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Objectionable content includes: Like all MCU films, the final product may contain slight subjective content, especially heavier violence.

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This movie was the Movie of the Month for September 2017.

Note: This a fan-made movie idea that I believe should be in the MCU at on point or another. Unlike the Invaders comics, this movie does not take place in WW2. - Valeyard6282

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In 1918, during World War One, an SSR researcher, Curtis Jackson, seeks government permission to found a team of enhanced individuals to combat a mad Sokovian general's biological weapon known as Adhesive X. He bands together two American soldiers (John Barrowman, Brandon Scott) an American field officer (Ben Whishaw), a British major (JJ Feild), and an android (Armie Hammer). With help from the Immortal Iron Fist (Steven Yeun) and many other soldiers (Hugh Laurie, Armie Hammer, David Oyelowo, Toby Stephens, Daniel Portman, Jay Baruchel) the team must stop Heinrich Zemo (Leonardo DiCaprio)



In 1918, during World War One, an SSR researcher, Curtis Jackson, seeks government permission to found a team of enhanced individuals to combat the Central Power's biological weapons. Jackson receives permission and his team is approved. He seeks out scientist Phinias Horton and his synthetic man to be approved for his usage, after hearing of Horton's failure when the suit ignited in flames when it was exposed to oxygen. With Jackson's help, Horton is able to create a suit that shields its body from oxygen unless it deactivates the stabilizers in order to ignite for combat. The dubbed "Human Torch" is approved for the team.

Jackson then seeks out an ex-soldier named John Walker who declines, wanting no more to do with the war. Jackson then seeks out a soldier who was a friend of Walker's named Lamar Hopkins who is intrigued and joins then team. Finally, Jackson then seeks out British Army Major, James Montgomery to tie his team to the United Kingdom as well.

Adhesive X

A Sokovian general named Heinrich Zemo of Sokovia- a Central Power- proposed an offer a massive weapon of destruction. What Zemo offered was "Adhesive X", a weaponized gas that- on contact with a person- would harden and immobilize them, with not much being able to break it. Kaiser Wilhelm is present and accepts Zemo's offer and Sokovia joined the Central Powers. Sokovia became much closer allies with Germany than the others.

Attack in France

In a small fortified British military town in France-where Montgomery currently resided-, a Sokovian zeppelin- the Blitzkrieg- flew over the skies and dropped shells of Adhesive X on the town as a test run and immobilized several people- whom soon died of suffocation. Montgomery attempted to use an AA gun and take out the gunners, and took out one of them, but he ends up protecting himself in a trench while the zeppelin- on order of Zemo- escapes. The event is publicized and when Walker sees what Zemo can do, he joins the team.


The SSR makes them outfits: A black-blue Kevlar battle suit with a star for Walker, along with a star shaped shield-complete with laced Vibranium- a courtesy of Wakanda, along with a trench coat; Union Jack emblazoned battle gear and gas mask for Montgomery; and subtle American flag emblazoned battle gear for Hopkins. Montgomery grabs a combat knife, and a multitude of guns, and a spiked club; Hopkins grabs a rifle, pistol, shovel, and grenades; and Walker has his shield, pistol, anti-tank grenade, and shovel.  Jackson dubs them the "Invaders" and sends them to "Invade" a trench battleground on the Germany-Austria border where America is fighting Austrian, German, and Sokovian soldiers. He tells them to meet a officer named Robert Frank and listen to him as a field commander. 

Trench Warfare

The Invaders arrive by plane and touch down on the Austrian side at an American-controlled fort. They meet American Field Officer Robert Frank who instructs them to get down into the trenches and seize and protect as many fortifications as possible to give troops and advantage to take down "Satan's Triphecta." He tells them that their leader is Adolph von Rantenraven and tell them to kill him if necessary. He gives each of the- excluding Human Torch- a gas mask to protect against mustard and chlorine gas. They also meet Colonel Jack Fury and Karl Kaufman who helps fight with them. They delve into the trenches and brutally fight the enemies. Walker peeks up out of a trench and would have gotten his face blown off if it wasn't for his shield. Once, a soldier leaped into enemy territory and Hopkins nails him with a shovel. Light tanks and landships roll towards them, and Walker throws and anti-tank grenade under one and it blows forward in slow motion. The brutal battle continues and after a montage of brutal trench warfare, America beats down and draws out the triad of enemies, however, Adolph escapes. Robert tells them of an evening ball where high ranking Central Powers officers will most likely be, and tells them to get information on Zemo's operations. Armored cars pull up to take them to Berlin. Before they leave, a German flag is painted on the car to make it look like an ally. The driver introduces himself as Jim Hammond, and they immediately recognize him as the Human Torch. While he drives he tells them that he was the model for the android and Dr. Horton was a close friend.  

