Matteo Flores was an Italian lawyer in Gotham City, New Jersey who defended the Joker in court and lived in the Arkham District of Gotham until his murder at the hands of The Arkham Knight.


Matteo Flores was a lawyer provided to the Joker after Joker's murder spree which included three major bombings, multiple separate murders, and the torture and murder of Jason Todd. Matteo was responsible for Joker not receiving the death penalty by pleading him insane, although after the court was dismissed, Joker revealed himself to be completely sane and Joker was sent to Arkham Asylum for a life sentence and he had escaped clean from being brought to justice because he could not be tried for the same crimes twice.

Matteo raised a teenage daughter named Sophie in his home in the Arkham District and one night Arkham Knight found reason to punish Matteo for his crimes for bringing up the insanity plea and he was killed by Arkham Knight via a shotgun wound to the head while trying to protect his daughter, which he succeeded in.  

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