. Mickey Mouse received generally positive reviews from critics and earned $355 million on an $81 million budget.


Owen Laramore as the voice of Mickey Mouse, an anthropomorphic, fearless, fun-loving mouse.

Nico Parker as Lacey Stiller, Jenny Stiller's dull, somewhat bossy, well behaved daughter and the younger brother of Kenny.

Terrell Ransom Jr. as Kenny Stiller, Jenny Stiller's somehow misbehaved, destructive, and trouble-making son and the older brother of Lacey.

Benjamin Bratt as Hence "Hen" Pratt, the Stillers' lazy, unemployed, neighbor who wants to send Kenny to military school to straighten up his destructive behavior.

Elle Fanning as Jenny Stiller, Lacey and Kenny's single-mother and a real-estate agent.

Cloris Leachman as Mrs. Swope, Lacey and Kenny's elderly babysitter. This film was Leachman's final feature film appearance before her death in 2025.

Matt Damon as Chuck Timberwood, the mayor of the Timberwood real-estate office and Jenny's non-tolerant boss who may seem nice at first glance, but is quickly to fire employees, often with a loud voice of tone. Damon is also the voice of the family's somehow enthusiastic pet bird.

James Patrick Stuart as Raccoon 1 and Raccoon 2, two cute raccoons that Mickey brings in with him.

Sean Ryan Fox as Biggie Boy, a pre-teen boy who whacks Mickey right in the crotchet with a wooden bat.

Alison Bartlett O'Reilly as a secretary who works for Timberwood real-estate

Phillip Lawrence as an announcer for Mickey Mouse Products

Billy Eichner as Carl the Caterer

Tabitha Bateman as Sarah, who does not speak to Lacey anymore, not long after she talked back to her. As a result of the fact that she never speaks to her anymore, she never invited Lacey to her birthday.

Harland Williams as John McKinney, a member of the Timberwood real-estate who is fired for shaking his hand without washing his own hands first.

Additionally, other characters in the film have non-speaking appearances, such as Jikings, the family's pet puppy, and Moochy, who Lacey mentions is not her friend anymore due to wanting to be the head-chef at the time the Stiller family made cupcakes in their previous Timberwood Meet & Greet party. The barks and growls for Jikings were all provided by Frank Welker who was not credited in the film.

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