Battle on the Blitzkrieg

Meanwhile, at the fort, a curior gives Robert a signed letter from Jackson giving him orders to go to Vienna in Austria and take a zeppelin back to America using the two tickets in the envelope. Robert follows orders and puts his second-in-command Rex Griffin in charge. He asks his personal bodyguard Hugh Dare to accompany him. They take one briefcase and Robert takes a concealed pistol and Hugh takes a hidden frag grenade. Once they arrive, they go into the semi open-air airport and board the zeppelin. They can't see the name, but it identifies as the Blitzkrieg. They board and rest in the lounge. An German officer approaches them and introduces himself as German officer Markus Ettlinger. He informs them that a problem with their luggage has occurred and he needs them to come with him. They reluctantly follow him down an unoccupied hall and he whips out a sap and strikes Hugh hard across the face and kicks him down. Robert attempts to draw a concealed pistol, but Markus strikes it out of his hands and quickly gags Robert, takes the gun, and takes him down the halls to a locked door that Markus unlocks that leads to framing. Inside, there is catwalks with intersecting beams and bars that make up the massive skeleton of the airship. The door leads down a main catwalk that cuts through the air about fifteen feet above the skin. Three quarters down the catwalk, Zemo is standing with a scabbard and a holster on his belt Markus ungags Robert throws him down the catwalk face first. 

Flashback- Robert gets a flashback of him as a young teen on his family farm is upstate New York. He was playing in the field while his family worked in the field and gardens, when all of a sudden, mist wafted over them and turned them all to crumbling stone. When it reached Robert, nothing happened until he tried to run away from the horrific scene and he ran at super high speeds. He was terrified of what he could do and hid it from the world that he was now Inhuman. 

Robert stands up and tries to use his power and tackle Zemo, but having not used it much, he accelerates and topples at Zemo's feet. Zemo tells him he's a freak. Robert tries to hit Zemo, but Zemo pounds his boot into Robert's shoulder. He draws a gladius out of his scabbard and tells Robert to tell him everything on the Invaders and the SSR, or Zemo would bloody him up to the point of wishing he was dead. Robert refuses to tell him anything. Meanwhile, Hugh pulls the pin on his grenade and places it at the base of the locked door and runs back and plugs his ears as the door is blown off its hinges. Zemo is about to cut Robert, but the blast makes the door fly into Markus, knocking him down and the door-side supports of the catwalk break and the catwalk collapses toward the door frame. Zemo's gladius stab hits metal and Robert slides down the catwalk and rolls backwards and gets on his feet. Hugh rushes in and jumps down to the catwalk. He takes the sap and Robert's pistol off of Markus, who is still barely conscious, and tosses the baton to Robert, who slings it open. Zemo pulls his sword out of the catwalk and charges down towards Hugh and Robert. Karl shoots, but Zemo gets under the bullet and slides towards them and kicks Hugh's legs, knocking him down and making the pistol slide away. He then swings his gladius towards Robert who nimbly jumps out of the way as the sword slices metal. Zemo gets up, but Robert runs towards him at enhanced speed and kicks Zemo in the chest at high speed. Zemo's gladius falls down the catwalk and Zemo is launched to near the top by the kick. Hugh gets up and grabs the pistol, only to have it snatched up by Markus and get elbowed into the face hard. Markus shoots at Robert but only grazes his arm with one of the two remaining rounds. Robert collapses. Zemo draws his pistol and is about to shoot Hugh, but Robert jerks his arm and Zemo's shot hits Markus, killing him. Zemo reloads, but Robert uses his super speed with his sap and shoots back and forth whipping Zemo with the sap. Robert comes up behind and kicks Zemo down the catwalk. Hugh picks up Zemo's gladius and rushes Zemo, but Zemo kicks him back and picks up his gladius. Robert runs towards him and Zemo slashes his gladius through the air, and Robert collapses onto the catwalk with a gash going across his abdomen. Zemo knocks out Hugh and patches up Robert to keep him from dying, and he locks them in a secure room. He tells Robert that the letter was from him and that he has a handy skill in forgery. The only reason they let Hugh and Robert on board was to lure the Invaders to him. The zeppelin turns around and heads for Berlin.   

Ballroom Blitz

Meanwhile, Walker, Montgomery, Hopkins, Hammond, and Human Torch go to the ball in Castle Zemo- the Zemo family home. Walker, Montgomery, and Hopkins emerge wearing their Sokovian and German officer uniforms, while Hammond and Human Torch wait in the car and have a comedic and awkward talk- them looking identical. The triad of heroes enter the Castle Zemo ballroom and have cocktails and mingle with the guests. Montgomery takes Walker's shield and cases the room and sees an older, official looking Sokovian officer sitting in a leather chair by a fireplace drinking scotch- alone. Montgomery approaches him and introduces himself as Erik Worins and sits down in the opposite seat. Montgomery- in a Sokovian accent- asks him if he knows of a man named Zemo. The man laughs tells him that he's Zemo- Herman Zemo. Montgomery orders them more drinks and makes small talk with Herman. Herman tells Montgomery that he has a son named Heinrich who is an important Sokovian officer. He brags about the biological weapons the Central Powers possesses and lets it slip that a chemical plant that Zemo owns is in Berlin. Herman gives the impression that he holds a very high political seat of power in Sokovia. Herman asks about the shield and Montgomery takes it out and asks everything he or Heinrich knows about the Invaders to see what the enemy knows. Herman says that he's seen the Invaders before and knows who James Montgomery is. Herman draws a pistol and fires at Montgomery. The bullets are blocked by the shield and Montgomery hits Herman with it and staggers him. He throws it through the air at Walker who is talking to another officer and he roundhouse kicks him and catches it and sprints over to the recovering Herman and bashes the shield against his upper chest. Herman draws out a canister of mustard gas and tosses it a fair distance from him and the yellow-green gas fills the other side of the room. Walker gets off of him, throws on a respirator along with Montgomery and Hopkins and they do their best to escort as many civilians to safety. Herman thrusts burning coals out of the fireplace and a massive explosion ensues. Afterward, Herman escapes and twenty-two people perish. Now their lead is to find any chemical plants in Berlin. They get into the car and Hammond drives to a apartment to serve as a temporary HQ.   

