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Star Wars Crossover of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

The Star Wars MCU crossover comics could start in at least 2025 or just after that year. The crossover of Eternals and Star Wars takes place in times when Rey is a jedi and training a new generation in times of peace. They could be in those years like from 2023 to 2029. Those could be the road/journey to the crossover trilogy.

Here are the comics that should come first.

Abraxas should be the main villain of the Eternals crossover of Star Wars. Abraxas is the main villain in the crossover of the Eternals and Star Wars. Abraxas brings back battle droids. He has imperial survivors working for him along with a bounty hunter as he plots to rule the universe. Ahsoka Tano is the galactic republic chancellor. She’s targeted by Bazine Netal and saved by Maz Kanata. DJ is a villain who was played by Benicio Del Toro in The Last Jedi with the help of Chewbacca. He’s arrested by Finn and Rose as republic soldiers. Rey is the grandmaster of the jedi order. There are the 3 children of Luke Skywalker and her offspring she trains as jedi. Those should be times of peace in the galaxy and no more of the sith. The Eternals take on battle droids. Rey kills Abraxas with her own light saber. It’s Abraxas who brings back trade federation battle droids long after the Separatists are no more. Maz Kanata could battle Bazine Netal and end up shooting her to death. Maybe Zay and her team with the daughter and son of Wedge Antilles joining the resistance take on the Gauvian Death Gang and Zay who's mother defected from the empire kills Bala-Tik. Maybe other characters take on Kanjiklub Tasu Leech is killed by Wedge’s son as he's fighting against the First Order along with Razoo Qin-Fee killed by Boba Fett's daughter Ailyn Vel. There’s a vision of Unkar Plutt killed in battle by Kaydel Ko Connix with surviving members of the resistance as are his thugs arrested with others from the resistance in the sequel trilogy in a blaster fight.  Colonel Kaplan is one of the first order officers arrested by the new Republic as the 2 gang leaders were hunted for years. The storm troopers who survived had redemption. Zorri Bliss takes on imperial officers who survived like Captain Chesille Sabrond teaming with the daughter of Lando Calrissian Jannah. She turns over war criminal Kaplan to the republic restored. Ochi turns out to be killed by Kyle Katarn a jedi killed by Snoke before the Force Awakens. Luke Skywalker’s oldest offspring with padawans take on the Sith Enternal and Acolytes of the Beyond Survivors. Abraxas brought back the Acolytes of Beyond in this tale. They Acolytes of the Beyond are defeated just when Rey with a power of the force kills Abraxas. Those planets are Jakuu, Kashyyyk the Wookie home world and Endor system. This is when Earth is discovered in the Star Wars galaxy along with it’s solar system/galaxy. 

There should be both movies and comic books crossovers on the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Star Wars. For comics in the crossovers there are the Fantastic Four, Inhumans and the Eternals. Each movie of the crossover trilogy should have prelude comics to certain battles of Marvel heroes and villains. The movies are Guardians of the Galaxy, Nova, The Defenders and the Avengers. There could be beginning comics to the origin of the Fantastic Four as they are hit by cosmic rays before ending up in the Star Wars galaxy and meeting the Inhumans. There’s allot of sith magic in those times bringing back dead dark lords and long dead imperial troopers like tie fighter pilots and storm troopers killed by blasters, light sabers and explosions.

Fans could come up with ideas for comics in between the movies like the crossovers of Inhumans like with Gorgon, Lockjaw, Crystal, Black Bolt, Triton or even other character from Inhumans in the Star Wars galaxy. Lockjaw could teleport the Fantastic Four and Inhumans to the Star Wars galaxy. That could be crossovers of the Eternals long ago with Star Wars. We could also work together on putting in ideas of years of Marvel movie releases. Maybe by then Marvel should have the legal rights to Fantastic Four. It should be a comic book short time series with the Inhumans and the Fantastic Four teaming up against Cyber and other villains like Blastaar, Trapster and Stergon and Auran with re activating separatist battle droids as prequel to the crossover trilogy. Dr. Doom is the main villain who’s defeated by The Thing after the Secret Wars. Joshua Ayers as Miracle Man is joining forces with Dr. Doom. Dr. Doom had managed to escape prison. The Fantastic Four and Inhumans defeat those villains just as those villains are captured by the republic solders of today.

