Marlene Alraune is the daughter of Dr. Peter Alraune and a Character of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. She appeared in Moon Knight and Moon Knight 2. She is portrayed by Rachel Weisz.


Moon Knight

Marlene was born as the daughter of Peter Alraune and an unknown mother. She was with her father in a discovery team. Their leader was Raoul Bushman. Her father, Bushman and a man called Marc Spector went into an ancient temple they discovered. Marlene and Jean-Paul DuChamp stayed behind.

Only Marc Spector came back. He said that Bushman killed Dr. Alraune. Marlene was very shocked and angry. Spector knew one thing. He has to take revenge. He created a Costume to find him.

Months later he returned. He knew where Bushman was and he will hunt him down. He also met a man named Jack Russel and a girl Sharon Carter.

One day ago he returned again and said that he killed him. They held a party. Also, Jack and Sharon came to the party. The party was later interrupted by a living Bushman. He took Marlene and threatens to kill her. Sharon shot in his leg and Marc attacked him. Marc took him into another realm and killed him. When he returned he went to Marlene if she is okay and later kissed her. After that, he went in training with Carter.

Moon Knight 2

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