Meanwhile, the Blitzkrieg touches down into its hanger in Berlin. Zemo takes a car to his chemical weapons plant and takes his hostages with him.   

Battle at the Chemical Plant

They track down the chemical plant in a remote German outskirt town. They take the car and Montgomery, Walker, Hopkins, and the Human Torch go in, wearing officer clothes, aside from Human Torch being clothed in a non-specific suit. They all have smoke grenades, and pistols, and Walker has his shield. They agree on a clench of a fist to mean life or death. Inside, he sees chemists brewing gasses and vats of gasses being modified, viewed, and tested. Montgomery tries to get any info and finds out that in a central vat, a chemical called Adhesive X. Montgomery recolonizes it from the battle in the London outskirts. The four heroes are spread out through the building. Near Walker, a window dividing a back room from the main room his on the wall. He sees inside and through another entrance, Zemo is inside smirking. He has Robert and Hugh bound to chairs with Adhesive X explosives wired underneath them. A phone allows the user in the soundproof room to communicate with people in the main room. Walker picks up the phone and Zemo tells him that if Walker and his allies don't surrender themselves to the Central Powers, his hostages die and Zemo and Sokovia will wreak havoc on anyone who opposes them. Zemo hefts up a dynamite-like activator that with a twist of a lever would blow the canisters of Adhesive X and kill Robert and Hugh. Zemo steps out and enters the main room through a locked back door. He mutters "Tick Tock Goes the Clock" and smiles at Walker- who is disgusted. Walker tells Zemo he'll surrender. Two armed soldiers emerge from the door and bind Walker in cuffs. Before he's fully bound, Walker clenches his fist, right in front of Hopkins- who is walking by. Zemo throws Walker- taking his shield- into the room with Robert and Hugh, who are gagged. Zemo and his goons turn and walk down the hall from the main room. Hopkins stealthy follow them and he rolls a smoke grenade under Zemo and when it detonates, Zemo can't react fast enough to twist the lever, and Hopkins rushes him and knocks the detonator far down the hall. Hopkins knocks out the soldiers and puts Zemo into an arm bar and takes the shield before he can draw his gladius or gun. Walker can see this though the window, and Montgomery and Human Torch come in. Montgomery takes over of Zemo, and Hopkins bashes the shield against the glass until it shatters. He jumps in and cuts everyone loose. One of the soldiers, crawls over to the detonator, unnoticed, and twists it as Walker, Hopkins, and Robert hop out, but the bombs blow and Adhesive X gets Hugh, killing him, and spills into the hall and with Human Torch igniting and keeping the gas at bay, the others are able to make it down the hall and into another room. Through the chaos, the responsible guard is knocked out again, and Zemo throws Montgomery over his shoulder and rushes farther into the room. Walker rushes towards Zemo, but first, Robert in anger of Hugh's death, runs full super speed and kicks Zemo through a locked door and Zemo is blasted onto a long catwalk overlooking giant grated chemical vats of liquid Adhesive X. Offshoot catwalks house Central Powers chemists from various countries. Walker runs in and is shocked at what he saw from Robert. He disregards it for the moment and tackles Zemo- who is getting up. Walker pulls a C96 from his belt and holds it to Zemo's neck. Little does Walker know, in Zemo's hand is a cigarette lighter that he flicks open and presses and a series of explosives detonate, blowing the two of them through the catwalk and onto another below. The pistol slides down the catwalk and Walker can't reach it. Zemo draws a P08 and shoots at Walker who blocks the bullets with his shield. As Zemo's reloading, Walker slides and kicks his legs and the P08 flies down the catwalk. Walker tackles Zemo on top of a narrow catwalk below that's just above a vat of Adhesive X. Zemo slyly releases the pin of the smoke grenade on Walker's belt and Zemo holding his breath waits for Walker to couch and wince at the smoke as Zemo slips away to the wall. Zemo yanks a tinged purple gas mask off of a rack and pulls it on and draws his gladius and charges Walker. He stabs Walker who blocks with his shield and throws Zemo with his own momentum onto the grate on top of the vat. Zemo pulls himself up and runs over to Walker and grabs his throat.   