There should be a bit of space battles in each of the movies and the comics that are prequel to the movie when Darth Plagueis in spirit is training Dantuis Wingdor in the sith arts before coming back to life out of the sith urn. Also there is bringing back storm troopers killed in battles against the galaxy empire long ago. The Inhumans and Fantastic Four fight Dr. Doom and those other villains in the Coco District of Coruscant. Gorgon battles Miracle Man in the area of the diner owned by Dexter Jester long ago. The space battles in the comics are the republic ships fighting droid ships while in the movies the republic ships are fighting tie fighters brought back all in the Star Wars galaxy. Human Torch burns battle droids. Black Bolt and Crystal take on battle droids also. The Thing defeats dr. Doom without killing him. It should be in going to 2029 AD on Earth when the Fantastic Four and Inhumans come into the Star Wars galaxy. Maybe somewhere in the galaxy Silver Surfer kills Thanos for good. Thanos and Silver Surfer had teleported to the Star Wars galaxy and end up on a planet. Cyber, Trapster and Stegron are Earth villains working for Dr. Doom after sprung from the Vault by Auran and Blastaar. Miracle Man works for those villains as well. Dr. Doom was chosen to lead this villain alliance and rule the universe. Dr. Doom in the new Separatist  movement is ruler of Earth while other worlds are to be ruled by Blastaar.

Somewhere else the Eternal/Kree Hybrid is in battle with Black Knight. Black Night defeats Ultimus slaying him on Earth.  Johnny Storm falls in love with Crystal of the Inhumans after the Thing defeats Dr. Doom in the Star Wars galaxy on Coruscant. Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman with the help of Triton defeat Stegron, Aurran and Trapster without killing them. Medusa defeats Blastar. Silver Surfer joins the Defenders team as he goes off to New York City with Lockjaw teleporting him and the Fantastic Four and the rest of the Inhumans team to Earth in New York City. Miracle Man is defeated by Gorgon.

At the point of the Silver Surfer facing Thanos in the Star Wars galaxy it’s the tomb of Darth Tenebrous on Yavin 4. There are historians talking of Exar Kun’s fall to the dark side as he was a jedi and killed by the jedi master who trained him. It's jedi and sith history to the Silver Surfer on this planet that Exar Kun and other sith lords came from. Silver Surfer meets a jedi master at the tomb of Tenebrous after killing Thanos. There is Rey spirit defeating the spirit of Darth Tenebrous with the help of Revan in taking redemption and other sith lords who served Tenebrous another jedi turned sith. Ahsoka Tano spirit defeats Darth Andeddu spirit. Those long dead sith lords are sent to the hades. Somewhere else Thane the son of Thanos is killed by Morg. There should be a shot of Thane defeating Galactus just before killed by Morg on the Yavin system. It’s those female jedi defeat ancient sith lords on Yavin 4 while the others are on Coruscant.

Also Dr. Doom in the 2020’s AD on Earth is on Coruscant with battle droids and the other Fantastic Four and Inhumans villains in the ideas for that comic book series. Dr. Doom is defeated on Coruscant while Coruscant cops arrest all those villains. There should be battles in the crossover trilogy on Coruscant in the 2020’s AD for the movies as this is the capital planet of Star Wars. Also each part of the crossover trilogy should show some space battles when it’s 2029 AD on Earth. Maybe before going into the Star Wars galaxy or modern with lord and storm troopers coming into NYC is when there are cameos of space battles. There should be Yoda and Mace Windu as force ghosts talking with the descendant of Luke Skywalker on the firey spectres of Darth Bane and the first dark lord of the sith. Mace Windu on his training from Yoda or Qui-Gon Jinn defeated the first sith lord the same way Yoda during the Clone Wars defeated Darth Bane. They send to the hades Darth Wrend and Darth Krall. Also Qui-Gon Jinn sends Darth Caldoth to the Hades in pre crossover trilogy. The spirits of Kanan Jarus, Leia Organa, Ben Solo and Ezra Bridger defeat the spirits of sith lords  Darth Tanis, Phobos, Darth Skrye, Descolous and others noted at war with the jedi.

Those force ghost battles of jedi and sith are on the planet of Coruscant by the current jedi temple. The first of the crossover series should be The Eternals to the republic brought back. Then should come the Silver Surfer and Black Knight vs. Thanos and Ultimus as the jedi spirits battle sith spirits and they defeat them. That’s when next Dr. Doom brings together FF/IH villains and the Fantastic Four with the Inhumans come to the Star Wars galaxy. Those battles in the crossover comics are on Coruscant from the Fantastic Four and Inhumans team up against this villain alliance. Silver Surfer comes to live on Earth and made it his home planet. Earth villains captured are transported back to Earth and Dr. Doom is healed with doing prison time again. Blastaar and Auran are in a prison off of Earth.

·       Part one of the MCU/Star Wars Crossover Trilogy

Defenders/Marvel Knights Crossover with Star Wars film saga  should be released in 2027 50 years after the original Star Wars film.