Meanwhile, a chemist limps with his cane over to the team. The chemist pulls out a pistol and levels it at Robert. He threatens the team until Human Torch charges towards him and while Blitzschlag shoots, it deflects off of Human Torch, who is igniting, and Human Torch punches Blitzschalg in the face. The other team members fight the other chemists who have joined the fight. Blitzschalg rises and his face is scared and burned. He roars and throws a grenade of Adhesive X at Human Torch in slow motion. The grenade hits the floor and erupts in yellow-green gas. The gas creeps up Human Torch and Robert blasts through and tackles Human Torch out of the way. The slow motion stops and Robert gasps as some skin on his sheds and burns, leaving patches of burned and blistered skin. Human Torch blasts a fireball at Blitzschalg, knocking him to the floor- still alive. Human Torch tells Robert he didn't have to as Human Torch is an android and it wouldn't matter if he died. While wincing, Robert tells Human Torch that he's wrong and every life- natural or synthetic- deserves to live. Robert isn't affected by the main Adhesive X effect, as he ran through so fast.   

Meanwhile, Walker punches Zemo hard in the stomach and he flips Zemo over and pushes Zemo onto the the grate just inches above from the vat. As Zemo struggles to get up, Walker throws the shield at a control box and the level of the Adhesive rises it splashes Zemo's face. Zemo manages to get onto the catwalk, but his the lenses in his gas mask are cracked and splotches of it are burned off. As Walker watches in horror, the gas mask burns onto Zemo's head. Zemo pulls pieces of it off until only scraps of it litter his head which now resembles melted wax. Parts of his face have burned off, been twisted and layered, littered in blisters, or embraced in veins of hardened Adhesive. His upper lip has burned mostly off and caved into his mouth. He looks absolutely terrifying. The gas mask fabric has burned into his skin by his chin, left side of his forehead, side of his right eye, on the right side of the side bridge of his nose, and on multiple areas on the back of his head. Most of his hair has also burned off. Zemo picks up his gladius and charges at Walker and makes Walker move forwards. Zemo grabs his P08 and levels it Walker. He reloads it and shoots at Walker, who is deflecting the bullets, until Zemo has a chance to climb up a ladder and makes his way out a back door and to a automobile that he drives very fast away. When the team can look around, the many cars in Berlin disguise Zemo.   


At their base apartment, the team reflects on the battle. Robert was blistered by the Adhesive, Zemo was deformed, and Hugh was killed by the gas. Walker takes a knife and carves Hugh's name into his shield and says that with every teammate that dies, he will carve their names into the shield.

Zemo's Return

Zemo drives up to Caste Zemo and sees that the ground floor ballroom is burned and destroyed. He goes up to Herman's quarters and enters. Herman gasps at the sight of Zemo. Zemo makes a purple bag-like mask and puts it over his head. Herman tells Zemo of the family history. He tells stories of Harbin Zemo, the lone warrior who slayed an entire army single-handed and in exchange was rewarded in nobility. His son Hademar was the first real Baron of the Zemo family- a title that Herman now carries. The next Zemo, Heller, became Baron at only twelve. He continues his stories through Herbert, Helmuth, Hackett, Hartwig, Hilliard, Hoffman, Hobart, himself, and then Heinrich along with his wife Hilda- who is sitting in the room. As Herman tells his story, the camera goes over each portrait and sometimes shows a very brief flashback of the ancestor's life. With his mask, a portrait is made of him wearing his officer uniform, which then replaces his former portrait. A montage of Zemo planning, him marching through crowds signing papers happens.

Political Massacre

We see Curtis Jackson take in Paris along with leaders from many Allied nations. They meet in a council room and the double doors are shot open as a squadron of armed Sokovian soldiers barges into the council room. They are armed with Gewher 98s and Zemo steps in behind them armed with his P08. The soldiers keep everyone from running and Zemo walks forward and calmly assassinates all the leaders by shooting them with his pistol. The last person standing his Curtis Jackson who Zemo approaches and threatens verbally to tell him information on the Invaders and the Allies' plans. When Curtis refuses, Curtis quickly draws M1911 and attempts to shoot Zemo who pushes the firing pistol and Curtis' foot and shoots Curtis in the belly. Zemo's soldiers put on gas masks and Zemo puts a canister of Adhesive X in Curtis' mouth and pulls the pin and the entire council room is consumed in toxic gas. Zemo calmly walks away with the chaos behind him and his soldiers flanking him.

Ottoman Empire

The team receives orders to intercept the Blitzkrieg in Ottoman territory before it can supply the Ottoman Empire with fresh weaponry. They travel to Egypt and greet British troops in a fortified village. With them is a French battalion that is helping them fight the Ottomans. One of the French is Rene Duquesne- a caviler. They're told that Zemo's airship full of weaponry is set to arrive in an Ottoman village within the day. Later, the team- along with Rene- ends up on a rocky hillside overlooking the Ottoman village. On either side of a rail line, there's a few blocks of fortified buildings and weapon tents. A zeppelin mast pokes out in the sandy dunes to the side of the village. Foghorns sound as the massive zeppelin dawns closer to the town, dropping water ballasts to lower itself. It lands and ground crews tie it down to the mast. A gangplank is lowered and Zemo and some Sokovian soldiers march down and greet a platoon of Ottoman troops and a ambassador for Sokovia. Montgomery scowls. He says that that's his brother John, and John defected from Britain and became an Ottoman ambassador for Sokovia. Montgomery pulls a Lewis gun from his back, complete with a sniper scope. He lies it down on the rocks and aims through the site, directly at John Falsworth. The others ask him what the hell he's doing, but he ignores them and takes the shot. As he's pulling the trigger, Robert jerks his hand and the bullet hits one of the soldiers instead, killing the soldier. James backhands Robert on the shoulder and scowls at him. Alarms in the village sound. Montgomery blames Robert, but Robert reminds what their mission is- to intercept the weapons. Hopkins gets out his MP18, Montgomery sticks with his Lewis gun, Walker gets out a C96 with his shield, Robert gets out a Cei-Rigotti, and Human Torch- well is a flamethrower on his own. Rene draws a saber. The squad of Ottoman by Falsworth veer away and start patrolling the village along with more soldiers in the village. Falsworth's two bodyguards- armored with shotguns- tell him to stay down in a building. An Ottoman flame trooper marches in from a building towards the hill. Montgomery creeps to a higher ledge closer to the flame trooper, while Human Torch crawls to a higher ledge and leaps off and ignites, flying down in a crescent towards the flame trooper. The others go down into the village and fight Ottomans in a few quick shots. Human Torch approaches the building that Falsworth is in, and one of his bodyguards tells him to stay down and he aims his shotgun out the window and fires at Human Torch, and it barely sets him off track. He releases a fireball at the building and the shooter fall back, burning. Human Torch touches down in front of the flame trooper- who is turned around to walk towards the other fighting- and designates. The flame trooper turns and sees Human Torch. The flame trooper sprays his Wex at Human Torch and as the flammable liquid is igniting, it cascades over the igniting android. After the fluid stops, the flame trooper stares at the flaming man. Human Torch walks forward and rips off the built in gas mask on the flame trooper armor. The flame trooper screams and coughs as Montgomery aims down his scope and shoots the gas tank on the flame trooper's back. A stream of liquid gushes out and Human Torch releases a massive fire blast as the flame trooper jerks around and screams as he's burning alive. The gas tank explodes- along with him- in a massive inferno. Rene charges his horse down the hillside and he swings his saber at Ottoman troops, gutting them every time. He new battalion of Ottoman charges and Rene throws a light anti-tank grenade at them and kills roughly half of them. He continues fighting on horseback until Falsworth loads and aims a Howdah pistol out his hideout window and he shoots Rene dead off his horse.

In the building Falsworth is hiding out in, he sends Morse code to an Ottoman armored train that's picking up water in another Sinai village to come for reinforcements. Walker roundhouse kicks an Ottoman soldier and as the soldier fall, bashes his shield into the soldier's head. Walker looks up as a train whistle blares through the desert. He sees a armored train with turrets and artillery cannons rushing towards the village. Walker yells for Hopkins and Robert. They join and curse at the sight of the war machine. Montgomery continues sharpshooting and Human Torch flies over to the trio. The train turrets begin shelling the village. A shell hits a house in front of the team and Walker shields the others from the debris with his shield. They throw grenades and anything they can find at the train. Robert and Hopkins raid a weapons tent and Hopkins grabs some dynamite and Robert throws open a crate and grabs a massive Tankgewher M1918- an anti-tank rifle. Robert sprints over to a sand field where he can get a good look at the train. He shoots at the largest turret and a hole is blown through the armor and the turret stops firing. He reloads and shoots the wheels multiple times until the train is trapped. Meanwhile, Hopkins places dynamite under the downed turret and sprints for cover and twists the detonator and a explosion rocks the train. The attack on the train continues until the train becomes unusable. At this time Falsworth sneaks out of his shelter and rushes into the zeppelin. Walker follows and hops in unnoticed and the zeppelin rises into the sky. The other team members rush back up the hillside to their biplanes they took to get here. They all get in and take off- Hopkins flying with no gunner, Montgomery flying with Robert, and Human Torch in the gunner seat while Jim Hammond flies. On the way, while hiding, Walker carves Rene's name into the shield.

Kun L'un

They take off and blitz the zeppelin until Zemo and Falsworth are far off course from Europe. They succeed and the zeppelin drifts towards the direction of the Himalayas. Meanwhile, Zemo uses Morse code and tells a fleet of his planes and a new and improved zeppelin that he is being taken into the Himalayas towards a mountainside city and if he doesn't respond within an hour, they must come and get him.The aircrafts drift over the mountains and we see a snowy mountain passage with a man in a white gui and a golden headwrap standing with his back to the camera- meditating. The passage leads to a cliff-crossing wooden bridge, leading a a mountain with a crescent part of it sliced off, leaving a cityscape of golden highlighted buildings- Kun L'un. The man looks up as the Blitzkrieg zeppelin pushes through the clouds, blitzing biplanes not far behind. A large hole in the first layer of the zeppelin breaks into the zeppelin a a flaming blast from a few more plane shots. The man sprints halfway down the bridge. We see him from the front, with a golden Shao Lao marking on the front of his gui. The tail end of the zeppelin burns and its nose dives down. He waves his arms in a motion and pounds his fist into a open palm, and his right fist begins to glow gold with chi. He's the Iron Fist.