There the founding members of the team with Dr. Strange and Silver Surfer now on the team. There should be prelude comics to when Dr. Strange defeats Nightmare. Kagenobu Yoshioka is the leader of the Hand. There’s also the Wrecking Crew. The younger heroes like Daredevil, Silver Surfer, Jessica Jones, Dr. Strange, Nighthawk and Luke Cage take on the Wrecking Crew. Wrecker is leader of the Wrecking Crew. A woman is now Bulldozer taking the place of a Hood’s gang member. Also there are Piledriver, Excavator and Thunderball on the Wrecking Crew. They defeat them. They also battle Hand ninjas that won’t stay dead. With Doctor Stephen Strange the scientist they discover a futuristic galaxy far away. There should be there a space battle. Jessica Jones and Luke Cage have a child born. That Marvel Knights team ends up in this far, far away galaxy after a brief space battle. They discover history of jedi and sith. Kagenobu Yoshioka is there. They explore the galaxy. Storm troopers are brought back to life that are in red armor as the sith troopers in the 2020’s AD from various legions like Phobos and Desolous. They are on Coruscant the capitol planet of the galaxy in Capitol City. Dantius Wingdor with his sith magic not only brought back Darth Plagueis but a bunch of storm troopers from long ago in the empire that were shot down or sliced or killed by explosions with various arts of sith magic. Jim Antilles the descendant of Wedge Antilles is now chancellor of the republic. They learn the history of the first galactic empire and the new republic.

There are descendants of the original movie characters. Bruno Skywalker is the descendant of Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade just as in the canon Mara Jade and Luke Skywalker had at some time just dated. There’s Wingdor who wants to be the second in command with Darth Plagueis as the Emperor of the galaxy in that time. He had sith training from Darth Plaguies the Wise as a sith ghost and was bringing him back to life. Dantius Wingdor plots to kill the Chancellor of the current republic. Wingdor has the leader of the Hand in league with him. The heroes take on storm troopers while Bruno Skywalker direct descendant of Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade battles Dantuis Wingdor the sith leader. Sith followers take on the other heroes while Daredevil faces Kagenbou Yoshioka. Silver Surfer and Doctor Strange take on Sith troopers while Luke Cage, Jessica Jones and Nighthawk battle ninjas of the hand on Coruscant while republic soldiers take on storm troopers in the white armor. Nighthawk also takes on some sith troopers after arriving on Coruscant with Silver Surfer shooting lasers out of his eyes on them.

Daredevil defeats the leader of the hand while some other jedi present defeat sith followers and other heroes defeat new storm troopers. Bruno Skywalker defeats wannabe Emperor Wingdor killing him. The Marvel Knights team return home but the jedi learned that Darth Plagueis is the true sith master of today and after long ago dead brought back to life by sith followers in sorcery and could take on another apprentice. They tell others of this galaxy. The Defenders learn of the galaxy being true when the come to there. Silver Surfer joins the team and chooses to live on Earth. Sith followers in sith sorcery had managed to bring Darth Plaguies The Wise back to life out his his urn as it turns out. The Defenders team splits up going their own way after they returned from the Star Wars galaxy and to New York City. Daredevil talks of Umar the sister of Dormammu defeated by Black Widow Jessica Drew. Morg the killer of Thane and former executioner and Herald of Galactus is talked of that he killed Thane after defeating Galactus.  It’s Count Abyss as this new sith apprentice and his personal executioner if Morg. Morg turns out to be Count Abyss’s executioner and is in a vendetta against the guardians of the galaxy.  

·       Part 2 of the MCU/Star Wars Crossover Trilogy

Guardians of the Galaxy/Star Wars Crossover Movie 2028 Should be release year

On the Guardians of the Galaxy team are Mantis, Nova, Groot and Adam Warlock as he’s redeemed. Richard Rider is the Nova member teams with the Guardians of the Galaxy and ends up in Star Wars. Beta Ray Bill joins the Guardians of the Galaxy. In the prelude comics to this film Gamora after being reborn dies again as she’s betrayed by Morg a herald of Galactus. It’s talked of in the movie Drax and Gamora have been killed by the Universal Church of Truth. The writers could come up with ideas for the members of the team. Thane the son of Thanos is in the prelude comics killed by Morg. He defeated Galactus. Milos Abyss before joining the sith and the empire kills Stakar Ogord and his wife and the Ravagers team in the prelude comics as Morg cuts down the Ravagers team. There could be in the prelude comics when Thane found out his true father was Thanos before killed by Morg. Gamora along with Drax killed by Yon Rogg from the 1990’s before defeated by Captain Marvel but also killing the Ravagers team.