Meanwhile, Walker confronts Zemo on a catwalk in the airship. Zemo draws his P08 and turns and fires at Walker, but Walker deflects the bullet. Falsworth is behind him, armed with his Howdah pistol. Zemo has his mask on and his sword. Walker makes a snarky comment about Zemo's face and Zemo draws his gladius and threatens Walker. A fight begins and the Walker fights his two enemies. Meanwhile, Montgomery tells Robert to take over the plane while he leaps into the zeppelin to help Walker. Robert asks if he's crazy and Montgomery smiles and says that he just might be. Montgomery leaps into the zeppelin and lands on the catwalk behind Falsworth. Montgomery rises and draws a combat knife from his belt and curses at Falsworth dramatically. He charges stabs his knife into his brother's stomach, and his brother collapses, dead. He joins in the fight against Zemo, but Zemo holds his own in a fight. He easily knocks down Montgomery but has to focus when fighting Walker.

Meanwhile, the Iron Fist leaps off of the bridge and aims his punch at the burning zeppelin over Kun L'un. He lands a massive punch in the side of the airship- not too far from the edge of the hole- and the hole side of the airship explodes in a fiery blast as the Iron Fist topples onto the catwalk. We see the half burning zeppelin drift nose-first down above Kun L'un. Walker, Montgomery, and Zemo topple down into to different areas of the catwalk or different levels. Walker rises first and picks up his shield. The Iron Fist punches and kicks at Walker who parries and dodges. In slow motion we see The Iron Fist's hand compress into a leopard punch and he slams it into Walker's pectoral-armpit border. Walker yelps and drops his shield and collapses. The Iron Fist pulls him up and roundhouse kicks him down the catwalk. Montgomery rises and picks up Falsworth's pistol. He points it at the Iron Fist. The Iron Fist turns and walks towards Montgomery as he fires the gun, the bullet shattering against the newly summoned Iron Fist. Montgomery stumbles and mutters in disbelief as the Iron Fist punches him in the chest, causing Montgomery to fly backwards. The planes shoot into the zeppelin through the holes and get the Iron Fist's attention. Iron Fist waves his arms around and ends with them resting upwards in front of him- palms towards him. He clenches his hands into fists and they both begin to glow with chi. He yells and starts jerking his arms around, deflecting bullets and even a flack round that blows and ricochets in a beam of fire that jets by the zeppelin. As he's distracted, Walker stumbles up and runs towards Iron Fist and grabs his shield and attempts to hit him. Iron Fist turns around and punches at Walker, who holds up the shield and when they collide, a massive shockwave blows through the zeppelin and it completely blows the zeppelin room in half. John drops his shield and puts his hands up and tries to reason with Iron Fist. Iron Fist stops and listens and John explains that he has to come with them or let them go to stop the War to End all Wars. Iron Fist stops and stands there. Walker frantically says they don't have much time, just as the flames creep towards them. Iron Fist nods and jumps out of the Blitzkrieg. Walker grabs Montgomery and holds him to his chest and Walker shakes his head and holds is shield out in front of him and leaps forward. Walker and Montgomery crash onto Hopkins's plane. Walker pulls himself into the gunner seat and Montgomery pulls himself into the front gunner seat. The Iron Fist is diving through the air, and he lands in the gunner seat of Robert's plane.

Meanwhile, Zemo struggles up and sprints down the catwalks as flames roar behind him. He throws himself over a ledge into a compartment that leads to the cockpit. He gets into the cockpit and shoots the glass until it shatters, reloading when necessary. A panel shatters, and Zemo leaps out of the zeppelin. He falls through the air and rolls onto the tallest rooftop- a elegant palace with a sloped golden roof. He grips onto the roof and pulls himself down for cover. A snowstorm rolls in as the Blitzkrieg is destroyed as it crashes into the mountainside in a cascade of fire. The skeleton litters the mountain as engines and fuel tanks fall and explode onto the city, causing several fires. Iron Fist watches tearfully as parts of his city are destroyed. Robert yells if he needs to go back. The Iron Fist says no, and says that he must stop whoever brought this upon Kun L'un.

Zemo's Capture

Zemo pulls himself down onto the streets of Kun L'un and rests. Several elders of Kun L'un- including Bei Bang-Wen- the Iron Fist in the 1800's before Orson Rend'ul- the man who destroyed Zemo's zeppelin- confront Zemo. Bei approaches Zemo and asks him who he is and why he attacked Kun L'un. Zemo says he's in a war and he was helping his comrades when the "villainous" Invaders drew him off course and attacked him and caused his zeppelin to crash into the mountainside. Bei tells Zemo that because of him their Iron Fist has left them. Zemo apologizes and asks if he can be taken in. Bei hesitates- as he doesn't quite believe Zemo- but allows him to stay in hope that they can trick him and interrogate him. Other elders take Zemo away. In a dojo, Zemo's weapons and clothes are taken and he is given golden robes. Bei enters and rips Zemo's mask off. Bei cringes at the sight of Zemo's face. Zemo growls and demands he is given his mask back. Bei tells him no and Zemo attempts to attack Bei, but other warriors whack him with bo. Bei says that he senses that Zemo is on the wrong side of the conflict and that Bei believes that Zemo is a danger. Bei interrogates and beats Zemo, but Zemo gives false information of his headquarters, as he tells them it's in South America. The warriors take Zemo to a room with only a mat on the floor for sleep and lock him in. The next day, Zemo is taken out and beaten and interrogated again. He still refuses to talk, but Bei wants to keep him alive as they will eventually be able to break him. Zemo is being interrogated outside and a fleet of triplanes and a massive zeppelin break through the clouds, accompanied by foghorns. The triplanes blitz the city and a couple warriors are shot dead. On the other half of the city, the zeppelin- known as the Behemoth- drops shells of Adhesive X on Kun L'un. The gas ravages the city and Bei sees his fellow warriors be consumed by the gas and immobilized and suffocated. Their skin melts and burns into horrors like Zemo's face. Bei is not focused on Zemo and the nearby warriors are dead. Zemo sneaks away into the dojo and grabs his gladius, P08, and mask. He dons his mask and sprints towards Bei and stabs him. He pulls his blade from him and Bei falls to the ground- still barely alive. Bei asks Zemo what kind of warfare is this. Zemo replies, "The future." Bei then dies. When about half of the city is dead, the Behemoth lowers itself while Zemo crawls up a building and leaps on to a rope ladder that was suspended from the airship. He enters and we see the fleet of aircraft turn around and head back for Europe.

Battle Against Rantenraven

The Invaders touch down on an Allied-controlled airstrip in France. Along the way, they learned that the Iron Fist was Orson Rend'ul- a native citizen of Kun L'un, one of the capital cities of Heaven, - and he he is the sacred Iron Fist- the guardian of Kun L'un. He agrees to fight with them. At a fortified village, they meet up with British and American forces united against a threat on the Front- Adolph von Rantenraven. Among the troops is Jack Fury, Rex Griffin, flying ace Karl Kaufman, and the British Brigideir- George Bailey. Montgomery greets Bailey with hug, as they're great friends. Robert greets Karl and Walker greets Jack. They get into trenches and get all ready. Walker has his trusty C96, a spiked trench club, and his shield; Montgomery has a Bull Dog revolver, his Lewis gun, and a combat knife; Robert has his M1903, a C93, and a club; Hopkins has his MP18, a M1911, and a shovel; Orson has two Mars Automatic pistols, and a trench knife; and Human Torch has his built in Wex. The other soldiers get geared up too. Jim gets a M97 trench shotgun, a 1903 Hammerless, and a wrench; Jack gets a BAR, a M1911, and a hatchet; Karl gets a MLE 1903 extended, and a trench fleur; Bailey gets an SMLE MKIII, an Auto-Revolver, and a saber; and Rex gets a SMLE MKIII Optical, a Number 3 Revolver, and a trench mace. They all prepare while massive volleys of German artillery fire wreak havoc on the landscape. Over a distant hill German A7V tanks are seen rolling downhill. A trench warfare scene ensues and Hopkins gets separated from everyone else and he is in no-man's land. Through this scene, Bailey sacrifices himself to save Montgomery. Artillery hammers the battlefield. And afterward, the main team gets up from their trench and look frantically for Hopkins. A German squad car carrying Rantenraven and some soldiers is on a road in the distance. Another German soldier gets up along with Hopkins. The German points his rifle at Hopkins and Hopkins picks up a chunk of a American tank shell and holds it up like a shield. They standoff but don't fight. The German soldier fall dead to the ground after being shot in the head. The barrel of a P08 presses against Hopkins' neck. Rantenraven has his pistol against Hopkins' neck. Rantenraven asks Hopkins for all the information on the Invaders so it can get back to Zemo. Hopkins clenches his fist and all the soldiers around Rantenraven fall dead to gun shots. We see it was Montgomery, Rex, and Robert who shot the soldiers. Walker gets out his shield and goes over the top and charges at Rantenraven screaming "Hopkins!". Rantenraven releases Hopkins and shoots at Walker, who deflects the bullets. A German artillery truck on a hill unloads soldiers who fire at Walker who keeps deflecting the bullets. Hopkins lies down so he doesn't get shot and Walker deflects the bullets and most of them deflect and kills the Germans. The others Walker shoots with his pistol. Hopkins picks up his tank chunk shield and bashes Rantenraven's shoulder with it. Walker then bashes him with the shield. Rantenraven falls over- presumed unconscious. Walker hugs Hopkins and Rantenraven picks up a rock and bashes it into Hopkins' shoulder and Hopkins whips around and slams a spade into Rantenraven's shoulder and through his organs- killing him.


The Invaders make their way back to base and they see Zemo's new zeppelin, the Behemoth drifting over the battlefield- in the direction of London for a bombing run of Adhesive X. The Invaders get into their planes- Walker flies a Bristol F2.B while Hopkins guns, Montgomery guns the front of a Caproni bomber while Jim Flies and Orson guns the back, Robert flies a Sopwith Camel, Rex guns the front of another Caproni while Jack flies and Human Torch guns the back, and Karl flies another Sopwith. They continue flying and chasing the zeppelin, however; a squadron of enemy Fokker triplanes blitzes the team and they are driven off course from the airship. A massive dogfight ensues with the five Allied planes being pitted against twenty Central triplanes and a squadron of five bombers. In the end, the Invaders make it out on top with help from Human Torch flying, however; Germany's flying ace- Heinrich von Rondstadt- shoots Rex and kills him and in anger, is shot at by Karl, but in the end both Karl and Rondstadt end up dead. The Invaders get back on course having lost two men and one plane.