They are in the beginning going up against The Universal Church of Truth that traveled to another galaxy. Nebula and Peter Quill/Star-Lord take real jobs going their own ways as Nebula had redemption long ago.  It is lead by Yon Rogg. The beginning battle is the Guardians against the Universal Church of Truth while Richard Rider joins the team going by Nova. Beta Ray Bill defeats the Universal Church of Truth leader. The Guardians of the Galaxy defeat the Universal Church of Truth while Mantis takes on Yon Rogg. She defeats him learning that the former court executioner Morg is the killer of Drax and Gamora. They learned of Morg after he killed Thane in working for Count Abyss joining the sith and is fighting to over throw the republic of today bringing back the Galaxy Empire. There are some bits of space battles. Morg is with Count Abyss in a distant galaxy after his galaxy had a visit by Darth Plaguies the Wise. Count Abyss is the sith apprentice to Darth Plaguies the Wise. In league with Darth Plagueis and his apprentice Count Abyss are his executioner Morg, Obliterator and the Collector.

They work together to bring back the empire and Darth Plaguies states long ago he was killed by his apprentice before becoming Emperor of the galaxy. This was Darth Sidious real name Sheev Palpatine. Darth Plagueis talks of dueling his master to become master of Sheev Palpatine as he wanted to be a sith lord. That’s talks when Sheev Palpatine took on the name Darth Sidious and that Darth Plaguies killed Exar Kun. The Guardians are on the space ship are brought into the very far away galaxy that the Defenders had been in. Acolytes of the Beyond are out there of this time period as that’s brought back as those who are brought Darth Plagueis back to life. They are on Naboo in the Theed area. Chancellor Antilles’s daughter Dana is the jedi apprentice of Bruno Skywalker. They meet the Guardians of the Galaxy. They battle resurrected sith troopers from the legions of Revan and Tanis while some disciples of the beyond are thrown against the walls knocked out by Bruno Skywalker. Republic soldiers capture the Collector as they see him in league with the dark lord of the sith Darth Plaguies. Dana Antilles takes on a disciple.

Bruno Skywalker in a light saber duel takes on Darth Plaguies. Nova Richard Rider battles Morg. Beta Ray Bill takes on Obliterator.  Adam Warlock takes on the sith apprentice Count Abyss. Modern republic soldiers battle those brought back to life sith troopers while Groot and Mantis battle imperial officers are of this time period. The Naboo security captain battle storm troopers brought back to life. Darth Plaguies is killed by Bruno Skywalker by his light saber with a stab in the heart. Count Abyss admits to killing Stakar Ogord with the help of Morg. Nova Richard Rider defeats Morg without killing him. Adam Warlock in battle with his powers shooting mystic blasts shoots down Count Abyss defeating him with his magic powers. Obliterator is defeated by Beta Ray Bill. There are talks of Silver Surfer in that galaxy twice. There is at the end just before the end credits Count Abyss is arrested by modern republic soldiers as they also arrested Morg, The Collector and Obliterator. There should be in mid credits Metro Torri wanting to be a sith lord was contacting the spirit of the master of Darth Plagueis known as Darth Augor the mythical sith lord of long ago. Darth Augor was a male human bringing him back to life like Darth Plagueis was. In the post end credits the republic feels a disturbance in the force.

·       Part 3 of the MCU/Star Wars Crossover Trilogy

The Avengers/Star Wars Crossover Movie to be released in 2029 

There could be prelude comes of Amora and Skaar fighting other fear lords. Amora the Enchantress in NYC is facing the Lucia Von Bardas. She defeats her. Skaar is born to Betty Ross and Bruce Banner in 2009 and becomes a superhero during his teens. Amora joins the Avengers team as she was redeemed after a secret war. On the Avengers Sam Alexander as Nova and Captain America that’s the successor to Steve Rogers Sam Wilson while John Walker is now US Agent, Skaar son of the Hulk, Spider-Woman Julia Carpenter, Sentry, Wonder Man and Miss Marvel on the team. Merto Torri now going by Darth Rage is given the path of immortality by Darth Augor. He states of training Darth Plagueis to cheat death as he is back to life in modern times in the flesh like Darth Plaguies came back in the flesh.

Darth Augor states that Darth Sidious learned of cheating death or coming back from Darth Plageuis the wise. He gets a new light saber back to life and sith cultists that were killed in the 2020’s AD are brought back to life.  Darth Augor has the apprentice as leader of the sith cult. Dana Antilles has become a jedi knight and she defeated the spirits sith lords and others in the sith rule of two before him with the help of jedi spirits Mace Windu, Yoda, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Qui-Gon Jinn and Anakin Skywalker with his own son Luke when Darth Augor was being brought back to life by Merto Torri as to restore the sith just as the jedi council members Yoda, Mace Windu and Anakin Skywalker have sent Darth Plaguies to the Hades to where he’s gone for good but failed to on Darth Aguor. Anakin Skywalker told of his killing of Darth Sidious and possibly for Sheev Palpatine joining the sith that Darth Plagueis killed Darth Augor.