Final Task

They catch up with Zemo and the Behemoth is over the English Channel- in view of London. Walker tells Hopkins to jump out of the plane when he says to. He flies the plane close to the top of the airship and tells Hopkins to jump. They jump out and land on the tightly stretched fabric skin of the zeppelin. The plane skids across the top and tears open a ravine in the fabric that is accompanied by a series of small explosions. Near the front of the Behemoth, a flack gun is shooting at the other Invaders. Walker's and Hopkins' plane crashes into the flack gun platform and kills the user and destroyed the gun. Sharp metal sticks out of the fabric. A catwalk is under the ravine in the fabric. Walker and Hopkins hop down into the zeppelin. Rows of smoking and slightly burning gas cells wall in the catwalk. They make it to a luxury gondola where Zemo is lounging and attack him. A massive fight ensues and in the end, Zemo stabs Hopkins and kills him. Walker gets on to Zemo and starts bashing the shield into his neck. We see through shadows that Walker brings down the shield and decapitates Zemo. We see the shield and then blood splatter up it. Through all of this the Behemoth starts to burn up over the London coast and the Invaders attempt to save Walker, however; we see a close up of Walker's face and he is consumed by fire. The Behemoth's skeleton lands in the water, boiling it. The Invaders land on a dreadnought and grieve and celebrate what would end up contributing to the end of the War to End all Wars.


End Credits

We see a title card that says 1917. We see King of Wakanda Azzuri on his throne wearing the Black Panther suit without the helm. We see Wakanda- the equivalent of a 21st century city. A train track it among the skyscrapers and a train emblazoned with British, American, and French flags comes in on the rail. We see Curtis Jackson and several other Allied leaders including Woodrow Wilson. The Dora Milaje safeguard Azzuri. Azzuri and the Allied leaders have a conversation about the Allies- which includes Wakanda- to allow the other Allies to use Vibrainium. We see glimpses of Wakandan soldiers fighting Germans with tribal weapons forged of Vibrainium. The Allied leaders also tell Azzuri about Zemo's rise to Sokovian power and that if Wakanda wants to keep their tech away from the Central Powers they must hide Wakanda away and leave the war. Azzuri agrees and gives the Allies a good amount of Vibrainium- enough to construct a couple weapons- Cap's shield, Walker's shield, and armor laced with it that will eventually belong to Captain Britain.

Notes and Deleted Ideas

I considered adding Namor, Ms. America, Thin Man, and Blazing Skull, but with Namor being likely to debut in the modern world, Blazing Skull being very close to Ghost Rider, and Thin Man and Ms. America being viewed as not quite as important, I decided to cut them. The first three were easy to cut, but Mark Todd- Blazing Skull- as a hard pill to swallow that he might not fit into the idea.


John Barrowman- John Walker/US Agent 

JJ Feild- James Montgomery Falsworth/Union Jack

Leonardo DiCaprio- Heinrich Zemo

Ben Whishaw- Robert Frank/Whizzer

Armie Hammer- Human Torch, Jim Hammond

Brandon Scott- Lamar Hopkins/Battlestar

Steven Yeun- Iron Fist/Orson Rend'ul

Mel Gibson- Curtis Jackson

Rutger Hauer- Baron von Blitzschlag

Micheal Bryne- Adolph von Rantenraven

John Glover- Phinias Horton

Wolf Kahler- Kaiser Wilhelm

Ewan McGregor- John Falsworth

Daniel Day-Lewis- Brigideir Bailey 

Moritz Bliebtreu- Markus Ettlinger

Max Riemelt- Heinrich von Rondstadt

Toby Stephens- Karl Kaufman

Jay Baruchel- Rene Duquesne

Daniel Portman- Hugh Dare

Christoph Waltz- Herman Zemo

Keira Knightly- Hilda Zemo

Jürgen Vogel- Harbin Zemo

Ciaran Hinds- Hademar Zemo

Viggo Mortensen- Heller Zemo

John Cleese - Herbert Zemo

Joseph Fiennes- Helmuth Zemo

Xavier Lafitte- Hackett Zemo

Richy Muller- Hartwig Zemo

Jason Dolley- Hilliard Zemo

Kyle Gallner- Hoffman Zemo

Michiel Huisman- Hobart Zemo

Mark Dacascos - Bei Bang-Wen

David Oyelowo- Jack Fury

Steven Makintosh- Rex Griffin 

Blair Underwood- Azzuri/Black Panther  

Woodrow Wilson- Rene Auberjonois  


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This movie is rated PG-13 for the following reasons:


  • This movie has heavier violence than all other MCU movies such as severe gun wounds, more death, and more brutal combat. Even though the methods of attack and death are mature, it is displayed in a manner that the extreme gore isn't shown.
  • Blood is frequently shown but not in a extremely violent manner.


  • Language throughout is heavier than most MCU movies but is not very severe. Most curing is in the midst of action and isn't very noticeable.


  • Frightening images are shown frequently such as the horror of Zemo's face.
  • Chemical burns and skin injuries are shown often and can be disturbing.
  • At several points people can be seen consumed by weaponized gas and some can be seen being burned and twisted by the gas from a distance.