Red Skull is with his daughter Sin also known as Mother Superior who’s real first name is Cynthia. He knows of the defeat of Lucia Von Bardas by redeemed villainess Amora. On Red Skull’s team to bring the empire back in power and make Darth Augor as he was before he was first killed are Dreadknight, Hypnotia, Whirlwind, a woman named Quicksand, Grim Reaper, Grey Gargoyle and Blizzard. Darth Rage with the enemies of the Avengers come to New York City while Darth Augor stays to rule the galaxy and maybe his apprentice could rule Earth and other living worlds there. There’s a bit of a space battle in the Star Wars galaxy there. Bruno Skywalker faces Darth Augor on the world of Korriban at the sith tombs. Dana had felt the empire and sith apprentice coming to Earth Sometime later Dana Antilles ends up in New York City at the Avengers tower with a freedom fighting squad. She meets up with the current Avengers team members. Darth Rage with black suited death troopers and Red Skull with his team come to NYC. Sith troopers show up on the Avengers and Dana Antilles. They fire on the avengers. Nova Sam Alexander blasts death troopers while Dana Antilles deflect blaster shots with her light saber. There are republic soldiers taking on sith troopers in the Tenebrous Legion revived/resurrected in the Star Wars galaxy. For the final battle Spider Woman takes on Sin. Miss Marvel takes on Hypnotia.

Captain America takes on Red Skull. Skaar takes on Grey Gargoyle. Wonder Man takes on Whirlwind. Sentry takes on Dreadknight. Nova takes on Grim Reaper. Amora the Enchantress takes on the woman Quicksand. US Agent takes on Blizzard. Modern republic of the galaxy soldiers take on the 26th legion that’s Tenebrous Legion of today while Dana Antilles takes on Darth Rage a jedi who turned to the dark side at the empire state building. She slices down some storm troopers before taking on Darth Rage. Harley Keener evacuating Times Square fights Scout Troopers that are brought back to life with the help of Rick Jones. This is the Rick Jones cameo in this film as he’s a good friend of Bruce Banner/The Hulk and a Shield agent at this time. Maybe Harley Keener taking on scout troopers is going by Iron Lad with the Iron Lad powers blasting them. Bruno Skywalker takes on Darth Augor over on Korriban. There are jedi vs. disciples or the dark side. Space battles are also shown above Coruscant. There’s an epic battle. Those battles are back to back. Captain America ends up killing Red Skull on the Empire State Building knocking him to his doom. The others on the Avengers defeat those villains. Bruno Skywalker kills Darth Aguor slicing him in half with Luke Skywalker sending him to the hades. Darth Rage gives up and the light saber battle stops. There are villains redeemed while Earth super villains are arrested by NY PD and the soldiers of Dana Antilles take Darth Rage as a prisoner as he felt the defeat of Darth Augor the legendary sith.

There is at the end some jedi in New York City with a celebration. Jim Antilles the chancellor is there with his guards and some republic soldiers. The Chancellor is kidnapped as Darth Augor who had the alias of Exar Kun a mythical character of Star Wars is back to life wanting to come back as emperor of that galaxy. Bruno Skywalker comes to rescue the chancellor teaming with Dana Antilles teaming with the Avengers in NYC. Also Dana Antilles and her mother are in NYC with the Avengers team. Jedi spirits like Mace Windu, Qui-Gon Jinn, Yoda, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker and Luke Skywalker who brought the jedi back managed to come all the way to Earth in celebration of the defeat of the sith There are talks of the Red Skull followers arrested and incarcerated. The jedi spirits are seen at the very end with the jedi killed by the galactic empire in the afterlife in NYC.  The celebration is at Central Park with Dana Antilles and Bruno Skywalker 2 of the jedi with the soldiers who came to Earth where the Avengers are at. Spirits of Anakin Skywalker and Luke Skywalker have come to Earth with the offspring of Luke also a jedi who was trained by Rey. The spirit of Rey is also there. Back on the celebration on Korriban there is Chancellor Jim Antilles the father of Dana is there with soldiers and guards and other jedi who serve Bruno Skywalker with the jedi spirits of Qui-Gon Jinn, Yoda, Mace Windu and Obi-Wan Kenobi as peace reigns in the galaxies.

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